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10 best books Paulo Coelho


Paulo Coelho (Paulo Coelho) is known for all book lovers and even people who rarely read. The author was born in Brazil in 1947, and since childhood wanted to be a writer. Despite the lack of understanding parents, Paulo has developed his talent and published her first book in 1987. It was called "diary of a Mage", but it brought the author fame, and only the second release of "the Alchemist" writer gained popularity. Focusing on the opinion of readers and critics, has compiled a ranking of the top 10 best works of the Brazilian author.

10. On the banks of the river Piedra I sat down and wept

Work On the banks of the river Piedra I sat down and wept is the tenth place in our ranking, which includes the best books of Paulo Coelho. Top 10 opens this creation, but is not the worst of his works. All the books of the eminent author is good and can not compare with them publishing writers Eduard Topol, Vladimir Stepanovich Topilin, Alexandra Topaz and many other less popular masters of the pen.

Book "On the banks of the river Piedra I sat down and wept" is a touching and sincere love story. The main character name is Pilar and she is a vivid example of how just a week your whole life can turn on its head. She unexpectedly finds love, and for the first time feels a sense of fear of loss. As with many novels, the heroine has to make a difficult choice.

This book teaches that there is nothing more important than love, in fact it guides to the right path. Through this light feeling easy to come to God, and it can be done despite everything else. For love there are no barriers, as long as the heart is not cooled.

Every man once has to make a choice, on which depends everything. Paulo Coelho through his writing teaches us that we should not fear the inevitable. Any fear can be overcome, and the choice is not hard to do as it seems.

9. The witch of Portobello

Our rating of books by Paulo Coelho continues famous work, released in 2007. The author tells us the story of a mysterious girl with a beautiful name Athena. She was born in Romania, but was forced to move first to Beirut and then to London. But who was actually this mysterious person?

Athena – the daughter of an Englishman and a Gypsy, raised as an aristocrat. But she lived on the streets of Portobello until then, until it was killed. The book contains memories of the mysterious girl speak about her neighbors, enemies, friends and love partners. Whatever her life, Athena all were in the shower. But even those closest didn't know her well enough though and was there for a long time.

The book is great for young women who haven't found themselves in this world and just getting to know the inner self. People who like mysterious stories and loose story, this book also will appeal. That is why they deservedly took the 9th place among the best works of the Brazilian author.

8. The winner is alone

Books of Paulo Coelho are always fun to read because they are not only well written, but different, unusual and unpredictable plot. This is what we can say about the novel "the Winner is alone", released in 2008. The story tells of a Russian businessman Igor, which, after parting with his beloved wife, arrives in Cannes. This place is filled with atmosphere of show business, glamor and movie.

Igor wants to visit the festival in order to meet with eve his wife. She should arrive together with the new young man who works as a clothing designer. Of course, the main character is not happy that his ex has quickly found herself another lover, so decides to take revenge.

Igor is already 40 years old, he looks great and is well resourced. But he couldn't live with thoughts of his wife, they poison his soul. Just for one day people could change and do what earlier even could not assume. The trap is sprung, but who is gonna be in it?

7. Alef

A list of books by Paulo Coelho continues to "Aleph", a book that is an autobiographical novel. He was released in 2011, so is relatively new. The description of the product says that the plot is the writer of old age. He has accomplished a lot in life, have made discoveries, gained success and fame, which could not even dream of. However, he feels that his life has stalled, and he ceased to grow.

The only true solution proposed his spiritual master who was visited by the writer. When life comes to a standstill, you need to leave the house to go on a long journey. The adventure will allow you to recall youth and to make new discoveries.

The writer decides to go through Europe and visit Russia, he should be on the TRANS-Siberian railway and is looking for happiness. On the way he meets a violinist Hilal, and that it helps the writer to understand his inner world. The protagonist has one of the most important and long journeys – the road to yourself.

"Aleph" is a masterpiece with deep philosophical meaning. Everyone had to lose myself, to falter and forget how to enjoy life. If a person lives this period, then it's time to start reading the book the Aleph.

6. Valkyrie

Paulo Coelho, the list of books is quite impressive and he writes on a completely different topic. The product of "Valkyrie" is an autobiography, in it the author talks about an important period of his life, namely, about the time when I was in the "Alternative society". This organization was considered a haven for anarchists, who did not recognize the current order, ignored the laws, and despised capitalism. Moreover, they practiced various black magic rituals and believed in mysticism.

But the novel tells not only about the "Alternative society", but also about how the man was looking for his guardian angel. Hero went to the Mojave desert where she met a mysterious warrior. Their leader was called the Valkyrie. The hero, together with his wife decided to go with them in order to finally find peace.

The writer opened the readers an interesting fact about the fact that Valkyrie is a real person. However, the master of the pen does not mention her name, but assures that she once led Paulo to Catholicism. The book "Valkyrie" has a fascinating and meaningful story that will help people find faith.

5. Diary of magician

As already mentioned, it is the "Diary of the magician" became the first published book by the author, so he just has to get on the list of famous works. The novel was also published under the title "the Pilgrimage" and is considered to be autobiographical.

In the center of the story is the journey of Paulo Coelho on the famous Camino de Santiago, which since the middle ages passed many pilgrims. On his difficult journey he meets characters who call mystical guides. He also has to deal with demonic messengers and tries to understand the nature of truth in order to gain Power and learn the mysterious rituals of the order of the RAM.

The main character is not only important to understand what is the meaning of life, but also spend considerable work on yourself. Each person one has to think about how this planet, what are the laws of existence. That's the main character constantly thinks about the sun, the wind, and the whole of the planet. He needs to practice a lot to change and to achieve what he wants. It's really hard, but something that comes easy, usually, not appreciated.

People who read the famous novel the author decide to go the same path and also to know yourself. Any reader can get acquainted with the beautiful work and along with the main character to try to change yourself, to become stronger and better. Every man is the sculptor of his personality, therefore, obliged all my life to work on yourself.

This book can not be put on a par with the fantasy genre, where the popdance knows the non-existent world and fights the forces of evil. "Diary of the magician" is a philosophical work, which tells about the formation of personality, the acquisition of wisdom, and about how this planet. The product is often put on one level with the famous "Alchemist", which won the hearts of millions of readers. Fans of philosophy and deep books definitely encouraged to read the "Diary of the magician".

4. Eleven minutes

The list of the best books continues good and controversial piece "Eleven minutes". It was published in 2003 and immediately had the taste of many readers. The novel is dominated by female subject, directly in the plot reveals the story of a prostitute named Maria.

The main character says in the novel about the world, about the problems in intimate life, which for her is important. What is surprising is that she voluntarily became a woman of easy virtue. She at any moment could change his life, but she likes to work in the field of sexual services.

But everything changes after the case – she meets the famous artist who wants to paint her portrait. He knows that the girl is a prostitute, however, does not see anything wrong. Artist interested in the gleam in his eyes that he saw representatives of the sphere of sexual services. That's why he wants to repeat the meeting, and already comes to her work.

"Eleven minutes" is a romantic piece that is deservedly included in the top 10 best books of Paulo Coelho. The plot is based on real events, namely, it told a real prostitute whose life is not ordinary. The ending works quite unexpected, and it makes you think every reader a lot. The book encourages not to hang labels on people just because their profession and lifestyle. You need to try to understand what is happening in their soul, and then already to do conclusions. Everyone has a chance to change and start life with a clean face, but sometimes, it needs to meet the right person.

3. The devil and miss Prym

Philosophical novel "the Devil and miss Prym" was released in 2000, and his entertaining story and high quality writing captivated readers. The product at first glance simple, but it has a profound meaning that should be understood by everyone. But more on that later, first, let's read the story.

The action takes place in the quiet town, which at first glance may not interest readers. However, everything is not as easy as it seems. The writer introduces readers to a nursing woman Bertha, which for nearly 15 years speaks with his deceased husband. He promised her that soon it would come the devil, so she is waiting for a meeting.

The quiet town comes to the unknown man, who decides to stay here for about a week. He mysteriously buried in the woods 11 gold bars. The stranger met a local woman – a girl named Chantal Approx. She dreams of a better life, but while at the bar the only hotel in the city. Prim wants to save money in order to leave this boring town.

The stranger makes Chantal unusual offer: he's willing to give her a bar of gold for what she will tell people some information. Directly, she needs to tell local people about what they need to kill someone, and then they will get the gold. The girl is embarrassed, but she still agrees to do it. The stranger tells her where the gold is buried, and before Prim gets the choice to steal it, or honestly to comply with the terms of the transaction.

It's amazing what even the most harmless people, when it comes to big money. As the saying goes, wealth corrupts, because it can lead to bad things. The writer in his piece is trying to convey to readers the profound idea that there is good and bad people. In each lives of both the light and dark side, and between them is a daily struggle. The question is only who wins, but here already all depends on the faith and self-control. Each person is responsible for his life, and absolutely anyone can be both bad and good.

2. The alchemist

"The alchemist" one of the most famous novels of the author, who was recognized as an international bestseller. The plot of the book is based on European folklore and the main character made a shepherd named Santiago from Spain. He lived in Andalusia, and one day saw a dream in which were the treasures of the Egyptian pyramids.

The shepherd appealed to the Gypsy in order to understand the interpretation of this dream. After her words, he decided that he should go to Egypt and try to find the treasure. He receives from the elder stones, is able to interpret the will of the Lord, and in return gives of the sheep. In the end, the shepherd decided to leave everything at home and on his way to Egypt.

In a foreign country the traveler is losing money, because of what he has to look for work to survive. Later, he learns about a mysterious "Alchemist", which soon found. This is what turns his life and makes you think about what is truly valuable in this life.

Work "the Alchemist" is steeped in symbolism, and it can be noticed by the reader, if you think about it in line. The writer by his creation, trying to understand what was the meaning of existence. Shepherd was attracted by the unknown, but really all a person needs is much closer than you think. The protagonist of the piece was looking for jewels in a foreign country, which seemed to him amazing. However, he found treasure in his homeland.

The author believes that each person has their own destiny, we just need to follow it and not go the right way. In life, you may meet many trials that only the strongest pass. However, it is important not to give up and to persevere until then, until you are able to achieve.

"The alchemist" a wise and meaningful work, quotes from which many fans of Paulo Coelho. Books should open your eyes to important things and to make people better, stronger and more confident. "The alchemist" is such a work, and it will find for itself something new, as a young reader, and people aged.

1. Veronika decides to die

"Veronika decides to die" is one of the most controversial books of the author, which at first glance might seem depressing, but carries an entirely different meaning. The plot tells the story of Veronica, 24 years old, but she had already disappointed in life. She's bored, she can't enjoy what is happening and finds its existence empty. One day she finally decides that this can not continue, and takes an overdose of sleeping pills.

However, Veronika does not die, her time to save the doctors and sent to a hospital for the mentally ill. There character are going to be treated by a special technique, whose main task – to teach the girl again to enjoy life. At first Veronica thinks only about how she still unfinished business and kill myself. But doctors say that because of taking sleeping pills, she suffered a heart, and the girl is left to live not more than a week.

At this point, Veronica realizes that she actually is not ready to die. In the hospital she found a friend who suffers from depression. She also met a guy named Edward, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. She falls in love, but it also realizes that life is just not long. Girl decides to escape with him from the hospital to live her last days as they want. Now she no longer thinks about death and understand how precious life is.

According to the book "Veronika decides to die" was filmed, and the artwork itself is considered a cult. It will be of interest to any reader, regardless of gender and age. The book won the honorable first place, because it is not only a fascinating story but also endowed with a profound meaning. After reading it, every person understands that you need to be able to enjoy life, because it at any time could end.

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