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10 drugs that should be in every medicine Cabinet


People can be divided into two groups. The first buy medicine only when sick, the second have a Cabinet full of pills and potions for any occasion. Moreover, people belonging to the first group a lot more. But in most cases the disease does not warn about his visit. And even the slightest discomfort, such as headaches or intestinal upset, forcing them to look for the nearest pharmacy. But if health deteriorates in the night? Not every district has all-night drugstore, and not every family has a car. So better to take care and to review their first aid kit. It does not take much time. Then you should compile a list of the missing funds and to do their purchase in the near future. This will help list of drugs that should be in every medicine Cabinet.

10. Funds for the treatment of wounds and burns

Each Cabinet must be tools for the treatment of wounds. The most budget option of antiseptic is chlorhexidine. Its price does not exceed 30 roubles, but will he be able to replace the usual iodine or Zelenka. Its advantage is that it leaves no residue on the skin. They can handle scratches, small sores. For burns also need to purchase a special tool. Contrary to popular belief, oil will not help and will only make things worse. The most common remedy for burns – Panthenol. Do not take the money, buy it. Very often there are situations when you need first aid, even in the process of cooking food can burn.

9. Dressing

Should cut your finger begins the endless search bandage or gauze. But very often it turns out that neither the one nor the other in the house no. Most people forget to buy bandages and then they have to make something from what was at hand. Meanwhile, domestic injuries – a phenomenon quite frequent. Especially if the house is inhabited by men or children. Useful not only wool and gauze, and band-AIDS, elastic bandage. Do not be redundant disposable gloves, they will protect against dirt and bacteria during the treatment of wounds. Also, together with a dressing material must lie sharp scissors, not to run around the house in search of cutting objects.

8. Pain relievers

Pain probably can be found in every medicine Cabinet. They are used for headache, toothache, pain, periodic pain in women. Drugs so many that the pharmacy dazzled. But the advertised funds are often no better than time-tested paracetamol, ibuprofen. These funds will help in all cases and price them a penny. However, you don't need to get involved with pain pills. If not helped one tablet, not to drink the second 10 minutes later. If the pain recur frequently, it is best to consult a doctor.

7. Antipyretics

Very often the flu is accompanied by fever. Sometimes it rises to a critical point, and the medicine is not at hand. Well if there is someone to go after it, and if not? You can use regular paracetamol or ibuprofen is the same. They possess not only analgesic properties but antipyretic. Paracetamol can be used even by pregnant and lactating women, so it should always be in the home medicine Cabinet. If the family has children, for them it is better to buy children antipyretic. For the little ones the best option would be candles, as the use of sweet syrups can cause allergies.

6. Drugs, relieving symptoms of the common cold

Everyone knows that if you treat the common cold, it runs for 7 days and if not treated, then a week. A fact confirmed, but still in the first aid kit must be present cold remedies. Recently, a very popular so-called "powders". They are very convenient to use. You need only pour boiling water, and medicine ready. But to accept it is necessary at the first symptoms of a cold. If you do not feel very well for several days, they will hardly help. If such drugs are in your medicine Cabinet, you can relieve the symptoms of incipient cold in one night.

5. Her son

In every first aid kit should have a means from a cold. When ARI and ARI they will be a real salvation. When the nose "runs", it becomes impossible to do normal things. Her son can be bought in the form of spray, drops and even ointment. Price category they are also varies greatly. In principle, even the cheapest nose drops can alleviate the patient's condition. So should you overpay, you decide. Increasingly becoming popular sea water for nasal irrigation, it can be replaced with normal saline.

4. The medicines of cough and sore throat

Colds can not do without the funds for a sore throat. It's all kinds of sprays, solutions for rinsing. Types of a lot of them. Not necessarily to buy expensive, budget funds will help to cope with the problem. Cough syrups will help, pills. However, if the disease be protracted, it is better to consult a doctor and not to self-medicate. Be sure to purchase for your medicine Cabinet pills absorbable sore throat, throat lozenges or cough drops. They will soften the throat, relieve the cough. Besides, they can be consumed without prescription.

3. The vitamins in medicine.

In the season of colds is very important to support your body. The use of vitamins have a beneficial effect on your condition and even will help to quickly overcome the cold. Can not do without vitamin A, it restores the epithelial cells damaged during the disease. B vitamins stimulate the immune system of the body. Vitamin C provides antiviral action, and also strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Vitamin E also has a positive effect on the immune system. Vitamin PP improves blood circulation and dilates blood vessels.

2. Funds from abdominal pain

Abdominal pain can be caused by different reasons. Therefore, before drinking a tablet, you need to know what a stomach ache. While mild pain can be limited to an analgesic or antispasmodic agent. If the pain increases, do not rely on your home first aid kit, call your doctor. If the stomach ache due to overeating or problems with digestion, you should take the medicine with enzymes. They all contain Pancreatin. They have to be in the home medicine Cabinet. Very often, discomfort in the stomach occur after the use of conventional products.

1. Means to normalize cardiovascular activity

And of course, as without a means to normalize the function of the heart? Even if you have no problems with it, it is still important to have these drugs in the medicine Cabinet. At least let it be known to all and Corvalol validol. These medications will not help in case of serious heart problems, but they are able to normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular system under strong emotional stress. But the nitroglycerin operates much more efficiently. It will relieve an attack of angina, eliminate pain in the heart, if they are associated with coronary heart disease. But we must remember that such tablets – emergency. You shouldn't drink them every day, hoping for a speedy recovery.

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