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10 best recipes of Easter cakes for Easter


Approaching a great for all the Orthodox holiday – Easter Sunday or Easter. In this day ends a Great post, and serve various dishes. One of the traditional Easter dishes is a cake. We all know how wants to bite the magic of baking, which is specially prepared and served just once a year. Today we found you the best recipes of Easter cakes. Below are 10 different ways of cooking this dish. Sure, each of you, dear readers, will find the recipe for holiday cake.

10. Cake "Ripening" of the milk

Let's start with the most simple and uncomplicated recipe by which you can quickly cook Easter cake (which, in principle, the name implies). To bake a cake "Maturing", we need only 7 ingredients, including flour, sugar, eggs, butter, milk, raisins and a pinch of yeast. As a rule, every housewife all these products are available on a consistent basis, except that a handful of raisins will need to be purchased separately. The cooking process takes about an hour. So if you have a minimum of free time, and wanting to eat cake a lot, then this recipe is for you.

9. The Recipe Of "Monastic"

The following recipe is slightly more complicated in execution, but still available to cook at any level and it is also not too time consuming. The list of ingredients in this case is extended – added some warm water, candied fruit and herbs in a cinnamon and cardamom. The best dish will work if the dough is to leave it on overnight. The basis of our cake will be magnificent, and in the morning you will need quite a bit of time to roll out the dough and put it on the forms. Cake this recipe is not covered by the glaze, so it looks like a really baked in this monastery. However, if desired, cakes can be decorated to your taste.

8. Chocolate cake

Cake, prepared according this recipe, will definitely be unusual. First, chocolate cake is radically different from the "colleagues" the color of the test (it turns darker) and taste. Second, the cooking here can be used as a conventional oven and a bread machine. The latter, incidentally, still and all you will do is you will only need to put the products in a certain sequence. The ingredients that form the basis for the test of cake, in this case, added walnuts, cinnamon, cocoa powder, well, just chocolate (best suited dark). While bread machine is working, you can cook the icing and decorations to the cake came out presentable.

7. "Siberian" cake

In Soviet culinary book, the 60-ies of the recipe of the cake under the name "Siberian" is listed as a vintage Russian. Therefore, this way of cooking Easter meals are not less than a century for sure. A set of baking ingredients "Siberian" cake is a kind of benchmark. Of the products that distinguishes this recipe, you can select the vanilla sugar, thanks to which the cake turns out very fragrant. A pleasant smell of baking dough with the addition of vanilla will take you back to the world of childhood, where my grandmother diligently and soul cooked cakes every Easter. In fact, the taste of "Siberian" is also reminiscent of "the same" cakes from my childhood.

6. The cake in melted milk

And here is the recipe for those who wish to feel the fullness of taste Easter cakes. Let's not talk about the taste of the cake based dough which is baked milk? In fact, besides him, among the products for making a vanilla sugar, baking adds fabulous flavor. The creators of the recipe decided that not extra there will be a couple of tablespoons of brandy. Well what can I say – the result is very high in calories, but incredibly delicious dish, worthy of a large celebration. Everyone just needs at least once to taste this cake – trust me, the calories you'll forget!

5. Cheese cake

What if your family love cheese, and traditional Easter here it is clearly not limited? Well, this case is a special recipe for festive cake, which you can feel free to add your favorite ingredient. It is the cheese in this case will be the basis for the test. You will also need a standard list of products, which includes flour, butter, sugar and eggs. Add to this the traditional Easter baking raisins and fragrant vanilla. Well, to impart special flavors will Brysam into the dough a little lemon juice. Our cake turned out fluffy, it is important before cooking, RUB the curd through the sieve.

4. Cake Krapfen

The feature of this cake is that "Krapfen" has a non-standard Easter pastries configuration of a spiral. In addition, this is the only cake (at least, on our list), where in the recipe along with raisins, dried cranberries provided – must be very unusual dish will turn out. However, we will leave right berry of choice at the mercy of the mistress and learn how it is done the spiral. It is necessary to roll out several layers of dough, season them with a filling of berries and almonds and gently roll. The resulting rolls must be cut in half lengthwise, then tighten one half, and on top of it is another. That's the whole delicious secret.

3. Custard cake with candied fruit

Candied fruit is the second most popular berry-fruit additive in Easter cakes. What we add to the dough if decides to cook choux pastry in this recipe. However, nobody forbids us to create this cake candied fruit and raisins in the same proportion in which one pleases. The composition of the test there are practically no differences from the majority of today's recipes, except that the yeast must be alive. To give extra flavor when cooking you can add in the dough lemon zest and a few spices in nutmeg or cardamom. Getting a subtle flavor you can squirt a few drops of cognac.

2. Easter cake with raisins

Yeah, everywhere only recipes with ingredients and proportions. But let's fantasize! Under the title "Cake with raisins", we mean the fact that we have a standard basis for the test and, in fact, raisins. Further – whatever your heart pleases. For example, you can flavor the cake with nuts or seeds. Or hide them in the batter a few chocolate slices before putting it in the oven. What if instead of the glaze in the finished cake to make the inside blotches of cream? Maybe add orange zest or coconut shavings? Anyway, design options Easter baking has a great variety – it all depends on your imagination and taste preferences.

1. The"Royal" cake

Well crowns our list of the recipes of the "rich" and substantial cake with the appropriate name. The ingredient list here is impressive. Cream, candied pineapple, almonds, and cardamom – are part of the "Royal" cake. It should be noted that this baking in a hurry is not done, and for cooking will require a lot of time. The dough is made sure by hand, and what intensity and duration did you do it, depends on the tenderness and fluffiness of the finished cake. However, all the work and effort will pay off for the Easter table, where the "Royal" cake deservedly is one of the main places.

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