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10 best composers in the world according to the New York Times


Classical music is the music of high, intellectual people, which not everyone will be able to come to understand it. Works of classical composers were popular not only during their lifetime but also after their death. They are still studied in all schools and even used in medicinal purposes. The works of each composer aimed at improving different parts of the body and its condition in General. Specifically for people with high taste authoritative edition of the New York Times published a list of the 10 best composers in the world.

10. Bartok

Composer Béla bartók was born in Nagy Saint Miklos in 1881 in a family of teachers and Directors of agricultural schools. From early childhood mother instilled in him a love for the piano. After his first concert, which was very successful, Bartok continue to make progress in her musical career. Considered one of the most influential innovators of the twentieth century, despite the fact that he has never and is not joined to any flow. Left behind a great legacy in the form of multiple compositions. Béla bartók posthumously received two prestigious awards, named the crater on mercury, and made an enormous contribution to the world musical art.

9. Wagner

Richard Wagner is a revolutionary Opera, which at one time had a huge impact on European and world culture in General. In 1828 he began to come to grips with music. Despite its rich and not the easiest life, Richard Wagner showed great skills and abilities in classical music. The composer regarded music as a means of expressing philosophical concepts. Songs of Richard at that time had impressed everyone with his identity, as no one before him did no such thing. Richard Wagner in his life wrote not so many pieces compared to the previous composers, but he left a tremendous legacy behind.

8. Verdi

The composer was born in a poor family, so his childhood was pretty hard. In childhood, Verdi showed great attraction to music, which his parents gave him a spinet. Later, Verdi drew the attention of Antonio Barezzi and said that he is not an innkeeper, and a great composer. And so it happened. After the Opera, "Othello", it drew the attention of the critics of the time, as a result, its popularity has reached unprecedented heights. Verdi created many operas that are set in the XXI century. In his style the influence of predecessors: Meyerbeer, Donizetti, Bellini and Rossini. The composer died in 1901 from a stroke.

7. Brahms

Johannes Brahms was a German composer born in 1833 in Hamburg. His first music lessons the future composer received from his father. Later, having the skills to play wind and string instruments, and Johannes studied the piano. Thanks to his talent, he is already 10 years old has performed at prestigious concerts. Brahms worked in many genres, but neither one Opera he never wrote. During his life he created more than eighty works. But the famous Johannes Brahms has become, thanks to his symphonies, in which he showed his own style and identity. The most outstanding piece is "German Requiem". Later, in honor of the composer was named one of the craters on mercury.

6. Stravinsky

Igor Stravinsky is the great Russian composer. He was born 17 Jun 1882 in a family of musicians, which most likely is the cause of love for the music. In his youth, long and hard, studied piano, with the result that he wrote his first work under the guidance of Rimsky-Korsakov. Stravinsky in his life he worked in all genres, showing his huge talent and originality. The style of music by Stravinsky, in contrast to other composers, it is impossible to describe in one word, as he was characterized by frequent change techniques. Igor Stravinsky was the owner of a unique musical talent, so his work is highly regarded to this day.

5. Debussy

The composer was born in France on 22 August 1862. In addition to the world of fame, Debussy became the best representative of musical impressionism. Born in the family of a merchant. After moving to Cannes he received his first piano lessons. In 10 years, he entered the Conservatory in which was a good student, though special, he didn't stand out. After graduating from the Conservatoire, Debussy earned many prestigious awards and worked with famous people. Despite the tight struggle with poverty and illness, the composer continued to work hard, which certainly came to fruition. Debussy during his lifetime created a huge number of works.

4. Schubert

Franz Peter Schubert was one of the founders of romanticism in classical music. From early childhood he began to show great aptitude for music and studied various musical instruments. In addition, Schubert was the owner of a unique voice. Despite his short life of 32 years, he wrote many compositions and over 600 songs. Schubert made it clear to everyone that the song on the value of other genres. Schubert demonstrated in the music of their independence and thinking is completely different from thinking living in the time of Beethoven. The composer died of typhoid fever in 1828.

3. Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born January 27, 1956 in Salzburg. Mozart is one of the most famous classical composers. Familiar with him the people claimed that Mozart was gifted with a phenomenal singing talent. His works differ from works of other composers of those times that he didn't just work in all genres, but also excelled in them. Belongs to the most significant representatives of the Viennese classical school. Mozart is one of the founders of the classical Concerto. During his life he wrote 626 compositions. Many of the works of Mozart has not lost its relevance today. He died the great composer early in 35 years. The exact cause of death is still not installed.

2. Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven — the legendary composer, whose works are actively performed to this day. The Symphony XIX and XX centuries was greatly influenced by Beethoven. Father, obsessed with the idea of doing Beethoven's second Mozart, gave him an initial knowledge base with which Beethoven went through further training. Beethoven is the Creator of the piano style. Each of his work is a masterpiece of world classical music. The monument to this great composer installed globally. The legacy of Beethoven to this day lives an active life and studied.

1. Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the greatest composers in history, wrote in his life of more than 1,000 works in all genres of music of the time. Wrote a lot of sacred music, as he was a Protestant. Born into a family of musicians. The Bach was brought up the other great composers Mozart and Beethoven. After the composer's death, a host of groups involved in the study of his life and creativity. The New York Times, Johann Sebastian Bach is in first place in the list of the 10 greatest composers of all times and peoples.

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