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10 culinary gifts that you can put under the Christmas tree


Before the New year is still some time, but choosing gifts is better to think about it now. Otherwise, for the purchase of gifts for family and friends will take much more time because many people like to postpone all for the last days. Bad traffic on the streets, queues in shops, and worst of all – the inability to buy a particular thing, because it is already acquired by someone more agile.

If you haven't decided on the gift, you will help our article. Certainly, among your relatives there are those who loves to cook. They will appreciate a culinary gift, but it is better not to select normal pan or a ladle. It's boring and trite. There are such items, the existence of which you do not even know. However, they will become the best helpers in the kitchen. Below is the list of 10 culinary gifts that you can put under the Christmas tree.

10. Board for quick defrosting

Everyone who cooks, even occasionally encounter the same problem as defrost. Large pieces of meat, fish defrosted for quite a while. What tricks just do not resort people. They try to defrost food in the microwave, thereby risking to get a little toasted product, and the value of products is lost. Thaw in warm water – also not an option. Board for quick defrosting rid of these problems. It is made of safe materials. For the most part is a metal, the conductivity of which is very high. Steaks, meat, fish will be unfrozen for half an hour. Large pieces of meat – a little bit longer. In any case, will not have long to wait, when will be unfrozen products. A very handy thing.

9. Set for decoration of coffee

A good budget gift. Stencils for decorating coffee will help to surprise your guests with and please yourself. They are made of plastic, easy to clean, durable. Just put a stencil on a coffee foam and sprinkle with cinnamon, sugar or other additives. The person you give this small gift will be delighted. Of course, it will fit more coffee lovers. However, stencils can also be used for other purposes, such as cake decorating.

8. Machine for making sausages

A worthy gift for meat lovers. Homemade sausage is very tasty and much more useful semi-finished products purchased. Of course, it will be a good helper in the kitchen for women, but even men dare to culinary feats, if they have such a machine. The principle of operation is very simple. The machine has several kinds of nozzles. Just put her in a shell for future sausages and turn the handle or push the button. Varieties like a lot of cars. This device can be used even in small cafes. Suddenly your friend after such a gift will solve tasty to feed not only their family but other people.

7. Movie for cutting

This gift can also be attributed to budget. The roller is inexpensive, but can perform multiple functions. First of all, this device will serve well for cutting the dough. It can be used to make homemade noodles, cut the mesh for pies. For those who loves to bake, roller – irreplaceable thing. Only warn one who is present, that the first time to make the decoration for the cake but a few people do. The movie successfully cope with the cutting of many products. It is essential when chopping onions. Cry no more, roller chop onions very quickly.

6. Set for carving

Those who believe that cooking is an art, will appreciate a kit for carving. Fruits and vegetables do such things, which is a pity. In order to learn how to carve figurines of the products will require patience and special knives. This set usually consists of peelers, small scissors, noisethey spoons and a few knives. If you want to give a set of carving, prepare for the fact that you have to spend. Don't skimp, otherwise your gift will not bring any joy. Cheap knives will quickly become blunted or broken.

5. Multifunctional vegetable cutter

This slicer will be happy with any owner. Think how much time it can save when cooking soup, vegetable stew or salad. In the summer of workpieces multi-functional vegetable cutter will greatly facilitate the life of Housewives. Their selection is huge. Some of them resemble a float with lots of attachments, other remotely similar to a meat grinder, and the principle of operation is completely different. If you are used to give expensive gifts, you can buy an electric grinder. It is not only beautifully cut vegetables, but will make it very quickly.

4. Set of nozzles for decorating cakes

This set will appeal to anyone who loves to bake cakes. It consists of a silicone bag, which put a cream cake and a variety of nozzles. Usually in the set there are special adapters. Now will no longer be a problem in decorating pastries or cakes. It is much better than a syringe of icing, because there is an opportunity to make a cake unusual. Tips are made of stainless steel, so will please its owner for a long time. They will not rust, is covered with bloom.

3. Sectional pan with non-stick coating

Most people, probably, do not suppose that there is a breakout of the pan. If you have a large family and you and then argue what to cook for dinner, buy a pan. Don't worry, even if your wife was offended that instead of the diamond ring you gave her a frying pan. After she tries to cook something she'll never use ordinary pans and still say "thank you". You can simultaneously cook meat and fish, vegetables and potatoes. All members of the family will be happy. Indisputable advantage of such pan – fry it without oil. Amazing invention allows to cook multiple dishes simultaneously. Another advantage – after dinner, you will need to wash only one pan, not two or three.

2. Curling meatballs

Someone does the invention seem unnecessary. But those who often cooks meatballs will be happy about this assistant. With this wonderful instrument you can cook the meat balls perfect shape. Much nicer to sit at the table when the dish is beautifully decorated. The meatballs are the same size, smooth, beautiful, no one will be able to refuse. Besides, price of Curling iron for meatballs is not high. You will please the relatives and friends, at the same time save your budget.

1. Apparatus for making Breakfast 3 in 1

This unique appliance will replace the oven, stove and coffee maker. Coffee maker makes 4 mugs of drink. In the oven you can make toast, bake small cakes, small cakes, built-in grill will allow you to bake meat. On the frying surface without difficulty (and without butter!) you can fry eggs, sausages, anything. The unit will prepare Breakfast in minutes. And those whom you give, will probably be to use them not only for Breakfast. Machine 3 in 1 is especially suitable for people who live alone or together. After all, not everyone can afford to buy a stove, oven and coffee maker. Should such a device not too expensive, especially if you pay attention to its functionality.

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