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Top 10 best Disney cartoons


The Walt Disney cartoons grew more than one generation of viewers. The adventures of heroes created by the brilliant cartoonist, amazed to see millions of young viewers around the world. Almost every kid has a favorite character created by world-famous Studio and all the children dream to visit one of "Disneyland". A Disney cartoons recommended for family viewing, and adults too can take home a lot from watching cartoons. We present the ranking, which included the ten best animated films from the company Disney.

10. Toy story1995

The animated film was the first Disney film completely simulated on the computer as well as the first animated film nominated for the "Oscar" for best screenplay.

The toys are alive – they only come alive when their owners leave the room or fall asleep. All the toys want to stay for the master's favorite, for what are willing to sacrifice a lot.

9. The little mermaid1989

Underwater Princess Ariel, the daughter of the Almighty king Triton, falls in love with a handsome Prince, but the marine dweller can't be with a man. But true love works miracles, and Ariel is willing to go to great lengths to finally live a happy life on earth.

8. Bambi1942

A touching film about the complex life of a fawn, Bambi, whose mother is killed by hunters. However, thanks to the support of friends, Bambi was able to overcome adversity, to take the place of the leader of the reindeer and meet his love.

7. Mulan1998

The basis for this cartoon was popular medieval Chinese legend, carefully worked out by specialists of the Studio with the tastes of the audience. The cartoon describes the adventures of the courageous girl Mulan who was not afraid to dress like a man and went to war. Assistant and friend Mulan was the dragon mush, together, they have to go through many dangerous adventures.

6. Rapunzel: a Tangled tale2010

This animated cartoon has become the most expensive work of Disney – its budget reached the amount of 260 million dollars.

Princess Rapunzel in tower satchet evil old woman, but the coincidence leads to her Flynn Ryder, a business of theft. From that moment the fate of Rapunzel changed

5. Monsters Inc.2001

Funny story about monsters who scare kids to get energy for their city of Monstropolis. In a parallel world, the company works on the livelihoods of monsters, but when it hits the little girl, the usual monster world is on the brink of disaster. This custom story so impressed the audience that the Studio released two of its continuation, which also received a success.

4. Aladdin1992

The basis for the animated film has become a well-known book "1001 nights". Young tramp Aladdin by chance gets a magic lamp in which lives a real gene. Together with Genie Aladdin undergo a series of adventures, overcome the machinations of the villain Jafar and win the heart of the unapproachable Princess Jasmine.

3. Beauty and the beast1991

In the old castle in the forest lives a terrible Monster, before it was a handsome Prince who was enchanted. To break the evil spell of his should love a girl the way he is

2. Wall And2008

Entertaining and instructive fiction story about a robot valley, which, like thousands of other robots were sent to Earth to clean it from wastes. 700 years later, the valley remains one, and during that time he develops the basis of personality, then arrives on the planet of robot eve, which is valley falls...

1. The lion king1994

32-th feature-length children's animated film the lion King is considered as the best Disney film it became the best selling animated film of all time. The film received over 30 million sales, two awards "Oscar", three awards "Grammy" and three "Golden Globe". The film tells about the little lion cub Simba, who will undergo a complex path before become a real king of the jungle, and help him in faithful friends.

Our list includes paintings, most of them taken after 1990. In 1989, the leadership of the Studio was the proclaimed policy of the Renaissance disney movies. Oddly enough, up to this point the Studio has long been in very poor financial condition. Fortunately, the crisis, companies are far behind us and Disney will certainly please more than one dozen of exciting, high quality cartoons.

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