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10 best books for your self


Man is a creature possessing reason and, as many believe, the soul. That is why man is a thirst for new knowledge, to self-improvement. This is a distinctive quality, it distinguishes him from other living beings. Self-development and personal growth are the essential quality of a successful person. To achieve heights in their professional activities, you need to analyze the experience and build from it.

If the person is not evolving, then certainly the process of degradation. The reason is very simple: the world around us rushes forward to keep up with him has to run.

On the path of self-development (like any other) is very important to make the first move. Equally important is to find someone who could help, to give the right advice to give right direction. In Eastern religions such a person is called guru.

However, in our time, the process of knowledge transfer has changed. Many people who have achieved success in business and in other professional activities or created a spiritual practice, write books, pages of which share their own experience. This way they can transmit information from tens of millions of people in different countries of the world. We have compiled for you a list that includes the best books on self-development. These books have changed the lives of millions of people on our planet.

10. Paulo Coelho. The alchemist

This book contains descriptions of exercises or spiritual practices, you will not find stories about the mysteries of the universe or of the prophecies about the creation of the world. This novel tells the story of human destiny and the search for the meaning of life. A book about what is often the most important thing next to us, but to understand this, you must do a very big way.

In the center of this story is the story of a Spanish young man who is sent across the sea in search of a mysterious treasure. He finds them, but he had to make a long trip and return to the place from whence he started. He knew love and friendship, saw the life of other Nations, has experienced many adventures happened to him a mysterious transformation, exactly the same as the lead that wise alchemists turn into gold.

9. Ayn Rand. Atlas shrugged

This book is about passion, the story of a real professionalism and the foundations on which the wealth of the Western world. To become a true professional, few well-developed skills and hard work, mastery can only be achieved through a genuine love for his work.

If we all concentrate our powers on what we do, we will live in a different world, much better than what exists now. It should learn from the characters in this book. It describes the businessmen, the dealers, each of which has their own business, but not only the profit interests of these people in the first place very different priorities.

8. Sharma Robin. The monk who sold his Ferrari

This is a story about a successful lawyer who has everything to be happy: money, success, health. But not the main thing – happiness. His soul was empty.

Armed with the latest achievements of Western psychology with ancient Eastern wisdom, he overcome his spiritual crisis. He brought a few rules, which is divided into pages of the book. They are quite simple: to live happily, to follow your calling and to be courageous, to live only in the here and now, appreciate the people around you. Like any true wisdom, these rules are very simple.

7. Bill Gates. The way of the future

This book was written by a man who is considered a cult figure of our time. Bill gates is one of the most well-known businessmen, the founder of Microsoft, a well known philanthropist and public figure.

Currently we stand on the threshold of major changes that will occur in the near future and change the life of each of us. They are already taking place. We can safely say that we know our world in ten years. In his book, gates reflects on the future of our world, about the impact of digital technologies on people and society. A lot of attention he pays to the world of the Internet, which just ten years, became a part of our lives. Also from this book we learn so much about the author, about his work and about his youthful years.

6. Viktor Frankl. To tell life Yes

This book has touched the lives of many people. Its author, a philosopher and psychologist, past the terrible Nazi death camps, writes the truth about the meaning of life, true human dignity and, of course, about the freedom that is inside you.

This book is sold around the world millions of copies and has helped many people to look at your life quite differently.

5. Brian Tracy. Out of the comfort zone

This book became a bestseller shortly after its release and is one of the best for self-development. The author is a psychologist who works in the field of achieving personal success. The author is also very much going to his own success and tried his hand in various spheres of activity.

The book gives advice on the wise management of their time, which is one of the most valuable resources. To succeed, one must leave his comfort zone where he feels comfortable and safe. But sitting in one place, it is impossible to succeed. To achieve the necessary risk, activity, perseverance and belief in yourself.

4. Malcolm Gladwell. Geniuses and outsiders

Life is extremely fair. In it one gets success, fame, money, and others are forced their entire lives to wallow in poverty and obscurity. Why? The reason is only in the natural abilities of man, his talents? Or the reason for this is the will of blind chance? The author examines this problem. He created his very interesting theory that explains why in January there are more famous players, why Asian students with math easier and what is common between bill gates, Mozart and the musicians of the group "the Beatles". This book is very different from the banal textbooks for success, of which many appeared in recent years. It's just a study of the laws of life, made interesting and extraordinary man.

3. Allan Pease. Body language

This book was published several decades ago, but still remains an international bestseller. The main idea of this book is very simple: the language can lie, but body never.

The human body betrays his real thoughts and emotions, and it cannot lie, we just need to learn to read this language. It's very simple, just a small workout and you'll know exactly what thinks about you and your partner. However, the person should develop the care.

Learning the language of human gestures, you are much better able to negotiate, make new contacts and to avoid liars and cheaters.

2. Allen Carr. Easiest way to quit Smoking

All to be honest. The author truly offers the fast way of getting rid of harmful habits. Millions of people worldwide have quit Smoking thanks to the book of Allen Carr, including even some Hollywood celebrities. The technique offered by the author allows to do this move almost painless. The person doesn't feel slighted, quitting Smoking.

What is the secret? According to Carr, the main difficulty of abandoning cigarettes lies in human psychology. We are convinced that without Smoking we will be unhappy and inferior. Should I just change the internal settings and to abandon bad habits will be quite easy. Allen Carr himself was a passionate smoker, but then it is quite easily quit their habit. Now his books help maintain the health of millions of people around the world.

1. Richard Bach. Jonathan Livingston Seagull

This is one of the most amazing books on self-development that I have ever read. The genre of this book can be called a parable. It tells the story of the Seagull, which is tired of boring and measured life of her people. The Seagull named Jonathan Livingston dreamed about speed, about the new unknown expanses. The bird fought hard for his dreams and for this he was banished from his pack.

But that didn't stop the proud bird, on the contrary, the exile was just the beginning of her journey to new heights. Jonathan gets in a special place, inhabited by the same birds as he did. He improved, becoming a more skilled flier, and then returns to his pack and begins to teach their fellow expelled him.

This book is about how to change your life, spiritual freedom, in which in a very beautiful and simple form they say about really important things: self-improvement and sacrifice.

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