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The 10 best cars that never let you down: old, but reliable


Almost every family has his own car. In many families they are even more. Since the advent of the very first cars at the light, a great many different brands and corporations, taking under his wing several firms. But from all this diversity to choose a really reliable car? After all, nobody wants to regularly pay a round sum for repairs, and even more so to get into an emergency situation at the wrong time. Here you will learn about 10 most reliable cars with the highest level of build and component quality.

10. Volkswagen Passat B3

Produced by the company Volkswagen c 1970-ies Passat produced to this day. This is the average size and price segment of five seater car. Model B3 was first produced in 1980, and produced approximately 13 years. The car has two body type: sedans and station wagons with 4 or 5 doors respectively. Large selection of installed engines to satisfy any need. Diesel, petrol, with pump, with different numbers of valves and different power up to 211 horsepower from the factory.

9. Toyota Camry V

Japanese car produced from 1983 to this day. Depending on configuration this model belong to the middle and business class. Toyota Camry V, also known as the Toyota Vista was released with the early 80-ies up to 2003. The car was designed exclusively for the domestic market of Japan, but due to its popularity its easily possible to find in our country. From the world's Camry Vista has a more perfect optics and a simplified interior. But the main difference is the increased reliability. In this respect, this model has proved extremely successful.

8. Mercedes-Benz W124

A car from the German company Mercedes-Benz has always been distinguished by a high reliability. However, the model W124 stood out even among his fellows. Produced for 12 years business class was introduced in 1984 from 7 versions of the engine. W124 has received many of the latest developments of the time: heated washers, improved aerodynamics and as a result lowered fuel consumption, the ability with one button to lower the rear headrests to improve the driver's vision is only a small list of advantages of this car.

7. Ford F-150

F-series pickup trucks from the Ford motor company is one of the most successful cars of the company. Production started in 1948 year and is still ongoing. This year the model will be 70 years. 12 the change of generations many varieties of this Ford was released from the conveyor. One of the most successful in terms of reliability is the F-150. This truck has a payload capacity of 500 kg, large display for navigation and media system cameras on the perimeter for Parking assistance.

6. Honda CR-V I

Another Japanese car in this list of Honda CR-V 1. It is a crossover, positioned the company as a car for camping. This model is pretty young, she's only about 20 years, but it has already managed to get a huge army of fans due to its quality. In addition to quality build, this machine has a high reliability for many crash tests. Available as front-and all-wheel drive options. On the town the Honda is economical for its size and engine power.

5. Volvo XC90 I

The Swedish SUV a bit younger than the previous car in the list. Is the XC90 since 2002. There are two configuration. The maximum is the engine of nearly 300 horsepower and an automatic transmission. The engine can be diesel and gasoline, as well as options with the hybrid electric motor. The trunk volume of 500 liters by folding the rear seats extends almost up to 2000 liters, which makes it easy to organize 2 adults beds or can put here a huge number of items.

4. Subaru Forester I

The Japanese crossover is known as a reliable family car manufactured by Subaru since 1997. Power engine model has a very flexible choice from 122 to 240 HP. Gearbox or automatic to 4-speed or 5-speed manual transmission. Four-wheel drive and an advanced drivetrain and suspension that automatically adapts to road conditions, makes the machine control simple and convenient. Also, this car effectively protects the passengers in collisions and other accidents that tested by experts and by drivers worldwide.

3. The Nissan Primera II P11

Example of a middle class car with a sedan or wagon. The model lasted for a relatively short time of 17 years. However, the second generation P11 Nissan Primera for a long time remain on the secondary market due to its reliability. There are both FWD and AWD variations. Transmission was either manual or equipped with variable speed, which is now nowhere to be seen. If you find the model for the American market, you can count on more extensive standard equipment which includes: heated glass, mirrors, leather seats, cruise control, and many other useful things.

2. Toyota Prius

This is the first mass-market car, for driving of which used both electric and petrol engines at the same time. It is possible to reduce the consumption of gasoline to 4 liters per 100 kilometers. The body may be a hatchback and wagon. Yet there are different version with increased battery and charging from external network. There are increased and more compact version. For families there is a seven-seater version, with a large trunk. For fighters for the environment the Prius is a great choice with high reliability.

1. Audi A4 allroad B8 IV

The model has two types of body: sedan and wagon (Avant). B8 has a fairly spacious interior, where there is a where to put his feet even a fairly large person. Surround the trunk with 480 liters in the sedan and nearly 1,500 litres without the rear seats from the wagon is a nice moment at rather small sizes of the body. The car has a high safety performance in accidents. Especially when compared to earlier models.

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