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The 10 best pasta shugaring at home


Sugaring method of hair removal that involves the use of a dedicated sugar paste. This method of hair removal is very popular among the ladies because it is safe, effective and relatively painless. Sugaring is very easy to implement at home. Look at the 10 best pasta for this procedure at home.

10. Аravia

Paste from this Russian manufacturer very effectively removes unwanted hair, besides it ensures a painless process of hair removal. Such a tool removes hair, length 3 mm. Together with the hair, it effectively removes dead skin particles of skin without damaging the skin. In their feedback women talk about a lot of benefit paste: ease of use, relatively low price and many other advantages. The composition of these products include natural ingredients: purified water, glucose, fructose. No harmful additives, preservatives.

9. Riviere Sucre

These tools are manufactured in France. They include vitamins effectively nourish the skin. These pastes are used for exfoliation and hair removal. Before applying to the skin Riviere Sucre in just a few minutes to heat in a microwave oven. To achieve the best results, you should apply this paste with the talc from the same manufacturer. To remove a tool from the skin you need to use ordinary tap water. Strips of pasta can be used several times, until they become too sticky.

8. Saona

Russian money Saona suitable for use in salons and at home. They include water, glucose, fructose. After using the paste Saona skin remains very smooth. These cosmetic products are not zachariasse, so their operational characteristics are maintained for a long time. Women say that pasta Saona is very easy to use, so it is great for beginners. This is a good option for those women whose skin is hypersensitive.

7. Cannaan

These toothpaste are created in Israel. They are both dense and very soft. The manufacturer offers products designed for use in salons and for home application. After epilating with this cosmetic smoothness of the skin persists for a week and a half. Pasta Cannaan better to use if you already have experience of the use of such funds: beginners with him will be difficult. This makeup is suitable for different body parts. It is recommended before using it to treat the skin with special lotion.

6. Start Epil

Start Epil – Russian tool, featuring a very high quality. Leather treated this paste becomes smooth, shiny and soft. This tool does not damage the skin. It is suitable for removing light, dark, long and even relatively short hairs. Experts say that cosmetics Start Epil is ideal for use at home.

5. Ayuna

Is a Ukrainian-Russian manufacturer, specializing in creating not only effective, but also the most safe means shugaring. Once applied, the hair then begin to grow, and the feeling of discomfort is completely absent. All cosmetics ayuna undergoes dermatological control, confirming its compliance with the medical requirements. In the line, the manufacturer has included not only the paste for hair removal, but also the means by which you can effectively care for the skin before and after the treatment.

4. Alexandria

Means "Alexandria" made in the USA. They appeared long ago, in the late 80-ies. The manufacturer is constantly sought to make makeup more perfect, eco-friendly, safe. The paste composition Alexandria includes vitamins, providing gentle care for the skin: it becomes perfectly smooth and silky. Using these tools, you can remove even short hairs. After using cosmetics "Alexandria" does not grow hair, besides it does not happen discomfort. Such funds are suitable for women with varicose veins, sensitive skin.

3. Gloria

This domestic manufacturer also offers different means: as with various additives, and traditional composition. The lineup includes cosmetics for individual sections and for the whole body. It is a high quality versatile products, it is suitable for various techniques. For such funds, no fragrances, parabens, so they do not cause allergic reactions. Gloria paste good for removing coarse hair. They allow to achieve very good results, however, after such hair removal can appear ingrown hairs.

2. Gerber

Russian money Gerbere very popular both among professionals and ordinary consumers. This makeup is created from purified water, lemon juice, fructose. This tool does not need heating before application, it is easy to apply and very easy to shoot. With soft paste usually working professionals. Cosmetics of medium-bodied consistency good for eliminating hair in the armpits, on the abdomen, on the face. Hard toothpaste is better to choose for hair removal on the legs, arms and bikini area.

1. Pandhys rathany calming and hydrating s

This makeup is made in Hungary. It is composed of natural ingredients: water, glucose, fructose. Pandhys rathany calming and hydrating funds s do not cause irritation and allergic reactions. Such funds are popular in many Western countries. Cosmetics shugaring pandhys rathany calming and hydrating s can only be purchased after the preliminary training, and its cost is usually quite high, but this price is justified by the very high quality products. It is well suited for hair removal on the face and legs.

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