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10 cool casual things for your pet


Those owners of Pets that are very attached to their four-legged friends tend to gravitate towards different kinds of gadgets that can make their Pets lives more interesting and comfortable. In addition, a variety of technological innovations can significantly simplify the care of animals. In the end, we live in the 21st first century. Now innovative technologies are being introduced in all spheres of our life. So why in the area of our relations with our smaller brethren do not enter the same principle? Here is the ranking of the most amazing inventions for Pets. Read and try to figure out if such gadgets are important in the care of the Pets, or, in your opinion, is the excess, which will cause unnecessary spending.

10. Umbrella

Now your pet will not have such sad eyes in the rain. Having in the Arsenal umbrella for dogs, you will be able to walk, even when behind a window a downpour. This gadget is designed for oversized rocks that can get pleasure from a mid-tempo walking,as the cane is not very big, and the pet will not be able to escape from the host over a long distance. Therefore, if you are the proud owner of a German shepherd, husky, or Alabai, to walk in the rain with this umbrella you will not succeed , although it is likely that your dog is capable of is quite complete without this device or is generally preferred during inclement weather is to stay home.

9. Door for cats

It is not a simple hole through which the dog can come and go. This door is equipped with a ID chip that can distinguish your pet from others, who decided unexpectedly to pay you a visit. Therefore, having such a door, you can know what your cat, enough to walk up, will not bring home new friends to continue the dialogue at home.

8. Window

As you know, animals are curious creatures. This is especially true of Pets, I think that there, behind the door quiet and cozy home, boiling real life with all its passions. So that your dog could anytime to satisfy your interest (without torturing you once again the plaintive barking), you can make her a personalized window or fence, or in the booth. Due to the fact that the window has a convex shape, the animal will have a broad overview that will help him to satisfy their curiosity and to reduce the degree of anxiety.

7. Sleeping bag

The biggest problem people who have a pet, and the love of travel is the question of the residence of the pet during absences of the owner. Sometimes, and not finding a suitable option, four-legged pet you have to take with you. In this case, you will be very useful sleeping bag for a pet. It is made of special water-repellent fabric. The inner part of lining is trimmed with foil to provide thermal insulation everything to ensure that your pet does not freeze during the cold nights that you are surely going to spend in the field.

6. Video

If you want to make communication with your pet quite so technologically advanced, then you have the opportunity to install him in the booth video.How would it look? The device is mounted on the wall at eye level of the animal, and when you want, you can, on the spot, to communicate with your four-legged friend. The gadget is equipped with a system of treats, soothing aromatherapy and educational games all in order to your pet is not bored, and you could save time and effort, not at the expense of communication with the animal.

5. A feeder with a demand ID

Such a device is ideal for owners who daily faces the problem of competition a number of dogs over one feeder. This gadget is equipped with the ability to identify animals through a microchip, so they can't steal food from each other. In addition, this feeder can be a great rescue for the animal suffering from obesity, it's a miracle-the device will not allow him to eat a single gram of excess, as he had asked.

4. Carrying

Are you so attached to your pet that you can't leave it alone for a long time at home? Maybe you like to take walks together or shopping? Or are you often on the road and your pet is accustomed to travel with you? If all of this is about you, then you definitely need to buy a carrier for a pet. It is very easy to use. The pocket should be placed where the animal comes off easily to wash in process of pollution. In addition, the carrier has hidden pockets, which you can feed your pet Goodies.

3. Doorbell for dogs

You probably saddened by the fact that the front door of your house scratched by the claws of four-legged friend, because you can knock he can't, and before the call reaches that has to act on opportunities. You are lucky because nowadays, even from such a situation there is a way to set a special call for dogs. Now using it you will forget about the scratches on the door and wrenching howling. All you need to install this gadget and choose one of 36 audible signals.

2. Led dog collar

Led dog collar is not only a fashion accessory but a very useful gadget, which can be vital for your four-legged friend night. With this device, it will be seen from a distance, so the driver of a passing car will be able to stop in time and avoid collision with the animal.

Leash led dog collar is equipped with several modes of light bulbs.

1. Twitter

Probably this gadget is the most useful among the. Little Puppy Tweets medallion, which you can attach to your dog's collar, is able to keep you up to date with all that happens with animals. It analyzes the actions of the pet (running, barking, leisure, etc.) and sends you messages with the report. In Puppy Tweets pre-programmed more than 500 phrases, indicating the ongoing action of the dog in a particular minute.

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