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10 best Chinese restaurants in Moscow


Everyone loves to eat, nothing to hide. Fortunately, the current abundance allows us to taste the most exquisite products and dishes. One of the recognized in the world of exotic cuisines is Chinese. Well who has not heard about the famous Peking duck and the legendary Chinese shrimp dumplings... we Offer you a digest on the institutions of the capital, where you can taste all these delicacies and discover new facets of the culinary world of Asia. So, there are ten best Chinese restaurants of Moscow.

10. Chayna Drim

Beautifully decorated interior in the Chinese style, excellent service and menu in the best tradition of China — it's the restaurant "China dream" on Kutuzov Avenue. Refectory luxury opened over 10 years ago, and since then the institution has become one of the iconic places of the elite area of the capital. The restaurant is so filled with atmosphere China, newly arrived visitors in all seriousness can forget to eat in Moscow, and not, say, in Beijing. Gourmet food prepared in strict accordance with Chinese recipes, are also an integral part of the "China dream". Here you can enjoy traditional spicy soups, dumplings of rice dough, seafood and even shark fins.

9. Jimmy Lee

This restaurant of authentic Chinese cuisine is located on Prospekt Mira. To services of clients there are several rooms, styled in the Chinese style, special room with plush sofas and a summer terrace. Menu "Jimmy Lee" contains only traditional dishes of China, prepared according to old recipes. Chicken guandunsky, cabbage Szechuan, Shanghai's legendary sashimi of salmon and pork casau – all this awaits the lovers of Asian meal in "Jimmy Lee". Despite the abundance of meat and fish dishes, the restaurant is suitable for vegetarians (they have a special menu). For visitors, the institution provides free wi-fi.

8. Turandot

The pan-Asian cuisine restaurant "Turandot" is not just the vip business and a real work of art. No wonder the restoration of the building on Tverskoy Boulevard took nearly 6 years (the house was restored from scratch). The result was a luxurious Palace with 12 rooms, styled in the spirit of chinoiserie. The restaurant is decorated with real Antiques from the last century. As for the cuisine, the food here is fully consistent with the design. And if some dishes can be compared, the fact that the "Turandot" restaurant serves the finest in Moscow, dim sum, sea bass and Peking duck, no denies, no one seems to know. The restaurant famous and the legendary soup with cherries. Of course, the prices are rather big, but believe me, for once in your life it's worth it.

7. China club

A spacious restaurant "China club" on the street Krasin, occupies an entire floor of the house. Inside there are several rooms equipped for different types of events. For example, for a romantic rendezvous, there is a small room with sofas and soft pillows. If you scheduled business negotiations, that is, rooms with closed doors. Well, for banquets there is a huge room with a fireplace and a Grand piano. Kitchen head chef from China named Dong Jifeng. His specialty is the authentic cuisine of China, brought together the best dishes, tested by time. By the way, to eat them, it is not necessary to book a table – "China club" has a delivery service.

6. Dionis

This cozy restaurant has existed for 16 years and during that time has acquired not one dozen regular customers. The school offers a truly unique menu in addition to Chinese dishes and includes dishes from European, Indian and Peruvian cuisines. It is noteworthy that the dishes are prepared by real chefs from China, India and Peru, which makes the restaurant completely authentic. In addition to these delights "Dionis" has a special kids menu with coloring books and dishes for vegetarians. The school is pleasantly surprising visitors affordable prices, giving the opportunity to dine there as a family in one of the weekends. You can also order food from the "Dionysus" to your home or office.

5. Mandarin. Noodles and Duck

A Chinese restaurant with the remarkable name "the Mandarin. Noodles and Duck" located in the heart of the capital in one of the houses on the Small Cherkassky lane. In fact, unusual is not only the name. Inside the halls of the refectory is decorated with a unique décor, with the use of black and orange hues. There are also many decorations (wall hangings, terracotta figurines and porcelain vases) that creates a unique and fascinating atmosphere. As for the meal itself, the restaurant serves fine Chinese dishes at very good prices. In addition, the hallmark of "Tangerine" is a special attitude to each client (mandatory meeting at the entrance and a record of all requests regardless of the amount of the invoice).

4. Mr. Lee

The location of this house Chinese food is one of the oldest houses at the Kuznetsk bridge. The restaurant is located on the second floor, so visitors near the Windows can not enjoy a Park view, and the architecture of old Moscow. The main source of inspiration the creators of "Mr. Lee" called Shanghai restaurants, which they themselves visited. The refectory is famous for its specialties from the chef, which is the Australian Jonathon Curtis. Center of attraction is the brand poached in soy sauce, chicken salad, and pomelo and crispy shrimp. The Chinese classics in the form of Tom yum soup and seafood dishes.

3. HongKong

Not everyone knows that in the capital's Sokolniki district has its own Hong Kong. Is the name of a Chinese restaurant, nestled on the 24th floor of the skyscraper on the street Rusakovskaya. Magnificent view from this height is mesmerizing in itself, but the panoramic Windows only add to the effect. Additional color and identity of the institution attached to the executed original drawings in the Chinese style of socialist realism. Everyone who came in "HongKong" an extensive menu with traditional dishes. Pancakes and dumplings, spicy sweet-and-sour soups and salads, seafood and meat dishes — all prepared according to original Chinese recipes and with love is served to the client.

2. Chinese news

Another interesting institution of Chinese cuisine, the main principle of which is to supply exclusive and unique dishes. Of course, in the menu there is a place and legends of China, however, most of the list are food, "we do." For example, bird, brought to a crisp in a special charcoal brazier (Chinese barbecue) or steamed soups with the addition of these herbs and roots from China. Yea these soups are special pots for a long time, while the healing properties of herbs are not lost. The kitchen employs a team of three high-profile chefs from Taiwan.

1. Chinese

It is an interesting restaurant whose owner is a well-known lawyer, collector and public figure Alexander Rappoport. The place is really not like any other kind, and are highlighted here not only the scenery and crisp white chairs. Guests have the opportunity not only to eat Chinese food, but also to learn their story and all the subtleties of cooking. In an institution dominated by Cantonese cuisine. Owner at brew stands chef Zhang Xiancheng. He personally talks to visitors and made no secret of their recipes. Famous dishes from Zhang are vanton soup, milk and fried calamari with cilantro.

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