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10 books that you should read until you turn 30


Books are a priceless wealth that man possesses. And today's young people are not the lucky ones, as their services provided today by the giant library, which incorporates all the masterpieces of Russian and world printing. However, as you know, a spoon is good for lunch, and some work is best perceived as a separate period of life. So, here are 10 books that you must read until you turned 30.

10. To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

This novel came from the pen of American writer Harper Lee in 1960. The piece is written in the spirit of educational books, it is not surprising that "Mockingbird" is included in the program, 80 percent of U.S. schools. Contrary to popular belief that the plot of the novel is taken from childhood Lee, and the actors — none other than her own family, the writer in an interview admitted that the storyline is completely fictitious. Also Harper modestly spoke of the great popularity of "Mockingbird", referring to the fact that I did not expect such shot novel. However, just a year after the publication of the work was awarded the prestigious Pulitzer prize.

9. War and peace Leo Tolstoy

What can you say about this legendary four-volume edition? A work of Tolstoy's so popular and cause such a storm of thoughts that is extremely difficult to concentrate on one thing. Try to fit in three lines a brief summary of "War and peace" activity as pointless as to put an elephant in a coffee Cup. To assess the magnitude of the novel is not difficult, having the following figures. 569 — number of actors 6 years — how long it took Tolstoy to write works 5202 — many sheets is a handwritten version of "War and peace", 8 at least as many times Tolstoy rewrote a novel by hand. Surprisingly, the writer himself did not attach special significance to the product and not without irony called "War and peace" nonsense.

8. Atlas shrugged Ayn Rand

But Ayn Rand, unlike previous masters of the pen, to his novel treated more respectably and considered Atlanta a major work of his literary career. Well, writer is a good reason. Which is only the fact that the novel took the sixth position in the list of bestsellers the New York Times literally on the third day of sales. No lesser achievement is the fact that among the members of the club "Book of the Month Club" (about 2000 people) 17 confessed that reading "Atlanta" changed their lives. As for Russia, the us, the book has gained popularity in 2008, when the crisis was only in the development stage.

7. 1984 George Orwell

By analogy with the "War and peace" it is pointless to undertake the retelling of the content. Orwell depicted in great detail the variant of the near future (recall that the book was written in 1948 and the events in it occur in 1984). It takes into account all the subtleties of totalitarianism, and pronounced it "illegitimate children". The title of the work, as well, and the name of the Orwell, has long become a household name. These words denote something that can easily become society, if the powers will go the way of globalization and totalitarianism. "1984" belongs to the cohort of the brightest and most popular books of the genre dystopia.

6. Lord of the rings J. R. R. Tolkien

"The Lord of the rings" Tolkien – the clearest example of a successful shot not only books, but only that on its basis was made. Finally, the writer is also not left behind. In the early 60s started a real boom, by Tolkien. Besides the fact that replacing "Lord" flying off the shelves like cakes, John had to change phone because of calls from fans all day. Now imagine that book (and with it the film) could easily not be. Originally a sequel to "the Hobbit" is not included in the plans of Tolkien, but the owner of the publishing house that printed the book, persuaded John, and here is the result. It was translated into at least 38 languages, and often the quality of the translation personally supervised the Tolkien rights expert philologist.

5. Lolita Vladimir Nabokov

The book is full of extremes and even a certain absurdity. First, Nabokov first wrote lolita in English and only after more than 10 years, translated the work into their native language. Secondly, the storyline connects the love connection adult men and very young girl 12 years old (however, she is not a virgin!). During work on such a controversial novel, Nabokov has twice decided to burn the manuscript. Also, the writer has planned to release the work anonymously, so as not to provoke a big scandal (which eventually did take place). Finally, "Lolita" is considered one of the great books of the twentieth century, but in some countries was banned – initially, the novel was simply mistaken for pornography.

4. Rich dad poor dad Robert Kiyosaki

Quite a controversial book by American businessman with Japanese roots was released recently, in 1994. In fact, she did not what to be unambiguous, because the product of figure 2 perspective, the General object of analysis which is money. The book is based on the advice that Robert himself received from his father (a minor public servant) and from the father of his friend (one of the richest men in Hawaii). However, subsequently Kiyosaki abandoned their own assertion that "rich dad" is a real person. Many have criticized the book because she gives specific tips on how to get rich. But, hell, what, then, is a book, if it's all laid out on a silver platter?

3. The catcher in the rye Jerome David Salinger

"The catcher in the rye" is one of those books that came to the court not only at the time of publication. Such a work will be relevant at all times, because the book raised a hot topic of perception of reality and confrontation of public canons, sustainable opinions and morals. The protagonist of the novel is 16-year-old boy, the story whose fate is pretty closely intertwined with the biography of Salinger. Not surprisingly, the book quickly gained popularity among young people. However, did not avoid the novel and adults. Thus, "the catcher in the rye" became one of the iconic works of the XX century.

2. The little Prince Antoine de Saint-Exupery

This is a very touching story familiar to almost everyone. An integral part of the book are unique pictures of Saint-Exupery, which exactly remembers anyone who once read "the Little Prince". It's not just illustrations, but a real part of the story. In addition, by means of drawings to overcome language barrier, and those who can't read it, can understand everything without words. By the way, the work was translated by as much as 180 languages, and the total circulation of all publications is more than 80 million copies. Impressive, isn't it? By the way, an excellent opportunity to acquire one of the books is so vast circulation and read "the Prince" again.

1. The master and Margarita Mikhail Bulgakov

Its a truly legendary work of Mikhail Bulgakov began writing in 1928 and worked on it until its very last days. Despite the fact that created the novel for 12 years, the book remained unfinished. The final version of "the Master and Margarita" was collecting the crumbs of the widow of the writer, using the manuscript pages and drafts. The first novel saw the light and did 27 years later and in book form the work was in the Soviet Union only in 1973. Despite the fact that "the Master and Margarita" is included in the school curriculum, to read this novel (or more likely read) is in a more conscious age. But too long to Siim process is also not recommended.

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