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Top 10 movies with twisted plot


Every movie buff knows that the weirder the story, the more interesting the film. Films in which every scene is so intriguing that I can't break away from the screen – is really worth the time spent... "What next?" – uncertainty is both fascinating and addictive. Watching interesting movies, we think: "How I liked the movie! I want to find similar". And you will find, because here is a compilation that has been prepared especially for you, dear fans.

10. Other

1945. In a huge mansion with her daughters the woman lives grace Stewart. The Door knocking, grace opens the door: "We have worked in this house and will gladly come back here" says the woman nanny Bertha mills. The house is located:, the mute maid Lydia and the gardener, whose name is Edmund tuttle. At first glance, everything seems normal: servants perform their duties, grace alone teaches their daughters, but one day something strange happens – all the maids disappears somewhere in the house there is a strange sound... What is really going on and why these people came to the house.

9. 1408

Writer Mike Enslin goes in one of the hotels. The theme of his book is connected with the paranormal: he writes about poltergeists, but I do not believe in their existence. Mike receives an enticing postcard of the new York hotel under the name "Dolphin": "do Not enter room 1408" and decides to settle it in this room, despite all the warnings about the danger that it may be expected, the Manager of the hotel. Mike learns that in this room there are strange things: people commit suicide or die for unknown reasons. But the writer is not stopped... What will happen to him next?...


Simon is a shareholder, and in collusion with criminals, he decides to steal the painting "Witches in the air" straight from the auction... the Picture was supposed to bring shavarshyan 27 million pounds. He hoped that everything will be easy, but in fact the plaque is not impossible to implement as planned... during the Heist Simon receives a heavy blow on the head and loses his memory. When he awoke, he doesn't remember where a valuable painting, so the rest of the criminals turn to a female therapist who knows how to enter in hypnotic state...

7. Savagery

The action takes place in Florida, in the non-existent village of blue Bay. Kelly van Ryan is a seventeen year old student, who is in love with her teacher Sam. Not getting the desired from him, Kelly decides to take revenge, she claims rape. Sam fired, and he turns for help to lawyer Kenneth Bodino. Lack of evidence, and to help Kelly comes her friend Susie, who tells the judge that Sam Lombardo raped her, but the girl had problems with the law and are reluctant to believe her. All these characters have something to hide...

6. Identification

From the first minutes of this film is fascinating for its atmosphere. On the street there is a heavy rain, and people with different characters stop in a small roadside Motel. The phones in the Motel don't work, and the well-known actress Caroline goes to call from the street. Some time later she is found dead... Ginny is terrible from happening, so it closes one in the toilet. And when she decides to go, he finds her murdered husband Lou. All suspicions are diverted to Maine – a prisoner who was transported by a police officer Rhodes, but they immediately dispersed, and when he was found dead... After that, everyone is under suspicion.

5. Shutter island

The mid-1950s, the United States. On the private island is a hospital for dangerous and mentally unstable criminals. Bailiff named Teddy Daniels and his partner Chuck Oulu travel to this island in order to investigate one mysterious case... On the island set around security, which eliminates the possibility of escape, but in spite of this, a serial killer managed to escape. But on the remote island something strange is happening, and partners feel it... What happens?

4. The unseen guest

The film draws from the first minute and holds until the end. A successful businessman Adrian Dori secretly meets with his mistress Laura Vidal. When they ride in the car, he tells her that this has to change, maybe they should break up. They collide with a car and discovers a pair of lovers of the deceased person... Adrian and Laura agree to get rid of the corpse and forget about this tragedy. After a while they meet at the hotel, and when Adrian leaves – Laura kill... In the room breaks the police and arrested Adrian. It was all really that hides a surprise.

3. Side effect

A young woman, Emily Hawkins, it seems, is happy: she has a nice husband who cares about her and is in the hands. But the girl's world collapsed when her husband was jailed, accused of murder. After some time the man goes free and the life of this couple seems to be getting better. But Emily's depression and her overcome suicidal thoughts. She visits psychiatrist Jonathan, who prescribes her medication for more energy. But the drug has a side effect of somnambulism... When Emily kills her husband's knife, Jonathan understands that he was just a pawn in the game of his patient...

2. Vicious games

A girl named India Stoker – antisocial, she just lost her father in a car accident. Immediately after the funeral in the house to her and her mother comes brother of the deceased – uncle Charlie, whom no one was familiar as he traveled through Europe. Uncle Charlie – a handsome man, he struggles to please his family, cooking great dinners and speaking in French. First melt the widow, Evelyn, and later India. But once India finds the corpse of the housekeeper in the basement...

1. Chamber

1966, Oregon. Kristen is accused of arson of the farmhouse and close to the hospital "the North bend". She is absolutely convinced that healthy and has never taken a pill that let her nurse. The decor at first glance, a good psychiatric hospital staff treat patients well, the girls can spend time outside or watch TV in the common area. But at night, each locked in a separate room, where not to go. Kristen notices that in the hospital something strange is happening: everywhere is heard a sound, and Dr. stringer believes that Krista is getting worse... she decides to escape from the hospital, come what may.

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