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10 easy movies to relax and to forget about everything


We all have such moments in life when nothing pleases. Problems in his personal life, failure at work, quarrel with friends or just in a bad mood. In such a situation there is only one desire – to lie down on the sofa and relax. But you can kill two birds with one stone, relax and gain positive emotions. With the latest should do a good movie. Only the film should be easy, interesting, a little sad, a little funny, but not stupid. You should not choose thrillers, horror movies they have a negative impact on the psyche. During their view may be able to forget about problems, but just will not work. So choose positive and light movies. We present to your attention the top 10 films that will help you relax and forget about everything.

10. To promise not to marry

The film is based on the relationship between a man and a woman. It presents the stories of young women and men who are looking for love. Probably a week after viewing most people will forget I ever watched this movie, but it is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. There are lots of good, someone in these stories find themselves or their friends. Perhaps "Promise not to marry", can change the point of view in dealing with the opposite sex, and even improve personal life. In any case, this Comedy will lift your spirits and delight a stellar cast.

9. The holiday

Another romantic Comedy. The plot the story of two women. One of them is hopelessly in love with a man, the other betrayed a loved one. They both come to the site on the exchange of property and agree a time to swap continents. All this is happening before Christmas. Of course, women find their true love 10,000 miles from home. Holiday atmosphere, feelings and emotions of the main characters will make you forget about all life troubles. In addition, this film will give hope to all people who are tired of loneliness or problems in relationship with partner. He will make you believe that life at any moment a miracle will happen, and you never need to lose heart.

8. Frozen from Miami

The film is about a career woman Lucy, who was accustomed to a way of life and comfort in everything. But, she is forced to go to Minnesota, which is nothing to do with comfort has. The climate there is very harsh, people also do not differ warmth. The plot is simple, after 15 minutes of viewing is already possible to understand what the end is. Still the film is very good, naive, a revise it more than once. He'll lift your spirits, relax, calm. Again, Comedy is more suitable for the beautiful half of humanity. It is difficult to imagine a man wrapped in a blanket and drop tears, listening to the experiences of the main characters.

7. This stupid love

The story of an exemplary family man, whose whole life gets turned on its head. Wife is cheating on him, and a Coke Weaver have to re-learn to live. He met with the local "playboy", who decides to help him change. But this is not the only relationship in the film, there are still a few romantic lines. So everyone will find something close to him. This family melodrama is just what you need for a good rest. Somewhere sad, somewhere funny, and comical. After watching there is a feeling of warmth and renewed hope for the future, have the strength to go forward. But don't worry, the film is very light, it doesn't load the head, teaches viewers how to live.

6. Always say "Yes"

The film's protagonist, Carl, is unhappy, he does not know how to enjoy life. His favorite word is "no", and therefore in life it all goes wrong. One day he decided to participate in the seminar of self-development. Participants must agree to any offer, always say "Yes." The main character played by Jim Carrey, he can make even the most sad person. The film is good and interesting. It's not just Comedy, where the character gets into absurd and ridiculous situations. This is a film that shows that often people are afraid to change their lives for the better. After watching the film leave only positive impressions. Besides, Comedy is really a lot of situations that will make you smile.

5. We're The Millers

The plot – the story of a petty drug dealer David. He gets in trouble and loses revenue. The supplier offers to work off the debt. Now David has to transport large quantities of drugs. It seems that the plan David is perfect, he asks friends to help him. And now he was not a drug dealer, and the venerable head of the family of millers. In the way of the millers, there are different situations, but in the end good triumphs over evil. The film definitely shows to view when lonely and sad. It is also suitable for family viewing or viewing with friends. Bored with the Millers just do not have.

4. Eat, pray, love

This film is not a Comedy, but also will make you forget about their problems. Elizabeth, the main character, realizes that her life is nothing like she dreamed. She doesn't live like she wants. A woman does not understand as it to live further. After a difficult divorce, Elizabeth goes on a journey. The only way it can know itself. Experience actress so natural that the audience, despite the absence of a twisted plot, will never get away from the TV screen until the end of the film. Film in the category of those that help to relax the soul.

3. Good Luck, Chuck!

The film tells about the life of a young dentist. He has a wonderful gift as soon as he throws another girlfriend, she finds the perfect man and getting married. At first he likes it, the girls line up for him to turn. Only now the man no one sees it as "a staging post". Besides, he falls in love. Now Chuck doesn't know what to do next. This is the usual teen Comedy. Perhaps men can see here how not to behave with girls. "Good luck Chuck" will help to pass the time, make you smile, but nothing more. Not a bad option for dull autumn evening.

2. Sex friendship

The film tells the story of two young successful people. Best friends – a man and a woman who are not succeeding personal life. They spend a lot of time together and even decide to do a friendly sex. Funny jokes, conversations about relationships, happy end – a standard set. The plot is fairly trivial, but the Comedy will help you to relax without loading the head. Simple, easy, funny way to describe the film "Sex on friendship".

1. Knight and day

Lonely woman, June, meets a secret agent Miller. And here begins the unimaginable. They need to be saved from persecution and to preserve the battery, which is a source of energy. That's just June and can't figure out who her new friend: superspy, or mad. The film is very dynamic, cheerful, witty. Will please the cast. This film is to watch both women and men. Everyone will find something interesting for him. For men action, women love line. After viewing you will not regret the time spent. "Knight and day" will leave only positive impressions.

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