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10 best recipes for scrubs, lip


Manufacturers of cosmetic products every year, the more you save on cost, which they begin to include more and more cheap chemical components. Rarely we observe in the composition of the emollient oils and antiseptic organic acids, aromatic esters and regenerating antioxidants. To replace come silicones, parabens, fragrances and other chemicals, which causes irritation and allergies, and besides, is often useless.

The mucosa of the lips is delicate and sensitive surface, so not every industrial scrub do you use to exfoliate. We invite you to take matters into their own hands and prepare caring and soft peeling based on natural products: sugar, honey, coffee, fruit acids and nourishing oils.

Below are 10 tested recipes for scrubs for lips that will help gently cleanse the sensitive area, to achieve a smooth and soft surface just a few minutes.

10. Cinnamon and honey scrub

For making soft spicy means you will need a teaspoon of Foundation: liquid or melted honey (low quality), sugar (you can take the classic beet or cane, fructose). In the prepared "syrup" to add pinch of turmeric and cinnamon, mix thoroughly. Gentle scrub spread on the lips, gently rubbing and massaging for 10 minutes. Rinse the tool with water and apply any nourishing or moisturizing cream. Caution: spices can cause a feeling of tingling and tingling and also trigger allergies. In the case of unpleasant and painful sensations scrub rinse early.

9. A gentle oatmeal scrub

For cooking delicate cleanser, which is necessary for scaly, irritated and sensitive mucous membrane, it is better to use slimy oatmeal, and oatmeal in this plan will fit perfectly. We will need 1 tablespoon of cereal (preferably special children's, not coarse cereals), the same of milk and a few drops of essential oil (e.g. tea or the regular rose). Flakes grind in a coffee grinder or take the prepared dry cereal, mix with butter and milk, and then gently programirovanii the lip for 10 seconds. Hold another 3-5 minutes, then rinse. Peeling of oatmeal is perfect for dry and chapped skin after a frost.

8. Sicilian scrub

The tool with the strange name is indispensable for those who have allergies to bee products, gluten, milk and other food ingredients. Using these components, you can make itching and flaking of the epithelium, rashes, and sometimes allergic rhinitis and massive facial swelling. Sicilian scrub consists mainly of basic skin care and emollient oil, and an abrasive component is salt "extra". Simply mix a teaspoon of salt, a base of vegetable oil (sesame, olive or flax), skin care (Shea, coconut or peach), and then add a few drops of ether bergamot (if not allergic). Apply onto lips and gently massage for 20 seconds, then rinse.

7. Honey mint scrub for lips

Want to have a lush sponge effect "zatselovali" – then spicy honey-mint scrub is perfect for you. Shortly before going or applying makeup, prepare the following remedy: mix a teaspoon of sugar and honey, diluted with two drops of peppermint ether. Scrub mix and RUB with sponge, hold for a few minutes (even a good "nibble" of the surface). Then rinse and apply makeup. Here you have a natural "filler" is ready – and not have to resort to injections.

6. Apple scrub for delicate skin

Scrub based on organic acids and antioxidants protect damaged and weakened mucous membranes of the lips. This juicy peeling recommend in summer and autumn, when there is a good crop of natural apples. Blender just mash the Apple into a puree, then take a teaspoon of the masses, combining with the same amount of sugar and honey. To enhance local immunity and improve blood flow to the scrub, add the essential oil of citrus or lemongrass. Treat peeling lips for 15 seconds, no more (acid can begin to erode the surface), rinse. After the procedure, be sure to moisturize or soften the skin with a protective balm with filters from UV rays.

5. Coffee and honey scrub with cocoa

Gentle and aromatic scrub before a date, which will leave after the kiss coffee aftertaste. For care of lip skin take a teaspoon of ground cocoa and coffee, as well as liquid honey. All mix until smooth, and if desired, can strengthen a soothing coconut oil, Shea butter, macadamia, etc. Delicately poskrbite the skin for 20 seconds, then rinse. Finale can apply the care oil of the same coconut and allow to soften skin and to reduce the stress of cleaning procedures.

4. Orange scrub semolina

Invigorating fresh recipe for a summer mood. But in the heat lip care is also important, especially when there is a harmful effect of dry winds and salty sea water. In order to moisturize and heal chapped skin take a tablespoon of monkey and connect with oils: 3 drops of citrus ether, 2 drops each of oils of calendula, cinnamon and base (coconut, Shea, etc.). Pre-soften the semolina in a tablespoon of orange juice. Mass put on the lips, a little massage, and then leave for a few minutes. Tingling effect of spices and citrus will tell you that you are on the right track – in this moment blood intensively flows to the region.

3. Coffee almond scrub

Another option for flavored coffee scrub, but this time instead of honey ground coffee (1 teaspoon) will be joined with the base almond oil (1 tsp). Means stir quickly, not allowing coffee to dissolve, and a good poskrbite the surface of the lips for 20-30 seconds. To soften and moisturize epithelium can hold the scrub for a few minutes, then rinse. The oil creates a protective film on the lips, so to soften the surface can additionally apply a hydro gel.

2. Honey-peppermint scrub

Sensual and seductive lips with a smooth surface is not fiction magazines. An effective scrub can be made at home from completely worldly products that are in the pantry and medicine Cabinet. Take a teaspoon of sugar and liquid honey, add Cayenne or red pepper pinch will dalam 5 drops of base oil (Shea, grape, peach) and 1 drop of oil solution of vitamin E. This "shock" part of the warm up the skin, cleanse from dead skin layer and will ensure good blood flow. Massage with scrub epithelium no more than 15 seconds, hold it for a minute until the tingling effect and rinse.

1. Banana scrub "tropic"

Such a delicious and original peeling so hold on, not to lick his lips! Take a teaspoon of mashed banana and any abrasive material (sugar, salt), combine with 2 drops of citrus of ether and 5 drops of base oil (Shea, coconut). Add also 0,5 teaspoon of lemon juice and mix. A fragrant mass is put on the cleaned surface of the lips, massage for a few minutes and rinse with water. To soften smooth and soft surface use hygienic balm or base oil.

Elastic and smooth lip surface – the perfect base for decorative cosmetics. If you regularly peel region, cracks, dryness and peeling you face will not.

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