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10 books about survival in extreme conditions


Despite claims that people now don't read much and spend more time on the network, yet the Internet will never replace a good book. There are so many genres, everyone chooses what he likes, but the adventure is undoubtedly much. Especially popular are books about the survival of people in unusual circumstances. Even if you haven't took in hand a book, think of "Robinson Crusoe", this piece probably read every student.

Want to dive into the atmosphere, worry about the heroes and forget about everything? In addition, these books will help you recognize the insignificance of some of your problems and start to enjoy life. But if fate put you on a desert island, you at least will represent where to start the fight for survival. Below is the list of top 10 books about people who were able to survive in extreme conditions.

10. Robert Shtilmark "Heir of Calcutta"

The book is suitable reading for adults and teenagers. This is the story of the heir to the title of Cansfield, the ship which was captured by the pirates. Survive after a shipwreck two: the heir and the captain of a pirate ship. They find themselves on a desert island. Fascinating story, many events will not let you get bored. However in the book a lot of actors. after Some reading suggest to write them down to avoid confusion. By the way, the story of writing is also impressive. Shtilmark, wrote it in the camp, his head was trying to impersonate the author. After all Robert was able to prove his authorship.

9. Cormac McCarthy "The Road"

This novel is written not so long ago, in 2006. The plot the story of a father and his young son, they move to the sea in hope of rescue. After all, the world was a global catastrophe, many people and animals died, cities destroyed. On their way they meet various people, good and evil. They have to flee from marauders. The situation is complicated by the fact that his father is terminally ill. He worries about her son and hopes that in time to save him. When a man dies, the boy continues the journey alone. The book will appeal to the modern reader, as many are interested in Apocalypse and post-apocalyptic world.

8. Daniel Defoe "Robinson Crusoe"

The legendary "Robinson Crusoe" know it all. This novel is almost 300 years old, but he is not the last place in home libraries of many families. The book tells about a young man who in the pursuit of profit gets in a shipwreck. He lived for 28 years on a desert island, during this time, Robinson is not crazy, not savage, on the contrary, he is spiritually revived. The plot of the novel is based on real events, only literary critics still cannot come to a consensus, who became the prototype of Robinson. In Russia, the book is very popular, but is positioned more as children. Defoe wrote a sequel to "Robinson Crusoe", but it has not received such wide popularity as the first part.

7. Henry David Thoreau "Walden or Life in the woods"

The book is an autobiography, but Henry did not get the chance to not get lost in the woods, he consciously distanced himself from people. The author wanted to conduct an experiment, he built himself a house on the outskirts of the city, where no people lived. He lived there for two years, he has provided himself with everything necessary. Many hunted, fished. Still Henry talked to people who lived in the town. The author wanted to prove to the world that life near to nature is still possible. He didn't understand the society that erected the cult of money, because everything you need you can get from their work. The novel received mixed reviews. Some critics gave it the lowest rating. Despite this, "Life in the woods" is recognized as one of the most famous American works.

6. Jules Verne "the Mysterious island"

And again a desert island. Classic, a benefit for survival. Five men, escapes during the Civil war. Transport are quite peculiar is a ball. They land on a desert island, but don't get discouraged, and start to work. They drained the cave, get in it, do the explosives, plant wheat from a single wheat seed. Three years later, the island no longer resembles a desert, everything is here, then there are pirates. That's not all the adventures of men, it is only the beginning. The book was read by all the teenagers in all countries, but it will be interesting to the modern reader.

5. Umberto Eco "the Island of the day before"

The plot the story of a young nobleman. In the court of XVII century. All crew members were killed when landing on an unknown island at the hands of local residents. There was one Robert, he can't swim, so it remains on Board the ship. He lives there for quite a long time, soon he starts hallucinating. He thinks about his fear, but then realizes that he is not alone on this abandoned ship. Many say that the book is hard to read, too "intellectual", but someone she really likes.

4. Arkady Fiedler "White Jaguar — the leader of the arawaks"

The beginning of the XVIII century. A descendant of Polish immigrants runs from the North America, as angered the English lords. He escapes on the island, which is located in the Caribbean sea. There he meets the Indians, the arawaks and becomes their leader. The book grabs from the first pages. Teenagers will appreciate it. If you haven't read it in childhood, read it now. Many say that could not tear myself away from the book until I read to the end. The book accurately conveys the atmosphere of the time, the reader forgets about everything, as if he is in the middle of it. People who read "the White Jaguar" do not get tired to recommend it to friends and acquaintances.

3. John Krakauer "Into the wild"

Documentary novel, which is included in the curriculum of many educational institutions. The book is based on real events. Christopher McCandless was born in a rich family, but when he turned 22, he decided to abandon wealth. For some time he wandered in the USA, until they reached Alaska. There he found an old bus which has replaced his house. He had a small supply of food, some equipment. But lived Christopher long, only 4 months. The author repeated the journey of McCandless, he was trying to understand what motivates the young men who go to Alaska and sacrificing their lives.

2. Jack London "the Sea wolf"

Best Jack London novel. He quickly became the most fashionable publication, readers and critics were amazed. Literary critic van Weyden gets in a shipwreck. He saves the captain of the fishing ship, nicknamed the Wolf. Now salt would make van Weyden a real man, he makes him work on the ship, the Outlook is changing literary criticism. But the book is not only about that. Further events further aggravate the situation. The book will interest both adults and children. In addition, the novel is not just about adventures, and there is a love line.

1. Jack London "an Interstellar wanderer"

Another book title "straitjacket". The plot the story of a prisoner prison Professor Standing. He was sentenced to the death penalty, and while he is in solitary confinement. He was tortured in a straitjacket. A piece of fabric tightly hugs the body, it is impossible to move, begins angina. One of the prisoners advised the Professor to fall into a trance. So he escapes, travels among the stars, recalls his past life and reincarnation. The work of the soul, the immortal spirit had to taste of many readers.

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