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The 10 best drops of cold and nasal congestion for the whole family


Rhinitis is a nuisance that can happen to any person regardless of the season and state of health. Increased secretion of mucus is a protective reaction of the body to penetrating pathogens. But this does not mean that such a reaction does not need to fight. Runny nose as a symptom, can be effectively controlled with common in the pharmaceutical market. Of course, some of them are so useless that it is easier to put "an asterisk" on the nose or drip aloe Vera juice. However, the industry is evolving, and if you dig, you can find an effective cure for rhinitis with the least side effects and prolonged action.

Consider what types of droplets from nasal congestion now lead the market and are considered to be really effective.

10. Hormones

Many are surprised that hormonal components may be relevant to nasal mucosa, but it is true. The relevance of their application increases in the case when the rhinitis is severe, or is accompanied by allergies. However, if the uncontrolled use of hormones – enemies that can weaken the immune response of the body and increase the risk of propagation of pathogens. Among the drugs it is recommended to pay attention to Nasonex, Beconase, Nashoba etc. Many of them can be applied to children 3-6 years, which proves their relative safety and low risk of side effects.

9. Anti-microbial agents

With pathological organisms fighting special medications from a cold, which are all well known. Pinosol in the form of ointments, creams, drops and spray is composed mostly of essential oils that reduce mucus, kill germs and non-addictive. Dr. theis, Natolin is composed of eucalyptus oil and Xylometazoline – effective means of pathogenic organisms. Baktroban copes with infectious and bacterial rhinitis, reduces the symptoms of purulent secretions from the upper respiratory tract, effectively kills Staphylococcus.

8. Vasoconstrictor drops

Sometimes to reduce the mucus enough to drip in a nose vasoconstrictive drops – most popular remedies for rhinitis. They effectively reduce the swelling of the mucosa, and quickly "punching" the nose and allowing you to breathe. Basically these medications are based on the following active ingredients: naphazoline, fenilafrin, Xylometazoline, Oxymetazoline. Of drug Xylometazoline most effective and Only Galazolin. Known to all Naphazoline naphazoline is based on. From Oxymetazoline group preference is given to popular Children. Fenilafrinom group to allow even the youngest age group (Vibrocil, Nazol Bebi, etc.).

7. Silver-based

Few people have heard that there are special drops from nasal congestion based on silver. Substance allows you to quickly overcome congestive rhinitis, make a reorganization of the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, reduce inflammation and swelling. The most effective Collargol in a 2% solution for instillation, as well as Protargol. They are all based on molecules of colloidal silver, which perfectly knit mucus and facilitate nasal breathing.

6. Antiviral

Runny nose often occurs on the background of influenza and other viral diseases. As we know, there is no 100% cure for the virus, the organism itself must defeat the pathogen and stop the inflammatory process, and these drops only help accelerate the impact and reduce the swelling and sensitivity of the mucosa. Say that there are drugs created by genetic engineering with the application of active substances from the blood donor. Do not know how these components are used in drops from a cold, but powerful and effective tools you can pay attention. For example, well remove the symptoms Grippferon, which is not addictive and does not cause the emergence of resistant strains. There is evidence that with these drops of the healing process is accelerated in 2 times.

5. Rewetting drops

Unfortunately, not all modern doctors explain to patients that the lining is important not only to treat but also moisturize. Often a cold is the usual cause dryness, which leads to the appearance of microcracks and damage, in which microbes evolve. Moisturizers help to restore and regenerate the mucosal tissue to facilitate nasal breathing and quickly remove accumulated mucus. And all of them recommend to apply therapeutic (treatment) drops. Moisturizing options are mostly made from mineral or sea water, enriched in salts, vitamins and trace elements, which contribute to the enhancement of the movement of the cilia inside the nose. Among the effective means to allocate Salin, Akva Maris, Marker, and others.

4. Herbal drops

These drugs are perfect for lovers of natural treatment with minimal side effects. Esters and herbal extracts in the composition allow you to effectively "break" the nose and clear the channels of mucus. The greatest benefit comes from peppermint, eucalyptus and cooling menthol in the composition. The latter also affects the nasal cold receptors, making breathing easier and reducing swelling slightly. A popular tool is Sinupret, which reduces inflammation and thins mucus well.

3. Antibacterial agents

All people know that antibiotics (even in the form of nasal drops) haphazardly cannot be used because of the increased risk of side effects. Basically, the ENT prescribes them for inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, sinusitis, various forms of bacterial and infectious rhinitis. If the nose lays it to me, the most effective means Bioparox, Fusafungin and Farmacity.

2. Drops for allergies and edema

People with respiratory allergies to hair, dust, volatile chemicals, pollen, and other irritants, the common cold is a typical symptom. For its treatment, use tools that are well constrict blood vessels, eliminate severe swelling, overlying the nasal passages. It is crucial to restore full nasal breathing, what is it used for I suffered or Sanary-Analergin. The latter demonstrates the high efficiency, but also is addictive, so it is often prescribed a course of a week.

1. Homeopathic drops

Many patients do not trust homeopathy, but it has already proved numerous practical experiments their effectiveness. The most popular rhinitis vs EDAS-131 and Euphorbium Compositum. Homeopathy is able to reduce the propagation of pathogens, eliminate redness and swelling of the mucous membrane, contribute to the reconstruction and strengthening of local immunity. These tools suggest to use in the acute phase of a cold every 15 minutes during the first two hours.

Remember that when selecting even such a simple drug as nose drops, it is important to calculate the dosage and study structure. On some components you may be allergic, so before use, make a test application of the cream on your finger or brush to the nostrils. Remember that hormonal, antiviral, and antibacterial nasal drops can be prescribed only by the attending otolaryngologist.

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