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Top 10 differences rich from the poor


Often it seems that to distinguish the poor from the rich is not difficult. After all, the rich dressed only in expensive stores, rides in the car. Required attribute provided men, expensive watches for women – gold and diamonds. But appearances are often deceptive. People, living on one salary can save on everything, but well dressed. And some millionaires choose simple style of dress. Their main differences in the behavior and personal qualities. No matter how hard poor people look expensive, you can't beat nature. His behavior will give him away. If you want to get rich, first of all get rid of the typical habits of the poor. This will help you top 10 differences rich from the poor.

10. Poor pays twice

Statistically most useless things of poor quality is bought by poor people. They haven't lost faith in luck and therefore are often victims of scams. Wonderful equipment for the treatment of all diseases and even for weight loss, three jackets for the price of two, attract wealth into the house, through its purification. Who will be the consumer of all these unnecessary services and goods? Of course, the poor. Become victims of advertisements and countless promotions, they buy unnecessary goods of inadequate quality. It quickly becomes unfit for use, or does him no good. So again the poor man goes to the store for the same thing.

9. The rich do not make hasty purchases

Wealthy people prefer to think through your purchase, and when you go to the store, know exactly why. The poor do not engage in such, they consider it a waste of time. In shopping malls they're under the effects of emotion buy thing that they absolutely do not need. So the woman who was going to buy warm boots every day, can buy elegant ankle boots with stiletto heels. All anything, but ahead of the winter, and money for shoes anymore. To get around without a car in high heels, to ride them in crowded buses – a rather dubious pleasure. As a result, the woman will have to be squeezed to sit on bread and water, but to buy another pair of shoes. This time the cheap and of poor quality, because there's no more money. This is a normal behavior of the poor.

8. The poor spend money, the rich invest

As soon as the poor receive extra penny, he runs headlong to spend it. Rich, on the contrary, invests all available funds in business. If there is a business in its development, if not in the shares of other companies. Rich will open a Deposit, invest surplus funds in real estate. In the end, he becomes even richer. Well, the poor left with a heap of useless things and in the difficult financial situation. To change the situation in their favor, he can, only if you change your mindset, when you will understand that money must work. To income has increased, they need to invest.

7. The rich always save earned money and valued time

The most valuable for the rich is always the time. They appreciate it, knowing that every minute can be spent on improving their own welfare. On the other hand the poor have nowhere to put their spare time. Instead of doing something useful, he will lie on the couch, watching TV, hanging out in social networks and sadly sigh. All his experiences only from the fact that there is time and no money. If it were possible, he would fly to the sea, I would go to a cafe. The wish list goes on and on, but for their implementation it will not take any action. Similarly, the representatives of both classes belong to the money.

6. Rich closely monitoring expenses and income, the poor will never know what happened to the money

Wealthy person always knows how much money he spent, for what purpose and in what balance he has. The poor do not consider it necessary to monitor their spending. On payday he feels rich. He spends money without thinking, and then finds that there is no money left and payday is still far. It is very important to keep track of finances even if it is small amount. You can always see where they go, and to avoid unnecessary frivolous spending.

5. Poor generous tip, rich appreciate every penny

The poor do not spare money for a tip. Often they want to impress friends or colleagues, to feel important. However, they are forced to skimp on necessities. Rich leave a tip only when the service is really satisfy them. They realize that if they hand out money left and right, soon nothing will remain. In addition, the opinions of others on this account they have of the utmost importance.

4. The poor are always in a hurry, the life of the rich — quiet and unhurried

The poor are not able to appreciate time, they are always in a hurry to live. Most of them don't make a plan of action for the day, month, year. They may forget about the meeting, which means a lot for their future, not to solve their problems in time. But even despite the constant rush, they don't have time to do. Also they are in a hurry to try all that life offers them: a new kind of ice cream to an expensive phone, which they sell on credit. Time wealthy people planned down to the second. Through constant control they will not be late. Their secret is in the regular planning. They are always aware of what and when needs to be done.

3. For the poor man, money – the meaning of life, for the rich only opportunity to realize themselves and their potential

A person who is always experiencing financial difficulties, sees the money the meaning of life. The work does not bring him pleasure, it only satisfies his need for money. He does not assume that could do what you love and get good money. Therefore, often forced to work where he feels uncomfortable or where not expected career growth. Rich, for the most part, are people who believed in themselves and made a favorite pastime of his life. They are constantly growing and evolving. It is easy, because work for them is not only a source of income, but also a way to realize themselves.

2. The poor do not like to haggle, the rich always tend to buy cheaper

The poor man won't negotiate and ask for a discount. He considers it humiliating for themselves, unlike the rich. That, in turn, is not going to overpay for the thing, because he understands how much it really costs. That is why the poor are surprised when the rich man ask for a discount or buy promotional merchandise. After all, if he were rich, would choose for themselves the best. Only the rich are always looking for profit, even if very small. And rightly so, if you spend money mindlessly, they will end very soon.

1. Successful people do not flaunt their wealth and live within our means

The rich man will not boast about their financial situation. It will not be catchy to get dressed. Most do not even realize that it was a very successful man. He chooses a simple but quality stuff. His outfit always matches the situation. Poor people on the contrary, to seem richer than they really are, dress up in the best, talk about generous tips they left and are trying to embellish reality. If a poor man is living beyond its means, soon he will become poor.

Now you understand what distinguishes the poor from the rich. To become a wealthy man by anyone, we just need to strive for this and not commit the common mistakes of poor people.

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