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10 best Soviet films that are worth a look


Feature films created in the Soviet era, still do not lose their relevance and are very popular not only with the age of the viewer, but the young audience. These paintings are characterized by sincerity, the unrivalled talent of artists of the old school, brilliant music, recognizable from the first chords, and of course, sparkling phrases, many of which become winged. Cinema of the Soviet Union is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest on the planet. Before you top 10 most famous Soviet films that do not get tired again and again to reconsider a lot of people not only in our country but also abroad.

10. Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation

In the story the basis of the picture was the play of the great classics of the XX century Mikhail Bulgakov. The Director of the film Director, also became a classic of Comedy, whose work is now considered the standard of humor and professionalism. Of course, we are talking about an unsurpassed Leonid Gaidai. Ivan Vasilyevich changes a profession by many critics as one of the best comedies of the master, despite the fact that getting started on the film, he decided to abandon the famous three: the Coward, Balbes, Experienced, who by that time has become its hallmark.

The picture is filled with sparkling dialogue that is likely to repeat, any citizen of our country. And the tremendous acting of such masters as Yuri Yakovlev, Leonid Kuravlyov and Aleksandr Demyanenko shakes his craftsmanship all-new generation of viewers.

9. The diamond arm

This Comedy is rightly included in the hundred best films created by mankind. Naive story about a servant who, after overseas tour involuntarily enter into a confrontation with a gang of smugglers, sunk for many years in the hearts of Soviet and Russian viewers.

The songs were in the movie, became really popular, even though they once nearly caused a ban picture of officials art seemed suspicious of the word the Island of bad luck, and Songs about birds. The replica of the heroes of the film are the jokes, and the actors who performed the main roles of the idols of millions.

8. Go to fight some "old men"

The film is set 1943. Soviet troops confidently go on the offensive. At the front the heavy fighting for Ukraine. The film centers on the realities of combat routine guards fighter aviation regiment, in particular the second, as it is called singing squadron. Its commander, comrades called Maestro, for the love of music, which he infects his subordinates. He was played by the talented Soviet actor and Director Leonid Bykov. He is also the script writer and Director of the film.

7. Operation "y" and other Shurik's adventures

In this Comedy by Leonid Gaidai, the audience first met Shurik, which appears in each of the three small film short story of the picture. Shy, but incredibly charming student will have 15 days to re-honest work for the benefit of Soviet society parasite and alcoholic Fyodor, to successfully pass the exam and win the love of beauty classmate leads, and to protect a grocery store from robbers, whom were the famous trio Nikulin, Vitsin, Morgunov.

6. The dawns here are quiet

The film narrates about the first years of the great Patriotic war. At that time all forces were thrown against the enemy. Took up arms not only men, but frail girls in combat ... zero learning military Affairs.

In the Karelian forests is the division of defense. It is headed by Tatlin Evgrafovich Fedot Vaskov. Him together with the young anti-aircraft gunner would have to stop the enemy forces that greatly exceed their numbers

5. Officers

The story takes place since the early 1920's to late 1950-ies. The main characters of the picture — two of my comrades-red army Alexei Trofimov and Ivan Barabbas. Their life was given honest service to the Motherland. In different periods of their difficult life fate brings them together.

Film Officers became in some degree unwritten code of honor for all those who want to dedicate their life to serving the Motherland.

4. Good luck gentlemen

The writers of this great Comedy became a legend of Soviet cinema Georgy Danelia and well-known Soviet and Russian writer Viktoria Tokareva. Somewhere in the vastness of Central Asia of three criminals abduct the head of the archaeological expedition of the Golden helmet of Alexander the great. The police still manage to find and arrest would-the kidnappers, but during the search of the helmet is not found. To ferret out the criminals the truth to them in the chamber podsazhivayut double of the leader of the gang, nicknamed the Professor, who in real life is simple the head of the Moscow garden. This is positive from all sides a person will have to not only find the helmet, but also to rehabilitate hardened criminals and defuse a real Professor, which is the same as he hunts a valuable artifact.

3. They fought for the Motherland

The film tells about the difficult days of 1942, when the troops of the Soviet army had the crushing onslaught of the enemy to retreat to the East. People with different fates, United, to any price to clear native land from fascism.

Starring in the film were performed by the stars of the Soviet screen, Sergei Bondarchuk, Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Georgii Burkov, Nonna Mordjukova and Vasily Shukshin, for whom this work became the last actor died shortly before the completion of filming.

2. Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik's New adventures

In this picture, audience favorite Shurik, have to disclose the offence for which he was inevitably involved. He was instructed to collect solar folklore of the Caucasus, but a chance meeting with an athlete, Komsomol and simply beautiful Nina, played by the charming Natalya Varley, inflicts on his wife in the incredible story of the abduction of the bride.

1. Moscow does not believe in tears

The film's Director, Vladimir Menshov admitted that at the stage of filming, few believed that a film with a straightforward plot can be expected of such people. And the fact that Moscow does not believe in tears is an award-winning Oscar couldn't imagine anyone. However, the life story of a simple girl Katya, who came to Moscow as thousands of provincials, with the ardent desire to conquer the capital caught the fancy of more than one generation of domestic audiences.

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