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10 books similar to "My best enemy"


The sentimental novel Eli Frey My best enemy on friendship and intolerable cruelty is after, of course, captured the hearts of millions of readers around the globe. This is a touching story about how all those feelings can escalate into hatred and enmity for the ages, written by the Russian writer Alena Filippova in 2015, the year quickly became an online bestseller and won the love of readers. This is a perfect illustration of the proverb from love to hate one step. This step was done out of revenge. These stories cannot fail to touch because of its veracity and unpredictability at the same time.

This article contains descriptions of Russian (and not only) books most similar to My best enemy. You will definitely find your novel, and it will become your favorite.

10. Light mountain. Tamara Mikheeva

Incredibly bright, a good story about true love to the Homeland from multiple winner of international awards in the field of children's literature. It's more than just a story about the lives of girls Dina, unexpectedly falling to a new city and a new family. It is a real Declaration of love to the surrounding world, with all its charms and difficulties. This is a story about a challenging but wonderful finding yourself and understanding who you really are. Through all the difficulties of fate, the girl had found a home for his family and their Light mountain. This story is so strongly imbued with tenderness and awe that just can not help but touch you to the very depths of the soul.

9. Family dreams. Galkin A. B.

Very good, detailed illustration of all the complexities of family life. According to most reviews and annotations that are in the network, this book is ideal as a guide in family life, for all those who are only going to go to the Registrar. The book tells the story of one young family with little son. It has everything: quarrels between mother-and daughter-in-law, and a classic misunderstanding between the son-in-law and mother-in-law all of the common attributes of the family life in Russia. Very interesting and realistic story, a must-read for all beginning families and not only. The novel is imbued with humor, irony and good humor.

8. Forever. Olga Karpovich

Sentimental, sad beautiful love story of two homeless people, with a perfect lack of various benefits and amenities. Perhaps this is the most beautiful love story in spite of all that there is. It's so rare to find absolute unconditional sense today, in this age, when something simple was replaced by the eternal race for success, money and other material values. Forever real outlet for all those who long for the sincere and gentle feelings.

7. 12 years of slavery. The real story of betrayal, abduction and fortitude. Solomon Northup

An inspiring story of a respected, educated men from America, who, by absolute chance, was involved in slave-like existence, moving from one owner to another. This story shows the strength and courage of a desperate man. This book played a huge role in the history of American society, becoming an international best-seller in the culture. This book is a real life story of the author himself and tells us his main secrets.

6. Adrenaline. Natalya Milyavskaya

A fascinating story tells about difficult life of five young slackers who, for fun, decide to become drug dealers. By opening her own entertainment Agency adrenalin, they begin to sell drugs to his rich clients. However, young people do not fully understand that such kind of earnings can be not only profitable and interesting, but also dangerous to their lives. The story is interesting for its
the story and the dynamics of what is happening.

5. We, the children of the gold Mines. Eli Frei

Another great work from the author of the novel my best enemy. This is a story about real life of teenagers in the conditions of hatred, not understanding and constant condemnation. This is a story about the selfishness and cruelty on the part of society about how difficult it is to trust other people. About love and hatred, friendship and betrayal, about family. This story is a success and causes a lot of admiring comments from readers, just because all of the topics described there is relevant to this day. These problems are eternal, and therefore the novel with them.

4. Man. The Dwarf Birch N. E.

This is the real guide in life for any man. The book will teach you the basics of communication with women and will tell you some features of men's philosophy. You will learn brand-new aspects of relationships with women. If you are looking for an easy way out of difficult situations, then this book will certainly give the right answer. To marry or to divorce, as to please all the whims of women and to become a real Man, you will learn after reading this book.

3. The lost generation. Yves Preston

Terribly exciting tragically interesting novel about a society living in terrible anticipation of the war that is about to overtake their world. They have no past, they can only hope for a possible bright future. This novel covered such topical issues as relations between people, relations between social strata, problems of war. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a terrible war-time, and live the part of life with the main characters. The story will not leave you indifferent.

2. 1984. George Orwell

Bright romance in the genre of dystopia written by George Orwell as a staunch opponent of proprietary in any of its manifestation, has taken its place among such classics as brave new world, 451 degrees Fahrenheit and others in the genre. The novel tells about the hard and bitter struggle with established rules of the 20th century. It's filled with her desire for freedom and desire for change, wholly rejecting the partisan foundations of Britain at the time.

1. Bad good day. Julia The

This book is a collection of poems and short stories of the author about the different periods of life, different moods. Here you can find a story for every occasion, from the most joyful to the saddest days of human life. The collection carries the idea of that life is equally combines good and evil, happiness and sadness, black and white. The main thing only correctly to treat this. And the book definitely will help you with this.

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