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10 best books for fans of esoteric


"Spirituality" a word that many people fear, is alarming. However, the esoteric teachings attract and captivate, as they explain many of the processes that occur in the world. Some people try to hide from others my passion for the esoteric, and someone to share their knowledge and even writes books. This article discusses the best books created for fans of all mystical.

10. "Reality transurfing" Vadim Zeland

Transurfing allows a person to control various events to everything in life was going exactly as he wants. Vadim Zeland claims that it can help to enforce the most incredible desires. Every person is a magician who often do not even realize. Transurfing allows you to quickly see what you can do and gain confidence in their abilities. People who followed the advice listed in the book, very surprised at the amazing results and experienced great delight.

9. "A conversation with God. New revelation", Neale Donald Walsh

This book describes the guidelines to help heal our world and change the life of every person of interest. However, the author believes that the most important thing is to be motivated to change. The book examines the various misconceptions, illusions of people. Neale Donald Walsh talks about how to "break patterns", flip their view of the world and start to see everything in its true light.

8. "Laughter Shaman" Vladimir Serkin

The author of this book, a psychologist who decided to go beyond the strict science. Vladimir Serkin very interesting non-traditional methods of development. In the book "Laughter shaman" not the specific technology. This magnificent work built in the form of dialogues, diary entries.

Author and Shaman talking about how we need to behave in this world, to learn to perceive other realities. The shaman is engaged in a variety of practices that allow him to communicate not only with human beings. It can affect the world around us. This book is about the miracles that are accessible to everyone: you just have to learn to go beyond their limitations.

7. "Dreamhackers", Andrey Reutov

Dreamhackers researchers from Russia who are studying dreams and all that in them is. They practice lucid dreaming. The plot of the book "Hackers Dreams" is fiction, but it is woven information on the real practices. This book talks about the fact that there are people that can easily penetrate into the dreams and thoughts of others. Andrey Reutov describes proven technology that is successfully used by Hackers.


philosophy", Agrippa Nettesheim label=]

Agrippa Nettesheim lived at the turn of 15-16 centuries. To acquire a unique experience, this German genius was often away on various trips and dabbled in a variety of professions. In his book he examined the importance of magic to mankind, its essence. The author introduces readers to various ointments, poisons, features of their preparation. He talks about how the zodiac signs affect people's lives. From Agrippa Nettesheim made a lot of enemies among the religious people: many of his theories and statements were considered at that time blasphemy.

5. "Magic jump: path of the warrior woman", Taisha Abelar

Maryann Simko – real name of the writer who created this book. She supported the ideas of Carlos Castaneda, called themselves a witch and an anthropologist. Maryann took another name when I met Carlos and became a member of his group. When Castaneda died, Taisha disappeared, and more about her and heard nothing. It was rumored that a witch had committed ritual suicide, but many believe that she just "erase personal history" (traditionally, followers of Castaneda). In his book, the author tells us about the magic tricks that allow women to enhance energy and significantly improve health. It provides specific exercise.

4. Roza Mira, Daniil Leonidovich Andreev

Critics and readers of this book are still arguing about what kind of book: science fiction or esoteric prophecy. D. L. Andreev argued that between the demiurge and the demons all the time, which greatly affects our dimension. In his book he says that someday there will be a new religion that will unite all existing beliefs. This will help to unite all people. The book is written in quite complex language, which is unlikely to be able to understand young readers. It is intended for educated people who have great experience and broad-minded.

3. "Empire of light", Nicholas Roerich

In this book there is no conspiracy, providing deliverance from financial problems and luck in relationships. This work can be called cleansing the soul: it encourages people to open their hearts to positive energy and light to fight evil. In the "realm of light" merge traditions of Eastern and Western countries. The author of this book talks about the importance of culture for people.

2. "The messenger. A true story about love", Klaus George. Joel

The author says that in his work reveals the mystery of love, which turns out to be quite unexpected. It's not just feelings, emotions, but also supply all the surrounding energy source. You can make this source available and obtain from it a very powerful tool. But remember: a person usually gets what he gives the world.

1. "You can heal your life. Heal your body. The force within us", Louise L. hay

The author of this book talks about how to heal themselves from various diseases and to efficiently solve psychological problems. Louise L. hay talks about how she managed to overcome cancer, their own fears. To all the problems disappear, it is necessary to give consciousness a clear mission: it will start looking for ways out of the situation. The effectiveness of this method has been proved repeatedly.

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