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10 best houseplants for your home


There are people who just can't live without plants and flowers. It is they in the spring stormed the markets in search of seedlings, and then hammered a dense crowd in a commuter train to soon to plant favorite plants on the site. But what if you are not too fit the description above, and give you he has never had, but the craving for the colors like there? In this case there are lovely plants that can be grown right at home. This was and is our today's article. Ten best indoor plants for your home.

10. Aloe

Varieties according to various estimates, there are about 350, with some grade aloe can be grown at home. The most common is the well-known century plant. Of course, potted aloe carries a lot of useful to human health properties (medicinal qualities have in fact just aloe Vera), but you're not going to use a miniature plant as a home pharmacies, as well? Spicy aloe leaves look original, pleasing to the eye and create a home atmosphere of tranquility. In addition, superstitious people attributed to aloe the function of protection of housing from unhappiness.

9. Hibiscus

She's a tea rose, China rose and hibiscus. Still tasted delicious tea with hibiscus, Yes? Of course, house plant won't bloom on this scale that you forget the road to the tea shop, however put it in the home. Colorful hibiscus petals look very nice and add colour to your home interior. Tea rose does not apply to a capricious plant, and the flower in addition to moisture, it is regular sunlight. Enough to put a pot on the South side, and you can enjoy the hibiscus bloom almost all year round with a break for the winter. The only thing one needs to check the plant for the presence of spider mites (the main disease of hibiscus).

8. Kalanchoe

In appearance reminiscent of Kalanchoe painted miniature fruits cauliflower. In contrast, the same aloe, the useful qualities of the plants do not depend on the species. So if you decide to get yourself a Kalanchoe, you know – in your room will settle the little doctor (popularly called the flower is really a surgeon because of healing properties). Also Kalanchoe is considered to be the Converter negative energy into positive. It is believed that the plant absorbs the flow of aggression and anger produced by nearby people, thereby bringing home the harmony and peace of mind. Kalanchoe is extremely low maintenance, but best of all, the flower will feel the window on the South-East.

7. Cyclamen

It is clear that in 99 percent of cases, care of house plants – it is the prerogative of the beautiful half of humanity. However, of all flowers cyclamen is considered the most feminine. At the very least, observant lady noticed that, owning a cyclamen have become increasingly catch myself male glances. Moreover, the process of transformation of the female person is extremely unobtrusive. Well, if so, the flower has a priceless property. Thus, the plant needs no special care. During flowering cyclamen happy guests home colorful flowers of red, pink and white shades (depending on the species).

6. Violet

Room violet will be a real decoration for your windowsill. Red, purple and white flowers will add color to gray days and lift your spirits even on a cloudy day. However, the positive qualities of this plant do not end there. It is known that violets have a beneficial effect on the mental state of a household. Flowers create an aura which manages to avoid the strong surge of emotion, both positive and negative. If your home has small children doctors advise to put violet in the room where the child spends the most time. The plant helps to improve mood and baby's sleep. Of course, it is not necessary to hang on the violet home duties of a psychologist, because in the first place all in your hands.

5. Begonia

There are several types of potted begonias, each of which is beautiful and attractive in their own way. For example, the Royal variety will impress you with vivid colors: deep raspberry shade smoothly into the silver and transformed into emerald. Or here's a sort of "Vesuvius", the flowers of which combine Burgundy and black shades. In General, quite sophisticated solution for lovers of unconventional solutions. Like most houseplants, begonia benefits. Secreted by flower substances affect bacteria, mold and mildew, preventing the appearance of the final product. Also there is a hypothesis that begonia sets the people to communicate and gives them inward.

4. Decorative bamboo

Another uncommon plant that will decorate any interior and will attract the eyes of guests. In fact, what we call decorative bamboo, bamboo wild has almost nothing to do. After all, house plant has a curved trunk and small height (up to 1 meter). This is one of the types of shrubby dracaena (sander). The plant that almost never blooms, but this from him, it seems, and is not required. Evergreen dracaena will be a magnificent decoration piece. Home owners bamboo will soothe and inspire new business, and guests will appreciate not only the plant, but also the excellent taste of its owner.

3. Spathiphyllum

Difficult is not only the name of this plant. During flowering the eyes of the owner of Spathiphyllum offers amazing beauty buds. On the one hand they look like snow-white sails, and with another – the flowers resemble torches to confidently rushed up. The people Spathiphyllum called "women's happiness". With the plant associated with multiple takes, one of which is this: to find your Mr right, you just have to take care of the flower and in any case can not be anyone to give it. Home spatifillum are divided into several types – from 10 cm to a meter tall.

2. Sansevieriya

Another exotic name in our list. Sansevieriya in appearance resembles aloe – evergreen dense leaves are filled with moisture, also direct its growth upwards. Because the flower itself is maybe to store the moisture and evenly distribute it, care sansevieria is minimized. Even water the plant only need a couple times a month. This flower is the best fit for beginners. If you have the unfortunate experience of rearing other household plants, be sure to try sansevieriya and see that you are not hopeless.

1. Money tree

Well, closes our list of houseplants the famous money tree. Its name it must round fleshy leaves, very reminiscent of coins. It is not surprising that superstitious people associate with money tree a bunch of legends and all sorts of that will. Of course, you will believe anything, but you know that bills from the sky didn't fall, and certainly not grow on a tree. The plant itself does not require excessive care and is perfectly adapted to the weather conditions and the seasons of our country. The best way to pot a money tree would feel in shading place in the South-East.

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