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10 books that will help you find your destiny


Perhaps the most important in this life to find worth living for. Sorry, know this is not all. It is because of lack of awareness, people fall into depression, which dragged on for years, and even decide in the end to escape from life. Finding my purpose, the meaning of life, one begins to appreciate every allotted minute. To improve and develop, we first need to obtain accurate and complete information about how to do it better. Look at the 10 books that help people find purpose, motivation and fully experience the taste of life.

10. "Important years. Why you should not put off life for later", Meg Jay

The title of this book is very well reflects the main idea, which would bring the author. Meg Jay, a psychologist that explains what better to devote his life in the most important years: 20 to 30 years. The future of man depends largely on what decisions he took during this time period. It is very important to learn how to make informed decisions, to bear responsibility for them and recognize that says your inner voice. The author of the book tells how to do it better.

9. "Make yourself", Tina Seelig

This book is very practical. It tells about where and how to get the strength and motivation for self-realization, to sort out, to understand themselves and their desires. Tina Siling writes about how best to proceed in different situations, as well as on where to take ideas for developing new business, how to start your own business. It gives helpful guidance, focusing on their experience. The author claims that people often interferes with their own limitations, to try to get rid of stereotypes of thinking.

8. "Never-ever. How to break the impasse and find yourself", Elena Rezanova

This book is very inspiring to readers. The author gives useful tips on how to stop procrastinating and start doing, to combat apathy, to understand what you actually need. Book Elena Rezanova will suit those people who want to change the scope of activities, but have no idea how to do it better. It discusses a variety of techniques to overcome uncertainty.

7. "Greater magic", Elizabeth Gilbert

"Big magic" book for people who want to make their lives interesting, joyful, diversity. Elizabeth Gilbert sees creativity: its essence, the value that it has for humans. Reading a book from this author, you will learn how to deal with the internal restrictions and to give freedom of creative thought. Elizabeth Gilbert tells how she overcame their doubts and fears.

6. "It's time! How to turn the dream into life and life into dreams", Barbara Sher

After reading this book, you will understand how to live beyond their circumstances and in their own way. Barbara Sher helps readers learn to recognize your intuition and trust that inner voice. In the book there are many useful jobs that are interesting examples. It will be especially useful for those people who are thinking about changing careers but don't know where to begin. Barbara Sher says that to achieve its goals, one must change the author only gives useful lessons.

5. "Purpose. To find a matter of life and realize their dreams," Alexander Rey

In this book, no useless arguments. The author is a specialist in the field of psychology, it is clear talks about how to cope better with the various complexes, to start to develop in different directions and determine the business all his life. The book contains many of his personal stories, assignments, allowing you to test yourself pictures for motivation.

4. "The red pill. Look truth in the eye!", Andrew Joyce Brothers Here

After reading this book, you will understand what is the nature of human consciousness. The author talks about how to define their place in society, fully develop and begin to appreciate the possibilities of the human brain. In his book he writes about the research in different scientific fields. After reading it, you will learn to recognize their abilities and to control their own consciousness. It explains how to "negotiate" with your brain, which can be very hard to fool people, to mislead him.

3. "Logotherapy and existential analysis: Articles and lectures", Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl, a specialist in the fields of philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, and psychiatry. In this book he talks about the method of psychotherapy, the essence of which is the people's search for the meaning of life. This method is called logoterapia. The author, who knew firsthand about the horrors taking place in Nazi camps speaks to the fact that the human will to meaning is the most important driving force in life. Thanks to her people can think, create and deal with difficulties.

2. "Psychological topology of the way" Merab Mamardashvili

In these lectures the author considers the essence of life, analyzing the book "In search of lost time". It's not a retelling, but an independent work. Merab Mamardashvili says about honor, love, death. The author tells the readers about how to behave in life, but creates all the conditions for this could you think about yourself. These lectures can be read repeatedly, each time finding in them a new depth, thoughts that were missed before.

1. "The power of the subconscious, or How to change a life for 4 weeks," Joe Dispenza

The author is a specialist in the fields of neurobiology and neurochemistry. He invites readers to learn how to change your life by scientific methods. After reading this book, you will understand how the subconscious works of man as to make him lay a new positive attitude to the fulfillment of desires. Joe Dispenza argues that the events in my life can be programmed by using the power of thought. Intention is a very powerful tool that you should learn to use. The author tells about the efficient techniques to achieve goals and to shape reality around themselves.

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