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10 best tips from Osho


Osho – Hindu guru, a mystic, and educator. Kelsen was the author of more than 600 philosophical works. The teachings of Osho consists of elements common to several religions and doctrines, such as Buddhism, yoga, Taoism, Greek philosophy, Sufism, European psychoanalyst, Christianity etc. of Course, he not only recounted the basic principles of all these movements, but also formed his view of the principles of the universe and shared their interpretations with the followers.

Osho himself has admitted, that does not put their thoughts any systematization, because, in his view, all systems are doomed to sooner or later sink into oblivion, and the living currents continuously updated and improved. Probably this is the main advantage of his teachings, which still continues to interest a lot of people around the world, because it gives a simple and monosyllabic answers to eternal questions. It can only help man to find his way to create a personal view of life.

Here are the 10 best tips from Osho, which he shared with readers on the pages of their books.

10. Learn to laugh more

According to Osho, laughter not only prolongs life but also helps make it brighter and cleaner. When a person truly laughs, he briefly becomes a little closer to God, perhaps this property unites laughter and prayer.

If people are capable of something genuinely laugh, then he is the source of light is able to heat not only the people close to him, but the whole world. After all, no wonder they say that laughter is contagious. Therefore, we need to laugh as often as possible in order not only to stay longer in a good mood, but also to give a smile to others.

9. Be careful and watch

Solid Mature person is a person who knows himself, who has established for itself an unbreakable value system and lives, trying in everything to match them. People do not have opinions very easily suggestible, and therefore not protected against the harmful temptations and manipulations.

8. Nobody has the right to specify what is right and what is wrong

Never needed anybody interested in the question of what is right and what is wrong. Each of us was given life in order to find answers to these questions yourself. It is impossible to live given someone scenario. And don't be afraid to sometimes be wrong: even if you are not right, it will be a valuable experience, which eventually will benefit you.

7. Be open to the new

God always allows man to come to him, but you need to be open to it. No need to wait for some wonderful signs to understand that incredible a number of us. A child's smile, a sunrise or a sunset, a blossoming tree is not proof of the divine in all?

6. Relax

The desire of most people to look in the eyes of others better or more unusual takes a lot of mental strength. Imagine how much of your life energy goes into the void. But once you relax and accept yourself as you are and the world will sparkle with bright colors. At the same time, the authority of the person who puts in the forefront the formation of their public image generally increases. So do not be afraid to be yourself. Believe me, it's much more interesting superficial husk that turns a unique figure in the blank faceless creature.

5. Life is a series of mysteries and secrets

Life is beautiful is its unpredictability. Man thinks that he can do anything to predict or plan, but in reality, he can only hope that his personal plans about yourself or about someone is a match fate, which ultimately decides everything.

The world is still much unknown and unexplored, but the man's life was given, so he tried to unravel its mysteries.

4. For starters, listen to yourself

Let your inner forces to find harmony in yourself. Create that balance and you will feel incomparable fullness of being. Find happiness in yourself and then you won't have to worry about whether someone close to you or not. You are whole person. You don't need to live in expectation that someone will dispel your melancholy, and will help to combat loneliness. If you have people is happiness. If there is also happiness. Appreciate the solitude, because it can heal even the deepest wounds.

3. If you're rich, don't think about it, if you are poor — don't take your poverty seriously

We are all guests in this world. We come to him naked, and leave without taking anything with them except their immortal spirit. Therefore, excessive zeal over filthy lucre will never bring happiness and peace. Wealth is a tool for building great beginnings. Wealth is a test of wills. Wealth is huge responsibility, to cope which under force not to everyone.

If you are able to thank God for every day that he will not bring you can consider yourself the richest of all mortals. Remember that sufferings arise from a too serious attitude to life and to a temporary circumstance, which represent the bustle of life, unrelated to the eternity.

2. Courage is movement into the unknown

Every day to smile and to move towards new events, not knowing what they will bring is not true courage? But, keep in mind that bravery is not fearlessness, which can be achieved only by fully destroying all fears and completely entrusting his fate in the hands of the Creator. Because the line between a coward and a hero is not so obvious. The main difference between them is that the coward becomes a slave to their anxieties and gives them to the sacrifice of his life, and the hero comes to them in the throat and moves forward.

1. You are changing every moment

The human person is like a mountain spring. It is changing, something becoming, something to lose. Osho said that the face of one and the same person, constantly undergoes some changes. It changes, even if the person himself does not see. But we must have spiritual eyes to see it. Otherwise, it sits in the dust, and all again becomes the same.

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