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The 10 best books of 2014


Reading books is one of the simplest and simultaneously the most effective ways of self-improvement. Reading books, we are transported in time and space. We are immersed in a magical fantasy world of the author.

Books give us food for thought, they give answers to many questions that have beset mankind. The books bring us the best quality, provide food to our minds and a space for imagination. Happy the man who from childhood accustomed to reading, because in front of him opens the vast and magical world, which is not even something to compare.

Reading for the development of our intellect, performs the same role as a gym for our muscles. Reading takes us away from everyday reality, but at the same time it fills our lives with great meaning.

Unfortunately, modern people began to read less. TV, and more recently and the computer is gradually replacing reading from our lives. We have prepared for you a list that includes the best books of 2014. The rating of the readers, which were used in compiling this list, speaks of his objectivity. The list includes both books, which was released in 2014 and old books, which have been repeatedly published. We hope that our list will help you choose an interesting book.

10. Robert Galbraith. The call of the cuckoo

This is a great detective, the action of the novel takes place in London. The author of this book has become a famous writer J. K. Rowling, the Creator of the world of Harry Potter. The book was published in 2013, in 2014 it came out in Russia.

The plot revolves around the investigation into the death of a famous model, who suddenly falls from the balcony. Everyone thinks that this death is a suicide, but the brother of the girl doesn't believe it and hires a detective to investigate this strange case. During the investigation, the detective met with the entourage of the deceased and each of the people within it tell their story.

It turns out that the girl's death was not suicide she was killed by one of the people close to her. Investigating the case, the detective finds himself in mortal danger.

9. Stephen King. Land of joy

A recognized master of exciting stories to give their readers another book. It was released in Russia in early 2014.

The genre of this work can be called a mystical Thriller. The events of the book unfold in an American amusement parks in 1973. The employee of this Park suddenly falls into a strange parallel world that lives by its own laws. In this world everything is different, people speak their own language and it is not like anyone asking too many questions, especially about the murder that happened recently in the Park.

However, the main character begins to investigate the mysteries of this strange world and this dramatically changes his own life.

8. George Martin. The Chronicles of a thousand worlds

This is a collection of fiction written by a brilliant writer, has created a legendary Saga about game of thrones. The genre of this book is science fiction.

Martin has created a special fantasy world of the Federal Empire, which consists of hundreds of planets populated by descendants of colonists from Earth. Empire got involved in two armed conflict that has resulted in its decline. Then came Troubled times, each of the planets wanted to live their own lives and relationships among the earthlings began to wane. A single political system is no more, the human world is rapidly sinking into the intrigues and conflicts. In this book, felt all the same brilliant style of Martin.

7. Sergey Lukyanenko. School supervision

Another book that is a continuation of the popular series about wizards that live among us.

This work tells the story of teenagers with magical abilities. They are constantly create problems and the Night and Day watch, as well as any teenagers are uncontrollable and prone to perfectionism. They do not honor a Great contract and to facilitate control over them, collect them in one boarding school. One thing is certain – any teacher of this educational institution can only sympathize. Children need to prepare to enter the unfamiliar world and make it as few mistakes as possible. They must learn to control it.

6. Darya Dontsova. Private dance miss Marple

Another book, written in the genre of ironic detective, which was released in early 2014.

The main character of this book Daria Vasilyeva gave consent to their participation in theatrical performances, in which she had to play the role of a magical palm tree, yielding all desires. However, the premiere did not take place: before the show suddenly killed, the actress, the wife of a local businessman. Next day Vasileva is sent to the victim's house, where she accidentally finds evidence of the deaths of four previous wives of a businessman. A brave woman starts her own investigation, which will bring all the villains to clean water.

5. Victor Pelevin. The love for three zuckermann

This dystopian novel has gone on sale in the fall of 2014. Each new novel of Pelevin is always an event.

This book is reminiscent of the best examples of creativity of the author. In it, he reflects on the most topical subjects of modern society, the social problems inherent in the era of consumption of the symbols of this era. Zukerman – symbol created from two iconic figures of our time, Mark Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin. The book covered such topics as social networking, Internet addiction, consumer culture, tolerance of modern society, the Ukrainian crisis. The protagonist of the piece – "technical rescuer of the world." This symbol is displayed, the hopes of mankind on technological advances that will make our world a better place.

In the book mentioned Ukrainian Maidan, Crimea, Yanukovych and his Golden baton.

4. Dmitry Glukhovsky. Future

This novel of the popular Russian writer, the author of "Metro 2033". The action of the book takes place in Europe XXV century. Scientists have long invented a vaccine that protects people from aging and death. Now the planet is inhabited by immortal people, but immediately there was another problem – overpopulation.

The tomorrow people consciously refused the continuation of their kind, they have no more children are born, but despite this, the future world is too overcrowded. On the planet has not run out of space, human cities are drawn up and go underground.

The protagonist of the book, the professional soldier Yan to kill the leader of the opposition on the orders of the leadership of the ruling party. He opposes universal immortality.

Immortality has completely changed people's lives, they created a different culture, came up with new laws and rules of conduct.

Before the main character raises a difficult dilemma: he must choose between immortality and his own happiness, and this choice is very complicated.

Glukhovsky believes that humanity stands on the threshold of immortality. In the near future experiments of genetics will give us the opportunity to live a very long time, if not forever. It will be the most important scientific discovery in the history of mankind. What will be mankind? What will happen to our culture as change our society? Most likely, soon we will know the answers to these questions.

3. Tatyana Ustinova. One hundred years

It is a detective story which partially takes place a hundred years ago. A murder committed in modern Russia is closely connected with the events which occurred on the eve of the Russian revolution of 1917.

To investigate attract Professor and historian from the Moscow state University. It needs to reconstruct the events that occurred a hundred years ago. At that time Russia was at a critical juncture in its history, which ended in tragedy. The main character has a lot to deal with, including the feelings that arise in his soul.

2. Boris Akunin. Fiery finger

Well-known author of detective stories about the adventures of detective Erast Fandorin, Boris Akunin, it seems, is obsessed with the history of the Russian state. Almost simultaneously out a few of his works dedicated to this genre.

"Fiery finger" is a book that consists of three stories, describing different periods of the existence of Kievan Rus. All three works are United by the fate of one family, whose members have a specific birthmark on her face. The first story "Fire finger" describes events of the ninth century. The main character of the story, Damianos Lekos – Byzantine spy, who was sent to perform an important task in the Slavic lands. This story is full of adventure, it describes the life of the inhabitants of the steppes of the Northern black sea region, the Slavic tribes and Vikings.

The second story "Spitting devil", its events take place in XI century, during the reign of Yaroslav the Wise. This is the heyday of Kievan Rus.

1. Boris Akunin. The history of the Russian state

This is the first part of a larger historical work, which is intended to write Boris Akunin. It will focus on the history of Russia from the time of inception of the first state until the early twentieth century.

In the first part the author tells us about the ancient, almost legendary time. About the founding of Kiev, on the invitation of the Vikings, about the legendary Oleg, who has nailed his shield on the gates of Constantinople. It was all that? Or all of these events and the individual nothing more than legends invented by later chroniclers? For us, this time it seems the legendary, almost like the days of king Arthur for the British. The Mongols, who invaded the lands of Kievan Rus, and destroyed the state. Moscow Russia simply had too many fundamental differences. The author examines the question of the formation of the Slavic ethnic group, education of the ancient Slavic state.

If you have forgotten the course of history can use this book and improve your erudition. Professional historians are unlikely to discover this book for yourself something new. It is, rather, an attempt of popularization of national history. Perhaps someone she will push for more in-depth study of the history of the Russian state. Akunin seeks to circumvent the controversial or obscure questions.

After the first part of the book the author has released several other volumes that dealt with the Mongol invasion and the formation of the Moscow state.

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