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10 books similar to "50 shades of grey"


Erotic romance novel "50 shades of grey" writer Erika Leonard James captivates from the first page and holds until the very end. This book became so popular that it gained millions of fans living in different corners of the earth. People so much loved the characters and enjoyed the exciting story, they began to look for similar books. In this collection you will find similar books in the "50 shades of grey". Let's look at the content of each order.

10. Fifty shades of Dorian gray. Oscar Wilde

The action of the book takes place in the Victorian era. Dorian gray – a vicious, immoral and sexy. Opening the book, you know that it is addictive from the first pages – the author so vividly describes his thoughts, that the reader adopts the traits of a character "lights up" with him. The book has a lot of fantasy, eroticism and BDSM adventures... You waited with fascinating stories, unusual characters, words of wisdom, thought-provoking thoughts about how we need to live properly.

9. The diary of a "subordinate. The real 50 shades. Sophie Morgan

The story of a successful journalist Sophie Morgan, who tries to find himself in the world of BDSM. This book is designed for everybody – there are many detailed sexual experiences of the author. Unlike "50 shades of grey" this book is an autobiography. Sophie Morgan is the author of this book actually works as a journalist and all the fantasies from the book – her own. If you like to read the testimony of others and you do not mind, how can think of the human brain – then take this book to the note.

8. Harlot. Saskia Walker

Historical erotic romance. The main character of the book – the Jessica Taskill – desperate and lonely girl. After her mother was accused of witchcraft activities and was burned at the stake, and his father renounced his family, Jessica had to find a way to survive. And he wasn't difficult – she had to sell her body to men who called her incomparable prostitute. But not all so simple: the heroine is in prison, from which it rescued the wealthy Gregor Ramsey in exchange for a favor – she needs to cast a spell on his enemy...

7. Beautiful bastard. Christina Lauren

Intriguing plot writer Christina Lauren. Bennett Ryan – the owner of a large advertising company, Chloe mills – arranged for him to work as his personal Secretary. Bennet sexy, smart, afraid of him, he strikes fear, and she and Chloe don't like each other. But when these two are left alone in a closed Cabinet between them inflames passion that knows no bounds... And this is repeated again and again. In the first book is the story of the feelings of the protagonist, and then his Secretary.

6. The four cardinal directions and one woman. Alice Klever

Maxim Chorusnow – the main character of the book were almost lost a good girl Arina, much in love with him. And the reason for that – the pursuit of pleasure. She did not tolerate corruption and fled. Maxim realized that he needed Arina, trying by any means to return to his beloved. However, the love these two prevent the father of Maxim. And if the oligarch kites – a cruel and despotic man, decided something, then bring it to the end. He plans to destroy the relationship Maksim and Arina. What will come of this?

5. Flesh. Portia Da Costa

Historical romance novel. Family Beatrice Waverly broke, and the girl had to agree to a daring act, which encouraged her fiance to pose Nude in front of the lens. But she didn't know where it leads – her fiancé cheated on her and spread pictures of the beauty around London – in the old days it was enough that a good name was trampled in the mud. Beatrice meets Edmund – a successful entrepreneur who saw the photos. He offers her big money in exchange for love.

4. The Redemption Of Gabriel. Sylvane Reynard

A love story. The final third part. Gabriel Emerson – the Professor of the University of Toronto decides to leave, convinced that together with his beloved Julianne, they are able to answer any challenge thrown to them. But in reality, things are not easy, beloved meet on the way people from the past. In addition, Gabriel not end up able to part with the demons of his subconscious... the Book is filled with emotions and experiences.

3. The color of pain: black. Eva Hansen

The book "the Color of pain: black" draws from the first lines, and keeps the intrigue until the very end. Series of a detective novel consists of 4 books, this book – 2. Location – Sweden. The book combined two genres: the detective and erotica. Stockholm is obsessed with fear, a strange series of murders of young girls, and all the evidence there is not just one serial killer but of an entire maniachenko group. In the course of events the reader have understanding of the reason why massacres happen. Lynn Lindberg failed to disclose the killing, then she met her love in the BDSM world... but it's not the end but the beginning of a new investigation is more shocking and dangerous.

2. Fifty-forbidden desires. Marina Anderson

Harriet Radcliffe is not like what she found: her husband Lewis James – called to the wedding of his friends, without telling her about it. It turns out that he, as a Director, decided to shoot a special movie, based on life events. Lewis, secretly monitoring the behavior of his young and attractive wife, Harriet, discovers that she is interested Edmund, who accompanies them on their honeymoon. James fails his plans to use the passion for Harriet in their order fall.

1. I love you. Irene Kao

"I love you" – the final part of the Italian trilogy of Irene Kao. This book continues the love story of the girl Helen to one man who then makes itself felt, then disappears from her life. Some readers are painfully familiar situation of his life: the spontaneous meeting turn to the inner world of the protagonist, are devastating effect in all her old dreams and plans. These meetings forced Helen to lie to friends and even to herself.

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