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10 best books on financial literacy


If the person does not possess even elementary level of financial literacy, it is a good risk that he will never be able to achieve material well-being, because of what his family will have a lifetime to eke out an unenviable existence. This situation will take place as long as it is anything not to learn how to treat their tools and take steps to improve the situation. Of course, this experience cannot come from nowhere. In order to effectively use their personal potential need to develop, and good helpers will be books on financial literacy, which at the time had become bestsellers. We present you the top 10 popular books, the ability to direct your forces in the right direction and help to improve their financial situation.

10. Robert Kiyosaki, Sharon lechter, "cashflow Quadrant"

The work of two famous authors in an accessible form in detail shows why people with low or average incomes are not able to provide for themselves the greatest possible degree of financial independence, and in which sector of the quadrant must be to change this state of Affairs. The book describes ways of organizing passive sources of income, so she is very popular among people who are not endowed by nature with excessive workaholism.

It should be noted, chokwatana cash flow is a continuation of the well-known textbook on financial literacy, Poor Dad, Rich Dad

9. John Barre Williams "the Theory of investment value"

When the book first became available to the masses, it was nothing more than a Harvard PhD thesis that the author defended a year before the publication of this work. Despite that, the Theory of investment value was written over 80 years ago, it still has not lost its relevance, thanks to the hard work of the author on the issue of measurement of financial assets.

8. Peter Lynch, "Beat wall street"

One of the most effective financial managers in the U.S. in his book shares with readers how, armed with only their knowledge and professional skills, to evade even the leading investors. In his work describes in detail the options for investing. Singling out from the General stream of proposals, the most promising from the point of view of receiving dividends, it is possible to find businesses that deserve attention before it will make savvy investors.

7. George Soros the Alchemy of Finance

The personality of George Soros's attitude both in our country and in many other countries around the world, very controversial. However, hardly anyone would argue that today it is one of the most successful investors in the world. In the new edition of his famous work which has become a classic of professional financial literature, the author shares the secrets of his financial success.

6. George Clason "the richest man in Babylon"

Speaking of best books for improving the level of financial literacy, not to mention the most famous work of George Clason, which details the basics of investing. After reading this book, a novice investor, having even a very modest capital, can make it in the near future to generate income. The author also takes an important role in the life of a financier of his habits, including: the need to set aside at least a tenth from each of their income, strict cost optimization, the ability to make all their material resources in a continuous mode to spin, generating income, and most importantly, constant aspiration to professional and personal self-improvement.

5. Donald trump "the Art to make deals"

This book was created by the author in a time when few people could imagine that one of the most successful entrepreneurs in U.S. history will ever sit in the seat of the President. Ah, the art of the deal this book is for those who want to invest their future in the world of big business. This outlines in detail the basic principles of major transactions, control of gambling establishments and methods of resistance to bureaucratic routine. Trump also tells in detail about their projects, which become to some extent a hallmark of new York.

4. Andrew Paranich "Personal financial plan. Instructions for drafting"

Know the basics of rational distribution of means is important for anyone who seeks financial independence. That is spent funds and how to plan your budget so that enough funds until the next income? How to realize the most daring projects? How to create the basis of their well-being and to understand how much money is needed to meet all the needs? The answers in accessible form set out in this entertaining book.

3. Bodo Schaefer, "the Way to financial freedom"

This work was published a long time ago, but he still has not lost its relevance. It contains a huge amount of useful information about what should be the first steps in business how to effectively start to invest, how quickly to pay off the creditors and how to properly dispose of the income. The author also shares the secret of how from wage workers to become financially independent.

2. "Daniel

This guide to financial literacy is considered to be the most popular among books of this format. Here, in a simple and accessible form set out the basic principles of successful investment.

How to make money work for themselves, and not to lie dead weight? What projects are considered the most attractive from the point of view of investments? How to reduce the risk of a large loss of deposits? How to work with shares? All of this you can find out by reading this interesting book.

1. Constantine Baksht "the Taste of life. How to achieve success, financial freedom and control your destiny"

Here the author encourages the reader to abandon the philosophy of gradual accumulation to a decent old age. In his opinion, it is much wiser to strive to achieve a life of material prosperity, not only to enjoy all the pleasures of financial independence, but also be able to provide their children a decent start in life.

Constantine Baksht does not apply marketing of stamps. He is quite specific examples describes technology to increase their own status. However, the author notes that this book is not suitable as a guide to action for those who want to achieve quick result with minimal effort. Real success requires hard work and time. However, it's worth it!

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