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10 cool movies about money and success


All successful careerists share memories of how difficult and long was the process of climbing the mountain of Fortune. For a person who wants to get out of the shackles of modern slavery and decides to become himself the master of life, sometimes lack the courage to make the first cherished step on the way to the dream.

A hit the books, others surround themselves with more successful "advisors", while others draw inspiration from the movies. The film offers the viewer a truly life-and enlightening films about how from a small-time crook to become a brilliant entrepreneur, as a person without a residence to be owner of the Corporation, or as to use to achieve the goal but only one computer.

Below we describe the successful selection of films in which the main characters demonstrate top commitment, ingenuity and perseverance that helps them one way or another to perform the main ideas in his life.

10. Guys with guns2016

The story shows the friendship of two Americans, who could unleash astounding the Pentagon on a contract to 300 million, which the army supplied weapons.

Easy and relaxed comedic atmosphere does not hide competent presentation of the material. The film emphasizes the theme of the enormous opportunities which should be timely and properly implemented. Much to gain from aspiring entrepreneurs – and new ideas, and investment plan and the ability to manage money and navigate between the stream of competitors. Also the film teaches us to act within a limited budget, which is important for young businessmen. The film clearly shows what a "dead" niche, teaches how to time to abandon unprofitable ideas in a crisis.

9. The wolf of wall Street2013

To watch DiCaprio is always nice – what kind of film does not take the actor successfully plays the role of rogue, a petty thief or an ambitious entrepreneur. But not in this film. This time the actor got a substantial role and enterprising young Jordan Belfort, who first got in the business district of wall Street, wants to find untold riches. He turns for help to a local "shark" business, carefully absorbing effective tips for achieving success. Next Jordan finds a company that startup goes bust, but that doesn't stop the young lad. His talent again finds use in tandem with a funny friend Donnie Isofom. Acting in a coordinated, young entrepreneurs derive private business on the global level, leading Jordan on the cover of "Forbes". By the way, the events of the film took place in real life.

8. The Aviator2004

And again, Leo demonstrates a great game, showing the fate of the great inventor, Director and a very rich man Howard Hughes.

In his youth, DiCaprio (Howard) gets a chance to operate with valuable technical developments in the field of aviation technology. At the same time the guy breaks into Hollywood with exciting action film about fighter pilots in the First world war. After receiving the necessary funding for the film mass gathering of spectators that Howard provides solid cash. It is the owner and runs the business turnover according to the invention and testing of a supernova planes.

Further, the plot of the film develops no less interesting – Hughes receives a state order for the invention reconnaissance aircraft for business purposes during the American war. The latter, however, ends prematurely, so the planes were never delivered.

7. The pursuit of happyness2006

Few people do not know this sentimental story with will Smith in the title role. His character, Chris Gardner, alone raises preschool-age son, hoping to provide him with a happy childhood.

The man believes in his product, and therefore invests all the money for its implementation. Sale fail, resulting in loss of not only money at home, but the wife.

Then Chris starts a new life with the work of the seller that is unable to pay for housing and leads to eviction from a miserable little room. Being on the street, the father gets a unpaid Intern at a brokerage firm, hoping in the future (in six months) to develop to a specialist. And at the end of all thorns and testing Chris did get this one single position in the company. The prototype of this character is a real person.

6. Founder2016

Says the film is about REE Kroke, who once gave the world such a famous brand like McDonald's.

It is known that to its fiftieth anniversary CROC managed to change a few professions. At the beginning of the film, he also appears not quite successful seller of mixers. Further on the path of the ray meet the brothers McDonald, who bought the supply of mixers and along the way introduce the unfortunate seller with the idea of fast food. Ray Kroc, was intrigued by the opportunity, wants to spread the brand across America, and then cover and world consumers.

The film is interesting for its biograficheskiy and tension, allowing you to keep the attention of would-be entrepreneurs to credits.

5. Frozen from Miami2009

We all know that to implement successful plans always need sacrifice, be it time, family, money or life force. In some cases, violent sacrifices and the need to go "over the heads" is the only way of ascension.

The plot of the romantic Comedy tells the story of how a career woman Lucy comes from a big city to Minnesota for a very nefarious purpose – reduction of factory personnel, to save the latter from bankruptcy. Acquainted with the local hardworking, conscientious Lucy does not dare to carry out the plan. Well, you need to try to restore the reputation and the monetary stability of the company without massive layoffs. The film interestingly shows alternative solutions to problems.

4. The devil wears Prada2006

Work in a modern and ultrapopular publication about fashion – every girls dream, but not Andrea. Country girl graduated from University, to write about serious things, but as fate falls to the position of one of the many assistants of the chief editor of the publication. The tyrannical Miranda torments Andrea, incidentally in a latent form giving her practical advice on achieving success. Over time, Andy realizes that is not always the ultimate goal justifies the means and that her soul is alien to the climbing heads, especially when we are talking about the destruction of the hopes of their friends and loved one.

3. The Thomas crown affair1999

A very rich and successful That I decided to crank out a Grand plan for the theft of paintings by Monet of the Central Museum in new York. In order to Scam a man hires a professional looters, which then substitutes. In this hectic Thomas alone steals the picture.

In parallel branch of the investigation, in which Strachowice Katherine works with the police to catch brazen thieves. The woman rubbed in trust to Thomas, suspecting him of stealing, but not having evidence. The relationship between them, according to her plan, was to give Tom sooner or later. But he is intelligent and enterprising crown suddenly saw through Katherine, and manipulates her to his advantage. Still, the development of mutual sympathy leads to the fact that Thomas and Katie are involved in a double play.

2. The social network2010

Today's youth will be interesting to see this film, as she talks about the way of becoming a millionaire, Zuckerberg, young men who created and embodied the concept of Facebook. Of course, the film is a distant projection of the true Grade of the ascent to glory, as he says in the interview.

However, the tape that have received Oscars and Golden globes, interestingly shows the business at all stages, from planning and implementation of the concept, and ending the world capturing unique niche with just the same crazy income.

1. Oil2007

The plot of the film is simple enough. In the late 19th century Denis Plainview expects to find gold and silver mines in California. In his head he has thought about the possible oil deposits that could bring him the crazy possibilities. For 30 years, a man cherishes the dream and still finds a place in "liquid gold", however, is not quite fair, deceiving family Sunday. However, many years later the audience meets not with a billionaire, what would be natural, and a homeless drunk. In this and the intrigue of the plot.

Analyzing the above movies, each spectator will be able to make a conclusion about when and how to implement their ideas. It also evaluates whether the success and wealth must be exchanged for a piece of soul and a bit of conscience, all the things sooner or later lead to consequences.

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