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10 best restaurants in Kiev


Ukrainian dishes are considered to be some of the most delicious in the world, and the kitchen is a vast universe. Nourishing soup, bacon, dumplings and stews in pots – just those words make your mouth water, but this is only a one thousandth part of a multifaceted and soul of Ukrainian cuisine. And where, if not in Kiev, collected a great many venues in places where you can taste all these dishes. To your attention today the ten best restaurants of Kiev. Savory, as they say!

10. Chervona Kalina

This restaurant is part of the same complex, which also includes a few hotels. We must start with the unique location of the establishment – it is located in the centre of Kiev, but a 10-minute walk to your attention appears untouched island of nature near the Dnieper river. The restaurant itself accommodates 10 rooms, each decorated with the use of historically national attributes and household items. The revival of traditions of Ukrainian cuisine, as well as showing its diversity and splendor – that's the main concept of the restaurant Chervona Kalita. Anyway, hungry to get out of here fail.

9. Koza-Dereza

Another interesting institution in Kiev. The so-called restaurant Bazaar is a mixture of classic restaurant, and an equally classic and familiar to all market. The fact that the creators of the Goat Barbarum decided to promote local farmers, presenting their products in a modern format. So there was this unusual refectory, where the main suppliers of ingredients for the dishes are simple people leading their own farm (their names are even listed on the menu). Obtained and maintained folk craft and modern Ukrainians and guests of the country not forget about the rich traditions of one of the most delicious cuisines in the world.

8. Black Pig

The main meat restaurant in Kiev. Anyone who understands a lot about meat dishes, be sure to taste all kinds of food from pork and poultry, cooked in a special oven over an open fire. Sausages, grilled dishes, ribs and a whole smoked pig all these treats personally prepared by the chef of the establishment. And what goes well meat on the fire? Of course, with a cool frothy beverage. Here presented to your attention the best grades of light and dark Ukrainian beer, chilled to the desired temperature and bottled in branded glasses. Special ambiance and atmosphere of the restaurant make wooden tables.

7. Smoking

By analogy with the Chervona Kalina this place is a complex under the open sky, situated in the center of Kiev. Classic restaurant rooms here – every corner made in the form of a small hut, gazebo or just a table, surrounded by a wattled fence. Accordingly, each visitor can choose a place according to your mood or company. The menu, of course, Ukrainian cuisine and also European and Georgian. By the way, the restaurant is a sort of legend of Kiev – local people pass the tradition of visiting Smoking from generation to generation, and sometimes come here with their entire dynasties. Very original place!

6. O'panas

We already knew that Kiev is famous for authentic traitname institutions. However, if you ask any resident to name three restaurants that are a great place to while away an evening, with high probability the list will O'panas. Indeed, the restaurant looks very colorful. The decisive role here is played by the unique interior in the Baroque style. Unusual layout of Windows gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of the Park named after Taras Shevchenko. As for the cuisine, here you will demonstrate the whole scale of traditional Ukrainian dishes.

5. Osteria Pantagruel

Let's move away from the colourful restaurants of Kiev, made in folk traditions. It is in the Ukrainian capital and area Italian cuisine, which is the name of Osteria Pantagruel. First visitors of the restaurant took in already far 1995, and since then the refectory is in high demand among both locals and tourists. The excellent performance of the traditional pasta from scratch Italian chef, classic and elegant Caprese Panna cotta for dessert – it's just one of many options to satisfy your appetite in Osteria Pantagruel. Special attention is given wine list – the restaurant has a chic cellar with the best sorts of Italian beverage.

4. Lyon Wine Bar

Still a bit of European cuisine in the heart of Ukraine. From the name of the restaurant it is clear that here, too, there is a good selection of wines, and for any taste and budget. Lyon Wine Bar is a classic European restaurant. Here you can dine on the summer terrace in the romantic atmosphere. Also here you can arrange a meeting without ties, where you discuss business issues over a glass of wine. Suitable the restaurant and for a casual family dinner. By the way, despite a European service and quality of food, prices in Lyon Wine Bar itself is quite democratic.

3. Oliva

Perhaps, the refectory, which stands out for its simplicity and accessibility. However, the institution has the status of the restaurant. Oliva presents to your attention Italian food, slightly adapted in Ukrainian style. For example, the pizza here is made in accordance with the gustatory demands of the residents and will be very different from a traditional Roman. In General, the restaurant is reminiscent of a Mediterranean cafe with a tightly instructed tables, fast service and low prices. Separately here for Breakfast, there is a special menu. Recovery is often observed on weekends.

2. Varenichnaya №1

So, in European restaurants a couple of nights pass, it is now possible to return to original places, still they are a kind of landmark of Kiev. Everyone knows that Ukrainian cuisine is famous for dumplings. So, in the refectory, you can enjoy as many as 20 species of this national product – this diversity is the norm here (the name of the restaurant as it suggests one requires other). Another pride of the Varenichnaya №1 are the specialty cheesecakes. Well, traditional baked fish, homemade sausage and pot roast. As for the interior, the visitor plunged into the atmosphere of a poor Ukrainian hut of the early XX century. In a room full of doilies and porcelain, antique furniture and other utensils.

1. Puzata Hata

Well, we close our rating of the most common in the Kiev restaurant Puzata Hata (by the way, in the Ukrainian capital of not one but a whole network). The original design of the rooms in a traditional style and the best dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, time-tested and lowest prices – all inherent attributes of the big-Bellied Hut. Ideal for tourists who want to eat something national in between excursions. Soup, dumplings, sausages, pancakes, burgers, potatoes with mushrooms, kvas and fruit drinks are only a small part of the range on a regular basis offers this chain of restaurants. Many rightly compare Puzata Hut with Russian cafes Moo-Moo. After all there, and everything is delicious, simply and sincerely.

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