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Top 10 paintings, in which the villain kills the main character


Accustomed that the main character is untouchable immortal treasure?

Yes, he may get into trouble, get hurt and be on the verge of death, but death it will not wait.

We decided to collect top movies, in which the main characters die at the hands of their enemies.

Interested? Then let's go!

10. Logan

Film Studio Marvel and the last picture about Wolverine.

The film is based on the mission of Logan to accompany a girl mutant, which is open to hunting, in a safe place. Drama develops around the growing affection of scowling Wolverine's "daughter" Laura grown from the genetic material of Logan.

The main enemy of Logan and his clone under the name X-24. At the hands of the clone killed Professor Xavier, Logan and the X-24 will be caught by the tree. The wound will be fatal and the film ends with the funeral of Wolverine.

9. Gran Torino

The story is about a lonely old man, Walt Kowalski. After the funeral his wife all that remains in our hero's old Ford Gran Torino.

Walt Kowalski, a veteran of the Korean war, unwilling to find common language with "colored" neighbors. It is unfriendly, cold and not shy in rough terms to address others.

The life of Walt changes the case: the old man's car trying to steal the neighbor's boy. The boy's parents Tao asked Walt to forgive their son, and as atonement, I offer Tao donated to help around the house a lonely old man.

Walt the passage of time is moving closer to the Tao, protecting him from gangs and teaches life lessons. At some point, our hero realizes that the Asian family closer to him and dearer than his own.

Walt will die by the bullets of the gangs and providing security for the family, Tao.

8. Pan's labyrinth

The story of the parallel worlds, princesses and magic.

About a girl named Ophelia, which must pass three tests of the Faun to return to the magical land to these parents. Test complex, intricate, and full of magic. The girl copes with all but the third gets shot in the stomach by her stepfather. Ophelia dies at the hands of the housekeeper Mercedes.

And after death into his world, where he became an immortal Queen.

7. Remember

The detective, in which the main character is Leonard Shelby must find the killer of his wife. All complicated by the fact that earlier the man had received a head injury. And its memory can hold events for more than fifteen minutes. Leonard leaves himself notes, beats a tattoo with important details, taking photos of clues.

The peculiarity of the film lies in the film order of the narrative. The viewer can get a full picture only at the end of the viewing, when black-and-white five-minute segments of the plot the color gain.

6. Brave heart

The story of William Wallace, which developed during the war between Scotland and England. William secretly marries a girl, but disgruntled British soldiers ignored the rule of law the first night. Wallace tries to escape with his wife, but the girl killed. Then our hero engages in battle with the soldiers, and the villagers take the rebellion, kill the Sheriff and British soldiers. To the order of Wallace join other Scots. However the Scottish government is betraying Wallace and the man accepts death by beheading on London square.

5. One flew over the cuckoo's nest

Criminal Randle McMurphy is transferred to a psychiatric clinic for examination. The clinic strict regulations matron who is not satisfied with McMurphy. He is not going to tolerate rude attitude from the staff, and trying to convey these thoughts to other patients. But all seems established order of Affairs satisfied.

A story about disobedience, rebellion and attempts to escape from crushing the walls of the hospital. About the positive perpetrator with an endless supply of jokes and zest for life that infects others. The head nurse can not accept the unbroken character of McMurphy, and the patient undergoes a lobotomy. Best friend Randle – Leader – can't stand dementia in view of the current McMurphy and smothers him with a pillow, and he escapes from the hospital, thereby fulfilling the desire McMurphy.

4. The train to Yuma

The story of the bandit Ben Wade and old farmer Dan Evans. Evans must accompany Ueda to train to Utah, which will bring the bandit to the gallows.

On the way Wade gets to the Evans respect, to kill he does not wish it and wants through conversation to get rid of the attendant. But Dan Evans admits that wants to accompany Wade to the train is not for money but for respect of his own son.

Wade Evans plays along and allows you to put yourself in the train to Yuma, although it is acknowledged that escaped from Yuma twice already. Evans killed, when Wade sits in a prison wagon. The train starts to move, and the bandit calls his horse.

3. Ghost

A film in which the main character dies in the beginning. Sam whit becomes a Ghost and his only goal is to save the life of his sweetheart Molly that feels threatened. Sam communicates with the crook of one of the interior spiritual services, asking that girl to tell Sam about the impending threat.

The film ends not with death, and with the adoption of Molly the death of a loved one and leaving Sam in Heaven.

2. Insomnia

The film is about two detectives who came to Alaska to investigate the murder of a young girl. Although police Alaska inclined to conclude that the girl's killer – her ex-classmate, detective Dormer does not agree and wishes to conduct its own investigation.

During a trap for the suspected killer, Dormer accidentally kills his partner. But admit it, the detective does not want, and then understand the audience is not willing for many reasons.

1. Leon

The story of a professional killer and a teenage girl, who wants you to teach her the craft of murder. Why? To avenge the death of his younger brother.

A story about friendship and love, with a tragic ending. Here the main character will die from the bullet of the antagonist. However, under the vest prematurely Leon hid a bunch of grenades and after a powerful explosion antagonist of this story also dies.

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