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10 best attractions in Salisbury, which suggest to visit friends


UK as a huge old wardrobe with expensive trim and shelves from solid wood. The shelves of this Cabinet, in turn, are filled with beautiful caskets-cities with all their magnificence: well-groomed parks and gardens, historic mansions and cathedrals, lakes and ponds. Open one of the boxes and get acquainted with the amazing places of Salisbury with a long history, who witnessed the different events, currently known in connection with the case Skrobala, but it will take time, and this episode will sink into oblivion, leaving another for many centuries undisturbed and beautiful city walls.

10. The parish Church of St Thomas and St Edmund

The Church is the age of the town, and has for eight centuries collects in the walls of the parishioners from the surrounding area.

At first the building was made of wood and there is an opinion that was intended for the accommodation of workers who erected in that period the main Cathedral of the city of Salisbury. The main part of the structure, preserved to our times, belongs to the 15th century, and the interior is designed in the Victorian style. The attention of visitors, primarily attracted by a canvas depicting the last judgment, located over the chancel arch. This is the main jewel of the temple, dates back to 1475. In the period of the reformation (late 16th century) was hidden from people, but at the end of the 19th century rediscovered the result of the restoration work. The mural is considered the largest and most complete on the subject of remaining in the country.

9. Salisbury-Guildhall

In the market square Salisbury is an ancient building of the Guildhall. Town hall burned and rebuilt several times. Originally located in the office of a Bishop, but subsequently passed into the hands of the city authorities. The latest version of the building dates back to 1795. Here today after a series of reconstruction works located offices and meeting rooms of the town Council, and quite a spectacular blend of historic interiors and modern comfort allows you to provide the portion of the premises for exhibitions and receptions and events.

8. House Mompesson

A small mansion was built in the early 18th century for the local MP Thomas Mompesson. The house is designed in classic style of Queen Anne period, for the lining of the stone used, Chilmark. The building went through numerous owners from the noblest families and spiritual persons to artistic natures. Today there is a Museum, and visitors can experience the atmosphere of past centuries through the interiors of the rooms with antique furniture and tableware, porcelain figurines and lamps. Visitors can stroll through the garden and enjoy a Cup of tea. Look here recommended to fans of Jane Austen's works, because the shooting of one of her novels "Sense and sensibility" were held here.

7. Gate High Street

Before visiting the main Cathedral of Salisbury, you need to pass the gate High Street Gate, which itself is a magnificent monument of architecture of the 14th century. The building was erected from 1327 to 1342 years and originally contained a small prison. Nearby is a house porter. In the middle ages the work of a porter was in great demand and their services were actively used by members of the nobility. The gates themselves are on one side the coat of arms, and on the other side is a statue of king Edward VII, the stone of which corresponds to the clothing of the middle ages. Today, the High Street Gate is the main entrance to the Salisbury Cathedral.

6. Park Great EMU

To visit the Park it is best to choose sports clothing. The terrain here is bleak, but majestic, and more like a forest.

Travelling on numerous trails, the traveler falls under the jurisdiction of the chief inhabitants of the territory yew trees. Some specimens are of scientific interest, so as to reach the millennial age. Hundreds of yews-timer impresses with its unusual twisted shapes. Very interesting walk for people who prefer quiet and pristine nature with minimal influence from man. A good place for meditation.

5. Wilton house

The estate is located to the West of Salisbury and is a perfectly preserved copy of the medieval manor. In the 8th century it housed the Abbey Wilenskie. In the 16th century the territory with the remnants of buildings were transferred to the king family of Pembroke. Since then the estate has been repeatedly rebuilt and changed from late Gothic to Palladian style. In the interiors of Wilton house many paintings by famous masters: Rubens, Rembrandt, van Dyck. The furniture were made the most famous cabinetmakers. The most attractive for tourists of one Room and two cubes with a gorgeous stucco ceilings and antique furniture, and scenic Palladiev bridge, located adjacent to mansion Park. By the way, a lot of costume dramas was filmed at Wilton house, and the area in front of the main entrance every year is the most luxurious cars in the world at the annual event.

The owners of the mansion is still dynasty Pembroke.

4. Market

The area of the market in the city was identified in the 13th century, when the new city has already measured its streets and built houses. First, under the patronage of the Church, and then have the city Council passed a clear allocation of stalls and temporary stalls, later replaced by permanent shops. The market had a special place for trade in cheese, milk, fruits, vegetables, fish, herbs and poultry. Modern market square is an open area with lots of restaurants, bars and shops. Half-timbered houses, preserved from the old times, and also a large number of tourists, helps to plunge into the atmosphere of the hustle and bustle of the shopping malls of the middle ages.

3. Old Sarum

Today old Sarum is only a hill, located to the North of Salisbury, having flat top and earthworks around and to the remains of the city, but a very long time this place was a settlement. Archaeologists say that the signs of life, there appeared about three thousand years BC. The town itself began its existence in the 11th century. Here trade routes passed, and he was repeatedly conquered by the Normans and the Saxons. On a hill a castle was built, first wood, then stone, appeared the castle and the Cathedral. The last was destroyed by the storm, and a new Church was decided to build in a remote location due to conflicts of power and clergy, as well as a lack of water resources. And suddenly, in the territory of the constructed Cathedral stretched and the inhabitants of Old Sarum, leaving their homes here in the settlement, called New Sarum. Old Sarum was abandoned and slowly fell into disrepair in the 19th century the town ceased to exist officially. Today Old Sarum is a historical monument of England, and anyone can visit this place which offers a magnificent view of the New Sarum – Salisbury.

2. Military Museum

Fans of military subjects is very inspiring trip to the Museum of the infantry regiments of Berkshire and Wiltshire. The building where it is located, built in 1254 and looking in all the Windows on the city's main Cathedral. The structure is used to store the vestments of the Bishop of Salisbury, and received in common the nickname "the Wardrobe".

Today it houses the Museum of the Royal regiments. Visitors can get acquainted with their history from the period of the 18th century up to the present time a very extensive collection of exhibits, including documents, uniforms and weapons. Portraits of the most distinguished military and royals, under the patronage of which has always been data shelves, decorate the walls of rooms.

1. Salisbury Cathedral

The Church was built in the 13th century, construction lasted for about 40 years. The building is designed in the same Gothic style. Only one element, spire, appeared a century later, but because of its height of 123 meters made the Cathedral the tallest structure of medieval architecture in the UK. A unique property of the Cathedral are the current mechanical watch, created in 1386.

In the middle of the 15th century, the temple appeared the Annex, library building. Today you can see beautifully preserved copy of the Magna Carta, the first legal document of medieval England.

The temple has a very extensive territory, of the Cathedral yard, with lots of pretty lawns and old buildings of different eras.

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