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10 best showrooms of Moscow, where you can buy used car


If you pondered about purchasing a used car, you can go many ways. For example, to respond to a personal ad, come with a gauge thickness of LWA, enough to bargain in the bonnet and maybe even leave the meeting place at the now of his car. Those who prefer the comfort, maintenance and reliability, not counting shameful to pay for it, ordered the road to the dealership. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the ten best showrooms of Moscow, where you can buy cars with mileage. Go!

10. Armand-city

The Armand motor city, the official dealer represents to potential buyers of cars of General Motors (in the Union, as is known, includes such brands as Chevrolet, Opel and Cadillac). Armand-city is part of the group of companies of Armand, which means that it offers customers not only the cars themselves, but also a variety of programs with many perks. After all, Armand is the founder and pioneer of many unique financial products offered today in the field of auto sales. Strict adherence to corporate principles brand from GM wrench at a service shop before making the trading floor of the interior make the Armand-city is highly successful player in the market of Moscow.

9. Gema Motors M1

Salon, Gema motors M1 is also part of a large transportation holding company. GK Gema traces its history back to 1992 and during that time has become one of the leading authorized dealers in the country. FurLand Gema motors M1 you are waiting for the car companies Volkswagen-Audi Group, General Motors, as well as the brands Volvo and Mercedes-Benz. Each manufacturer provides a complete range to any client did not feel any restrictions. The halls are decorated in keeping with the spirit of a particular brand that also attracts attention. The purpose of GC Heme is present in all segments of the car market, so there are always a variety of great deals for buyers.


Automobile holding AVANTA boasts 20 years of experience in Russia and has several offices in Moscow, in the brand stores. You can buy car brands such as Hyundai/Kia, Nissan (respectively, Renault and Datsun), Mitsubishi, VAG and GM. Also, AVANTA is an official distributor of UAZ cars. Here appreciate the comfort of the client and trying to concentrate in one place all the necessary services for the purchase of the machine. For example, available pre-sale test drive. Also you can make a purchase on credit or leasing. There are representative offices of insurance companies.

7. Aurora

Unlike most members of our list of Aurora has a narrow specialization – it mainly sell cars of the brand Nissan. Moreover, it is necessary to recognize that selling a very high quality. After all, every client can count on a truly individual approach. Personal offers, including spezzani on certain models and configurations, as well as constant action, timed to the holidays and the birthday of the customer, will not leave indifferent fans of Nissan. In addition, Aurora provides each potential buyer to pick up the car in accordance with individual requirements and requests (from body color detail trim).

6. Genser

Another major player in the automotive market of the capital, having vast experience in sales and customer service. Genser opened the first salon in 1991, and since then there has been a steady development of the company. Great attention is paid to professionalism and first class service. Members of the team Genser regularly go to seminars and excursions, conducted by such manufacturers as Nissan, Volkswagen, General Motors and Hyundai (respectively, whose dealers Genser is). The company also has a special control Department of customer service. In General, you can be sure that the salon Genser at least you have a nice time.

5. Wt Motors

Auto Mas motors offers its clients unprecedented service. Features here cars are more than 30 manufacturers (including domestic). But most importantly, perhaps, is not it. Wt motors – one of the few salons offering buyers a comfortable ride from the subway to the door of trading hall. Also in the list of services includes registration of the car purchased by the salon staff in the traffic police without the participation of the owner. Moreover, your car can be delivered in any point of Moscow (special vehicles or by a professional driver). Well, of course that Wt motors operates a lot of lucrative programs with attractive bonuses and gifts.

4. Inkom-Avto

Inkom-Avto boasts its impeccable reputation. After all, if you believe the official website of the company, for 19 years (first salon customers received in 1999) has not received any serious complaints from buyers. So this or not, is not known, but the fact that Inkom-Avto credible – fact. The functionality of the interior is given special attention. Bank offices, where you will approve a loan on special terms (Inkom works closely with the leading banks of Russia), insurance representatives and test drive – all in one salon Inkom-Avto. By the way, a mandatory attribute of buying a car here is a gift to the client.

3. Altera

In the cabin Altera you will be able to detect not only cars from leading European brands, but also a variety of Chinese and Russian cars. Properly tuned their own logistics allows the cabin to always have in stock a wide range of varying brands (on a regular basis in the sales area is about 200 machines). Agree, very nice to buy a car immediately than to expect a long supply of necessary equipment. No less pleased to receive a generous gift from the dealership when making the purchase and compensation of all types of transport to travel from the region. All this is the place to be in Altere.

2. Avilon

This name accurately once heard every car enthusiast. The 20-year history of the automobile holding Avilon is a path from the official dealer Ford, to the representative of such premium brands as Ferrari, Bugatti, Maserati and Rolls-Roys. Of course, Ford or Fiat in the Avilon, you can buy today. Strategy salons Avilon is the superiority in details and details. Every action of the staff here thought out and is aimed at improving service and pleasant customer experience. Avilon annually receives a large number of official awards and is recognized as the best dealer in a particular segment.

1. Avtograd

Completes our current list of the dealer of Avtograd. The main advantage of this salon is the transparency of history and the technical condition of the vehicle sold. Agree, a crucial argument when buying a used car. Any machine presale preparation, including THE professional diagnosis, the results of which are provided to the client. It is possible to conduct a re-inspection with a specialist. The motor ensures that the car in their showroom was not involved in the accident because the diagnosis of the machine to hide the broken geometry or of the deployed airbag / impossible. In addition, the warranty lasts and does not depend on mileage.

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