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10 books that will teach you to think outside the box


Books are like drugs, only legal and secure. Books expand your consciousness, help to look at the world differently, provide answers to the most difficult, sacred, philosophical questions.

To find the right moment, the right book – it's worth it. Books can change the world, to break the shackles of old stereotypes, to remove the rose-colored glasses, the book helps to cope with depression, suggest new thoughts and ideas, inspire and delight us every day.

And some authors are especially talented in his ability to change human consciousness by the power of the word. Be sure to read these 10 books – and start to think outside the box!

10. Goethe. Faust

Dr. Faust brought a lot of good to the inhabitants of the surrounding villages, but his soul is tormented with doubts, whether enough it did, whether the knowledge he's learned over the years of living In desperation he ready to poison himself almost commits suicide, but faith in the Lord God takes him from sin. Only Mephistopheles, the cunning messenger of the heavens, is confident that Faust will not be able to save his soul. He is in his house in the form of a dog, and then, turning himself, the hero has to try all the delights of earthly and heavenly life.

9. Aristotle. Policy

What is the state? And what role in its formation is played by the family as the first and main cell unit of any society? Why war and household? What forms of power exist, what are they good and what is bad? Who is more important – the artisans and the peasants or the military? Officials or merchants? Who should make the laws, who execute them, and who to judge for misconduct? And what is patriotism, and justice, and freedom? As the need to educate young people? And what is happiness? Why it is the highest good, without which all the rest is just irrelevant?

8. Tal Ben-Shahar. Be happier

All people are divided into three types. There are among us participants of the rat race: study, work, home, business, career, family, all the time, never be late, not to fall face in the dirt, to be taller, stronger, faster Yes, but is it fun? There are hardened Hedonists: clubs, discos, dancing, delicious food, alcoholic drinks, good sex, long sleep but only if it brings pleasure? There are nihilists: disappointment in life, amorphous, indifference, depression, chronic fatigue, exhaust communication, life from weekend to weekend but only if it brings pleasure? Tal Ben-Shahar knows exactly what happiness is, how to find life balance and to attain harmony within yourself. Not in vain his course at Harvard University is visited by three thousand people a year

7. Taoist book of Proverbs. Chuang-Tzu

The doctrine of Taoism, one of the oldest religious and philosophical practices, the main essence of which is to renounce the mundane world, the bustle and passions, and become part of a huge universe, calm and proud in his greatness. The parables of the teachings of the Tao is self-knowledge, the search for harmony inside and outside yourself, peace and the enjoyment of the highest matters.

6. Alexander Belyaev. Seller of air

Georgiy Klimenko – a young scientist-a meteorologist, but young age does not prevent him to go in the coldest regions of the planet, in Yakutia, in the study of natural air anomalies. At first, observations and experiments do not bring tangible benefits, but then it happens to be strange: strong winds, it throws in an extinct volcano crater, and there, miraculously left alive, he, along with his partner discovers a secret laboratory in which are removed from the atmosphere the air and sorted it into a special capsule

5. Lewis Carroll. Alice in Wonderland

This Sunny day was supposed to be just one of many in a series of Sunny days, if not one "but": the agile and long-eared White Rabbit, hurrying on important matters, does not fit into the picture of the world. Embarrassed, enchanted, full of curiosity, Alice immediately moved for a fabulous hero, and here she was flying into the tunnel and begin to occur around amazing things: it grows and decreases in size, floating in a sea of your own tears, meets a Caterpillar and the Cheshire cat, meets the Red Queen, playing croquet, and finally is sentenced to death

4. Victor Pelevin. Chapaev and emptiness

Emptiness is not only a complex concept denoting the absence of anything, but still just a name. Peter Void, the talent of poetic decadence, ward in the nuthouse grim Soviet post-perestroika, the sensation of existence in two periods of time and an existential crisis. But there is good: he is familiar with Vasily Chapaev – or so he thinks. In the civil war they hand in hand are the death battles, but in the mental hospital the Void fights with roommates: almost-suicide Serdyuk, Simply Maria, in love with Schwarzenegger, and bandyuganov.

3. Carlos Castaneda. The Teachings Of Don Juan

1960. Hot Arizona. Bus stop. It was here, in the suburbs, learn about the two main characters: Carlos, a book's author and a University student in California, and don Juan, the Indian, with special knowledge belonging to the ancient tribe. Talking, both men imbued with sympathy and trust each other, and don Juan offers Carlos to become his disciple. Carlos agrees, and soon learns that the only way to learn the wisdom of life and become part of the universe – is the use of hallucinogens and entering a special trance

2. The Strugatsky Brothers. Hard to be God

Arkanar is a country on another planet. A race of humanoids that live there, outwardly indistinguishable from humans, and the level of development they are around earth's late middle Ages. That's why earthlings are so easy to observe the natives. Taking root in society, they study the alien inhabitants, not even suspecting that a thunderstorm will erupt very soon

1. Chuck Palahniuk. Fight club

The narrator suffers from insomnia and goes to a support group of people with different diseases, he hates the society of consumption, hates himself. Tyler Durden is proud of its nihilism, knows how to create explosives, making soap from human fat, works at odd jobs. Marla singer is lying about their ailments, fears that she has breast cancer, nervously Smoking and stealing other people's things. Interesting company, isn't it? And together they decide such questions of life and the universe, who are ordinary people can not dream.

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