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10 best books about true love


Human relationships have always been an inexhaustible subject for literature. Especially interested in her relationship between a man and a woman. Stunning ocean of emotions, joy, pain, jealousy and sorrow of parting – all these feelings for centuries served as the Foundation for world literature. We can say that love and relationships between opposite sexes is one of the major literary topics. The relationship between people in love are described in the world's greatest literary masterpieces. Such a book can leave no one indifferent.

We have compiled for you a list that includes the best books about love, written at different times and writers of different nationalities. However, much in these books is similar, because a man in love at all times behaves in the same way.

10. P. S. I love you. Cecilia Ahern

A poignant book of love, which immediately after became a bestseller. The main character loses her beloved husband. Suddenly, the woman finds lots of letters from a deceased husband, which contained the instructions that it needs to do: sing karaoke, buy a new evening dress. Exactly what they wanted, but never managed to make with my husband. The idea of this book is very simple, but at the same time very deep: true love can defeat even death. People close to us stay alive, while they live in our memory.

9. Eleven minutes. Paulo Coelho

A great book of a true master. Her main character Mary works as a call girl. Immediately after this book became very popular and purchased. The author explores the aspects of sensual and physical love and makes the obvious conclusion that sex without feelings, without emotion does not bring real pleasure.

8. I'll be back. Elchin Safarli

This book is Turkish writer, which will help you to plunge into the world of sensual East. An ordinary Russian girl from Moscow went to Turkey on vacation, she wants to put in order your thoughts and feelings and to understand yourself. And here it is waiting for the fateful meeting, she met with the Turkish guy and they tied a whirlwind romance. And it's not just the Spa craze. It's the real thing, when people can't live without each other.

7. Doctor Zhivago. Boris Pasternak

This is the main work of the great masters, for which he received the Nobel prize. So, at least, thought Pasternak. This book is about his generation, about the ethical challenges that he had to make. It is a heavy book, it is not worth reading in the subway. In addition to the love stories, the novel is full of reflections on the fate of the country and its future.

6. The English patient. Michael Ondatje

A very popular book, translated into dozens of languages, honored with the most prestigious awards for literature. This book was filmed, he received ten Oscars. This book is about human destinies that have been warped by war.

At the end of the Second world war in an abandoned Italian Villa to meet four different people: a sapper is a Sikh, who will clear of mines the area, a former thief, a canadian nurse and maimed, burned man who tells an amazing story of his love. His story about a married woman who was abandoned in the heart of the Sahara.

This man lost his name, lost his face and human form, but have not lost the ability to feel.

5. Gone with the wind. Margaret Mitchell

This book, written by American writer Margaret Mitchell, tells the story of a very difficult period in U.S. history. The years of the civil war and subsequent reconstruction period destroyed the country. The action of the book occurs in the southern United States in the mid-nineteenth century.

Gone with the wind is one of the most famous and widely read books of American literature, it has become a classic, it was filmed movies.

The main character of the book is Scarlett O'hara, a beautiful young woman who had to go through all the horrors of war. She had two men she loved, but she was not destined to experience happiness.

The book raises important questions that relate to human values: love, friendship, loyalty, duty to their country and to loved ones.

The novel came out in 1936, during the year it sold over a million copies. Was almost immediately sold the film rights to the book.

4. Wuthering Heights. Emily Bronte

This book can be called classic. It was published in 1847 and turned all representations about this genre. The book was first used some of the techniques that are now commonplace to the literature of this genre. Wuthering heights — call a typical product of the early Victorian period.

This is the story of the tragic love of Heathcliff to the daughter of his adoptive father. More than one generation of women read this book, and it leaves no one indifferent.

3. Arch. Erich Remarque

One of the best books written about love. The action of the book takes place on the eve of the Second world war in Paris. The protagonist of the book, Ravic, a German surgeon, who is forced to flee from Germany to escape persecution of the Nazis.

He resides in France illegally, with no passport, no other documents are constantly under the fear of deportation. Ravic is a Mature, wise life the person who has passed the trenches of the First world war, the war in Spain, the arrest and torture at home, the death of the woman. He lost everything he had: his former life, legally able to work home.

In Paris, Ravic meets with Italian actress Joan Madou, which falls. Despite the blows of fate in the difficult life experience, love transforms Ravic. At the end of the book his lover is tragically killed, and France entering during the Second world war. Through the whole novel a kind of symbol of the famous arc de Triomphe in Paris.

2. Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare

This famous work, an even more famous author. William Shakespeare described love boys and girls, which happened in medieval Verona and ended very tragically.

Romeo and Juliet belonged to two families that were linked by decades of hostility. This great book was created in the late XVI century, but has not lost its relevance today. And how can become out of date work about pure and faithful first love?

Between the two noble families of Verona, the Montagues and the Capulets for many years are irreconcilable enmity. However, young Romeo of the house of Montagues meets a beautiful girl Juliet of house Capulet. Young people fall in love with each other, but the real gap between them. This story ends very tragically, the lovers that cannot be together, commit suicide and only over the bodies of dead children two families forget their enmity.

This story was repeatedly filmed, it is considered a classic of the genre love.

1. The master and Margarita. Mikhail Bulgakov

This mystical love story takes us to Moscow early 30-ies of the last century. The novel delivers as much diversity, it raises a very deep philosophical issues, is largely autobiographical for the author. A brilliant piece of satire with which Bulgakov describes the Soviet reality of that time, connected with the most important issues that have interested mankind since time immemorial. Related to this work are very different. Some religious people believe the novel satanic book.

The novel begins with Moscow suddenly comes Satan. After that, about the good life people can forget. In the city begins to create various devilry. During this period develops a love story between a talented writer and a beautiful young woman Margaret. The writer gets under the press of the Soviet censorship and broken, is sent to a madhouse. His lover in desperation, she absolutely does not know where he is and what happened to him. In the novel there is another storyline that resonates with the biblical stories. Describes the history of Jesus of Nazareth, and his meeting with Pontius Pilate, the trial and execution. Although the events described in the novel, in many respects do not coincide with the canonical biblical texts.

The novel has a happy ending: the lovers find each other, and then they get rest and opportunity to commit their lives to each other.

The intersection of multiple times, multiple storylines, strange characters that pass through the entire work. This novel is a real hymn to the great power of love that can withstand death and oblivion.

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