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10 best Russian Comedy series


The first show took off in the US, it was almost 70 years ago. And soon the popularity of the series began to grow more and more Viewers are very fond of this genre. No exception and the Russian audience. But gone are the days when the word "serial" associated them exclusively with the "Street of the broken lanterns" or the suffering of the Mexican and Brazilian beauties. In Russia, too, learned to shoot a TV series. Perhaps the most successful of them is Comedy. After all the problems and troubles enough in real life, and in the evening after work you want to relax, have a good laugh. How to order each evening TV channels broadcast a Comedy series. You can choose for every taste. Even if you are not a fan of the national cinema, in this collection of the Comedy series will definitely find something you'll like.

10. Island

The plot of the story of 4 girls and 4 young people. They won the casting for a new reality show. Its creators promised a substantial cash reward to anyone who will win. They were brought to the island, where they had to compete with each other and wildlife. But disaster struck, the entire crew was killed. The participants of the show do not know, they think that the shooting has already begun. Each of them wants to win. Many comical situations and jokes will not leave anyone indifferent. Yes, maybe the plot is simple, but the show is really fun, easy. Furthermore, the nature of the series is simply amazing. Sea, sand, palm trees, green Paradise. Watching a couple of episodes, it's like you will visit on vacation.

9. Brothers in exchange

Of course, the story of the twins no one will see. Two brothers who are absolutely indistinguishable from each other, not seen for many years. They met at my father's funeral and had a fight. But in the morning it so happened that they swapped. The story gets more confusing. By the way, one of them is a successful businessman, the other a drinker and a former prisoner. Now they know that there is another life, completely different from the one where the brothers lived before. And it is not as bad as it seemed at first. There's no complex plot, somewhere, there is no logic, things don't always insightful, but the show will help you forget about all the troubles.

8. Kitchen

This series lasted long enough. 6 seasons. But the series has a lot of fans. They even created a website in support of the "Kitchen". Viewers demanded to resume shooting. Im very fond of the protagonist, his friends and colleagues. The plot revolves around the story of a young chef who came to conquer Moscow and settled in an expensive French restaurant. Usually, each series has completed the story line. This is another incident with max or his friends. The series is full of funny situations, but there are sad and tragic moments. In addition, each episode ends with a philosophical utterances of the protagonist. This series can be revised infinitely. And for fans still did the sequel. Not "Kitchen" and "Hotel Eleon" and that's another story.

7. Great game

The series is dedicated to the world Cup. The team loses again, and the championship a year later. Fans choose the coach. Cook-humble Dimitri collects your football team and preparing for competition. Cute, funny series, but it has a satirical feel. In this vast country there are no decent players, which would justify the trust of fans and, if not triumphed, at least not busted first. But the point here is not the people, not the players and the system. The series will appeal to sports fans. Those who are far from football, also will not be bored.

6. Interns

14 seasons. An impressive figure. The show is about young doctors-interns. They constantly find themselves in ridiculous situations. For their work see the Manager, chief physician and head nurse. The creators of the show admit that all the stories are taken from real medical practice. The spectators find in it similarities with the foreign series "the Clinic". Someone accuses the makers in a blind copying of someone unhappy that the work of doctors displayed on the kindergarten level. But still, it's a sitcom, not a documentary. With its task it copes, it has a lot of jokes and funny moments. In General, in order to lighten the mood, the best sitcom to find.

5. Olga

This is the story of ordinary Russian women. It one brings up children, cares about parents. She does not think about himself. But once Olga meets a beautiful man. Here is something to ponder, have a good laugh. The audience loved the main character, despite her rudeness. Just series shows the life of many ordinary people. They know in the characters of the series friends. Many situations in the film are similar to those which they had endured. Thus, no matter how unflattering spoke about the show, yet many recommend it for viewing.

4. PE

Thomas – assistant to a powerful man. Rather, he was the Man with a criminal past, he sends Thomas on "the deserved rest". But Thomas does not agree, he is preparing a Grand plan, gets to school a PE teacher, to get close to the son "master". But the plan is not as good as it seems at first glance. And Thomas has to stay here for long. The plot is quite unusual, in the series, a lot of funny situations, jokes. Besides, the theme of the school is close to many. Everyone went through it. The main character played by Dmitriy Nagiev, he as no one will be able to laugh and make you forget about all the problems.

3. You all piss me off

The series tells the story of journalist Sonia. She – the owner of a complex nature. It is because of this girl all alone, she had no loved one or close friends. But if Sonia drink a bit of alcohol, it turns into its opposite. Some call the show stupid, but here is something to think about. For people with a similar disposition – this is a great opportunity to see yourself. Cute and good episode, albeit disposable. Also the attention of the viewers attracted a stellar cast.

2. Ivanov-Ivanov

Two families live a quiet life, each raising a son. But once they see that the children were switched at birth. Family decide to restore justice and change sons. Here are just house poor burns, and they are forced to seek help from the rich parents of his former son. If you do not understand, then look at the series. You will see a fascinating story, the complicated relationship of parents and children. The series will help to distract from everyday life and everyday life. The audience will forget about troubles, relax and laugh.

1. A police officer with the ruble

Gregory was a police officer. It protects the rest of the elite district of Moscow. The audience this series will be interesting opportunity to see how rich people live. The series is pretty good, but the humor is not always clear to all. Women will appreciate the love story in the series. Besides, the main role is removed Alexander Petrov – one of the most beautiful Russian actors. Only this is already worth to watch "Police with the ruble". Definitely men should watch this show. Still, there are a lot of jokes, and the actors give 100%.

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