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10 best movies with Megan Fox in the lead role


Megan Denise Fox is a famous American actress and model. The star has participated in several dozen films and kinoserialov. One of her first roles was performed in the film "holiday in the Sun", released in 2001. There she played a harmful beauty, do not give to live in peace with those around us. The popularity of the actress came with the release of such films as "transformers" and "teenage mutant Ninja Turtles". In a list of movies with Megan Fox came in Kinopalats, which is considered one of the best to date.

10. Game of passion

"Games of passion" opens a list of movies with Megan Fox. The action takes place in the 50-ies of the last century in Los Angeles. The main character is a musician named Nate not successful in life. But fate is favorable to him, and he encounters an angel named Lily who works in the circus, wandering around the world. The heroine saves him from certain death. He over heels in love with this amazing girl with wings. The musician together with his lover goes in search of a man who wanted to kill him. Nate finds the killer, and the one blinded by the charms of Lily, kidnaps her.

9. Love Mature

"Love grown-up" film, a part in the shooting which also took Megan Fox. The plot revolves around a married couple, in age the mid-life crisis. Debbie and Pete turned 40 years old. The couple are going through hard times in their lives. Pete is on the verge of bankruptcy, and Debbie still can't bear the thought that her body inevitably ages. It hides your age and birthday. On the fortieth anniversary of Pete they decide to invite their close friends and relatives with the help of which they think it will be easier to go through hard life times. However, subsequent events unfold quite differently, as expected of his wife.

8. Children to sex not a hindrance

"Children to sex not a hindrance" − a Comedy melodrama, the member list of films starring Megan Fox. In the center of the unfolding events couple Julie and Jason. They have friendly relations, they get along well with each other, but they have no romantic feelings towards each other. The friends decide to conduct an experiment and to have kids together. They agree in advance that they will bear equally responsibility for the child and that appears to divide the duties among themselves to care for them. It would seem that is the plan collapses as soon as it came to the practical side.

7. New

New − serial series with Megan Fox. A Comedy series that reveals the sexual relationship between opposite sexes. The main heroine of the picture is a girl Jess, working as a teacher. She went through a breakup with your loved one, and then by the will of fate turns out to be the roommate of three guys. What happens, you can see this funny picture series, which includes seven seasons.

6. Rock-n-Roll away

"Rock-n-Roll on the road" is a film serial in the filming of which was attended by Megan Fox. In the center of the men's event company that is trying to escape from everyday worries, from time to time performs with the concert program at various parties. They are bosom buddies, despite the fact that they are totally different. All of them in the first place unites their favorite hobby that they really put everything in, providing a good mood for any company. Often at parties they are accompanying their girlfriends and wives. It is in these moments holiday guests and musicians always waiting for some surprise...

5. Jennifer's Body

"Jennifer's body" − a Comedy film with black humor and elements of horror. The painting was met with mixed reactions, but was able to win the award on MTV, won in the category "The mad scene". The main role is played by Megan Fox, which is presented in the form of a charming Schoolgirls girls Jenny. Her body dwells a devil, and she opens the hunt for guys who ruthlessly kills one after the other. Her best friend is looking for a way to stop demonic forces and tries to kill Jenny. But she bites her, and the girl is infected. It is placed in a psychiatric hospital, but she escapes thanks to its new supernatural abilities. Her goal now is to find the perpetrators, who turned her friend into a killing machine.

4. How to lose friends and make everyone hate you

"How to lose friends and to force all you to hate" − a fun Comedy with Megan Fox. The title of the painting is an allusion to the book Carnegie "How to win friends and influence people." One of the film's protagonist is a journalist named Sidney young not so fortunate. It regularly kicked from any party that he's trying to secretly infiltrate. Nevertheless, he by all means tries to get on the holidays popular stars in order to capture them without any embellishment. But one after another such adventure he suddenly calls the editor of the famous glossy magazine, which offers him a job on favorable terms. Sydney without hesitation abandons everything and goes to new York, where he is a publishing company.

3. Queen of the screen

"Queen of the screen" − series, where the filming took part Megan Fox. In the center of the unfolding events two sisters named faith and hope. They are totally different. Hope a good wife, mother and stay-at-home for which the family is important in life. Her sister is a movie star and bathed in fame, luxury and wealth. But at one point career faith is shaken and she is forced to seek help from their close relatives. Her appearance at my sister's house turns up a quiet family life.

2. Two and a half men

"Two and a half men" − a Comedy serial film with Megan Fox. The main character Charlie and his brother Alan are forced to share one roof, when the second divorce with his wife. Charlie incorrigible bachelor and constantly gets new love Dating. In his spare time he takes part in the upbringing of 10-year-old son of his brother, which he wants to make a real man. He teaches him how to flirt with a girl and teaches the basics of the poker game.

1. Transformers

"Transformers" is one of the most famous films with the participation of Megan Fox. The film was awarded two awards of MTV. For many years waged a desperate struggle the two races of alien robots. And now their war has reached and the planet Earth. The fate of all mankind is in the hands of a boy-Earthling named Sam. He does not know about it, but soon the teenager and his girlfriend is perforce involved in the strife between the two races of robots.

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