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10 best TV shows of 2018 in Time magazine


Film enthusiasts and cericlamine are constantly looking for new and interesting TV shows. Time magazine decided to help and wrote the top 10 best TV shows of 2018, according to critics. The rating was published at the end of the year, November 15. We will understand what famous of these paintings that the unusual is in each of them, and that so fascinates the audience.

10. Pose (Pose)

It's a drama series with musical elements. The action takes place in 80-ies in new York. The main characters are actors-transsexuals, they want to get recognition in his profession and love life. Costumes and decor around to perfectly capture the spirit of the time, and events occurring with the characters, and their feelings are forced to go through with them.

The film was attended by the largest number of transsexual Actresses. One of the main Directors – Ryan Murphy is gay, he said that attitude and its orientation in youth prompted him to create such works. The rating of the series 8 out of 10 for the 2018 removed 2 of the season.

9. Homecoming (Homecoming)

The series comes in 2018, the genre drama Thriller. For 2018 filmed of season 2, rating – 7 out of 10 points. The main role in the TV series was played by the famous and beloved actress, Julia Roberts. She plays a psychologist Heidi serving in the U.S. army. Heidi helps soldiers who have completed service, to begin to live on the civilian side. One of them has serious problems associated with military events. Heidi tries different ways to get him back to normal.

8. My brilliant friend (L'amica geniale)

The series is a joint production of USA and Italy. Drama loosely based on the works of Italian writer Elena Ferrante. The establishment was attended by the Director Paolo Sorrentino, who directed the TV series "Young dad" and producer and writer of Hannibal's Jennifer Schur.

The action takes place in the 60-ies of the last century in Naples. The main characters – two friends, Elena and Lila who lives in a poor quarter of the town. But their friendship is not as simple girls cause each other great suffering and are constantly taking revenge on each other for it. Often "My brilliant friend" called cruel, it is, but at the same time the viewer gets a fascinating detective and sensual drama, which are connected in series, as sometimes happens in life.

7. Claws (Claws)

The action takes place in Florida, the main characters – five girls working in a nail salon. To earn more, they decide to begin to launder the money the local mafia. Where it leads, the viewer learns not from one season.

Most interesting is that the picture is not planned as a series. At first it was a half-hour Comedy for HBO, but the creators decided to extend it and created a series consisting of 3 seasons. Its rating is 7 of 10.

6. Terrace house (Terrace House: Opening New Doors)

Not just a series, a Japanese reality show. The idea that a few young people who are not familiar with each other, begin to live together in the same house near Tokyo. The group consists of a snowboarder, hockey player, chef, and other characters. Viewers curious to watch 3 guys and 3 girls get to know each other and begin to establish a life together in the house.

5. In a better world (The Good Place)

The story takes place in new Jersey and tells about the main character Eleanor Sellstrom. This woman is domineering and cruel character, which hardly can withstand even the closest – the family of Eleanor. The main action begins when a woman understands that is in an unusual place, Paradise. She got there wrongly, but no one, except Eleanor doesn't know about it.

For the filming of Paradise was chosen as the Botanical garden in California and the Huntington, as well as pavilions Universal Studios. Filmed season 3, rating – 7 out of 10 points.

4. Patrick Melrose (Patrick Melrose)

The creation of the painting was engaged companies in the US and the UK. Each episode is based on one of the books in the series "Patrick Melrose" English writer Edward St. Robin. Rating – 8 out of 10 points. The series consists of one season.

The popularity of the series before the release ensured one thing – the main character is Benedict Cumberbatch, who starred in several acclaimed films and television series. He plays aristocrat and playboy Patrick Melrose, who likes to drink. So he has made himself. A childhood trauma led him to change his life and make it better. Patrick has achieved much, but he does not feel happy. The TV audience can see the destruction and the formation of the personality of the character.

3. Atlanta (Atlanta)

The series is made in the USA combines two major genres – Comedy and drama. The main characters are young people, they live in Atlanta, Georgia and work as blacksmiths, but dream of becoming hip hop artists. What I have to do and live the lads to achieve this, the viewer will be able to watch for several seasons. The rating of the series is 7 out of 10 points.

2. Sharp objects (Sharp Objects)

This series – a novel by Gillian Flynn about a girl-journalist. Once she returned to his hometown of Missouri, but not just. Camille sent as a correspondent to investigate the event that shook the small town. In Missouri there was a maniac and his victims were already a few girls. After arriving, she learns many strange facts.

For 2018 cleared season 1, rating – 8 out of 10 points.

1. Killing Eve (Killing Eve)

On the creation of the series worked for film companies in the UK, Italy and USA. Genre – Thriller. It is based on a series of works by the English writer Luke Jennings. In 2018 filmed of season 2, rating – 8 out of 10 points.

The main characters – Eva and Villanelle. Eva works as a security officer. She wants to practice, but not getting jobs, and engaged in boring work, paper examines. Willner a serial killer, which ruins people's lives just like that, without explanation, it was a pleasure. When both girls find out about each other, projecting your key skills at each other eve wants to find and arrest Willner and Willner to kill eve.

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