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Top 10 useful things from Xiaomi, you will definitely want yourself (part 2)


Xiaomi company is a leading Chinese manufacturer of electronics. From year to year, these craftsmen never cease to amaze us all kinds of smart devices and multifunction devices. Some of them actually become hits and essential household items. In General, we got another portion Xiaomi-tion of new products (part 1). Guarantee that while reading you at least inquire the price described below devices, it's 10 useful things from Xiaomi, you will definitely want yourself.

10. MITU Rabbit Drone – quadcopter

Today any child is not surprised by the helicopter, which are run by the unwinding of the rope (remember after all these, huh?). In the era of drones representatives of the company Xiaomi just couldn't stay away and not to release their version of this toy. Quadrocopter from Chinese flagship has a fairly compact dimensions (91х91х38 mm) and very lightweight (88 grams), which allows a small UAV to gain altitude to 25 meters. To move away from the control drone can 50 meters. On Board MITU Rabbit Drone is a 4-core processor, a camera and several sensors. Great!

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9. Mijia Wet Tissue Heater box for wet wipes

Wet wipes by themselves appeared not that long ago, and in some places this thing surprised so far. However, we are dealing with a Xiaomi – these guys used to be ahead of the rest. So you have device not just for storage of wet wipes, but also to maintain a certain temperature. Yes, now you are always at hand to be warm soaked cloth. There are 2 modes of heating – up to 40 to 60 degrees. Only one surprise – how well the wipes not to dry? Apparently, this is the uniqueness of the device. By the way, it is not designed for spoiled knick-knacker, and for small children, or rather their sensitive skin.

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8. Original Smart Door lock-door lock

With this clasp isn't anything special. These are typically used in interior doors of residential and office space. But this product from Xiaomi, so there can't be that corny. Let's deal. The fact that the lock responds only to the programmed keys. That is, the key of each member of your family has unique code, and the lock will only recognize them. Accordingly, if a programmed key is inserted, door opened obediently at home. Any other key (even if it is fully identical in relief) will be ignored, and the lock does not turn. In addition, the device owner will receive an SMS that someone tried to break into the house.

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7. 700 Kids TF1 kids Bicycle

Perhaps one of the few devices from Xiaomi (and maybe only), for use which do not require wi-fi. And certainly the only one not designed to surprise and amaze. Let us to business. Before us is a children's Bicycle, which transformirovalsya in a balance bike and back again. From usual it differs that the child is here available options of dad's car. For example, you can adjust the saddle height and handlebar angle. Also, the creators have paid great attention to security. To wheels missing spokes, the wheel does not rotate beyond a certain angle, and the front is made of double wheel for greater stability.

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6. Ocooker Meat Grinder – blender

In fairness, this is not the first blender from Xiaomi. Previously, our heroes already had a few modifications wireless shredder. Ocooker Meat Grinder is the epitome of simplicity and practicality. Judge for yourself, no wires and only one button! The wide bowl gives you the ability to grind a large quantity of meat and other products. Any hostess will appreciate the convenience of washing this device. After all, blade, lid and engine compartment here do not constitute a single structure (as some budget models of blenders), but they represent 3 different things.

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5. Mijia Female Basic Digital Thermometer smart thermometer

While not all homes in the world there are electronic thermometers, the guys from Xiaomi traditionally worked in advance. The essence of the invention with such a long name is. That is a smart thermometer for pregnant women (however, what prevents to use to any other person?). The thermometer displays the temperature with an accuracy of hundredths of a degree and has the ability to transmit results to a smartphone. It, in turn, through a special application, you can track what time of day, the expectant mother has a fever, and when there is a period of stability.

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4. ROIDMI F8 Vacuum cleaner cordless handheld vacuum cleaner

Craftsmen from Xiaomi really know their stuff and actually created a perfect vacuum. Moreover, the wireless device, is incredibly light and virtually silent, it also filters the air coming back in 4 levels. In addition, it comes with lots of attachments, it seems, for absolutely all surfaces. However, the most interesting is that now you don't need to bother about filling the bag, draining the battery and clogging the filter. All these parameters are displayed on the screen of the smartphone through the app. Yes, now with your phone you can even control the suction power!

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3. Mijia Beauty Cosme Lipstick chapstick

Amazingly, along with really useful things, much easier to household cares, the master of Xiaomi manage to come up with a completely mediocre soup. For example, one of those is chapstick. Looks like the device is certainly impressive: a neat case is white color contains not less neatly leaving a lipstick. By the way, she higienico completely normal. All anything, Yes only is this wonderful lipstick in average $ 15. If someone is not oriented in prices, it is too much for a lip balm. However, there will always be fans of the brand and status.

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2. TINYMU Lid Smart Toilet intelligent toilet

Once we already published an article about the devices Xiaomi, where jokingly imagined that Chinese Kulibin one day and the toilet will get. And what do you think? They hell, in all seriousness presented smart toilet seat! It has built-in bidet, and also a lot of devices responsible for different options. For example, your heating rolls, the angle of the tap, bidet, temperature and water pressure as well as night lighting. Well, with this set you can easily become a regular at the dressing room or without. This luxury comfort for your vip seats will cost a good penny – 245 dollars.

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1. iHealth Smart Blood Glucose Meter sugar analyzer

Well, let's shut the toilet theme and move on to the health. In this part, our heroes also did well and produced a compact blood glucose meter that easily connects to... your smartphone! However, in contrast to most Xiaomi-shnyh devices, this device connects to the phone is not on wi-fi but via a 3.5 mm "Jack". The display readings are given, after which the smartphone analyzes the result and provides information about normal amount of sugar in your blood, and what might be the consequences if it is not. The device is tiny, due to what will fit in any pocket and will become a faithful assistant for people suffering from diabetes.

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