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10 best ways to fall asleep quickly at night without sleeping pills


According to doctors, in recent years people have become more frequently used hypnotics. But we should not blindly use the invention, unless there are medical reasons and serious reasons. They are not as harmless as it seems at first glance. Tablets may cause serious damage to the body. Besides, in most cases they are addictive. American psychiatrist, Kripke suggests that one sleeping pill in its action on the body comparable to a pack of cigarettes. But you can build a dream, without resorting to drastic measures. If sleep problems are systematic, have to visit the doctor or change your lifestyle, this few ready. Also, for the normalization of sleep can use the following tips.

10. Correctly get ready for bed

Most sleep problems arise from the fact that people do not consider it necessary to prepare for it. At least half an hour before bedtime to turn off the TV, postpone your phone or tablet. Before bed you should get rid of thoughts, not to add a new "food for thought". Be sure to ventilate the room, the common reason for poor sleep is the heat. You can read a good book, just not a detective with a gripping storyline, otherwise I will not sleep until you finish reading to the end. And best of all turn on soft relaxing music. It will help you forget about troubles, you'll be able to fall asleep quickly.

9. White noise

Great alternative music becomes white noise. Use any sound effects. Again, must be respected a series of conditions. Noise should not be loud, even. Only need to focus on it, try not to think about anything else. If you have small children, you probably know about this technique. Maybe you even tried it, but to no avail. Try for yourself, the baby may not sleep often, not attending to his thoughts, in contrast to the adult. If you succeed to relax yourself will not notice how asleep. Don't have to listen white noise, it can be the sounds of running water, the noise of the fans.

8. Method of color sequence

This method is similar to meditation with elements of hypnosis. If you can't sleep because of worrying about the future, try this method. Close your eyes and promise yourself that fall asleep as soon as I see all the colors of the rainbow. First, visualize the color red. This can be any object, concentrate his attention only on it. Then go to orange, to yellow. When will turn blue, tell yourself that when you see the last color, will fall asleep. Imagine its exactly the same as the previous one. Once you will create an imaginary purple picture, sleep will come to you.

7. The method of the GRU

If someone does not know, GRU is main intelligence Directorate. But we will not go into details. This technique uses the solid men, when they need to sleep in the shortest possible time. After all, the commandos are not a lot of extra time and qualitatively to carry out their work, they need to rest well. This method is quite simple. You need to lie back and relax. Then you need to roll the eyeballs upward. This is the normal position of the eyes during sleep. Thus, you can trick your brain, it will give the body certain messages. Soon you will be able to sleep.

6. Folk remedies

The best way to fall asleep quickly – a lot of work. This method is time-tested. When a person is tired, he literally falls down. But if this method does not suit you, there are many others. A delicious remedy for sleeplessness – honey water. Put warm boiled water a teaspoon of honey and drink it 15 minutes before bedtime. You can replace the water with boiled milk. Well help you sleep herbal infusions and decoctions. Mint, lavender, Valerian, chamomile. These herbs are harmless but will help to calm, relax and prepare for sleep. If you don't like herbal infusions, put dried herbs in bags. Place them in the pillow. Can also use essential oils.

5. Inverse blink

This technique soothes. At first glance, it may seem strange, try it you will not regret it. Take a comfortable position, close your eyes and begin to blink. Blink with a frequency of 10 to 15 seconds. But try not to pay attention to the Wallpaper, the curtains, the ceiling. Focus on the process of blink, open and close eyes. Despite the absurdity of the Council, this method is very effective. It is not necessary to reject non-traditional methods of falling asleep without trying them.

4. Visualization

Many people call visualization a great way. Only need to provide a dynamic picture. You say that every night represent something. But vivid fantasies about how your ex crying and begging you to come back or what the boss writes you a prize in the amount of salary, will not work. Can you imagine a pendulum that is swinging from side to side. Or the surface of rivers, lakes, which threw the stone. Important to pictures no interest. The brain will get bored and you fall asleep.

3. Take a walk in the fresh air before bedtime

The benefits of walking are huge. It is good for the body. It is a soft cardio will help you not only to bring the figure to normal, but also to establish the emotional background. A leisurely walk before bedtime will relax you, will help you rethink the information you got for the day. According to statistics, people who regularly walk before going to sleep easier about life. They are more calm, balanced. Of course, you need to follow some conditions. You should finish all the work to prepare the bed, and then go outside. It is not necessary to take a player, it is better to listen the sounds of nature. Well, if near to your house there is a Park, if not, choose small streets, not walk on the busy and noisy streets.

2. Relaxing bath

Tub replace not only hypnotic, but also a sedative. It will alleviate tension, help to relieve the brain. You will forget about all problems and troubles that happened to you during the day. If you work a lot physically, warm water will help relieve tension in the muscles. But this method cannot be used more than 3 times a week. If every day take a hot bath, the skin will become dry, increase its sensitivity. The water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. To take a bath it was doubly nice and helpful, use different additives. This can be sea salt, herbal infusions, bubble baths. You can use essential oil. But first make sure that your chosen product has a calming effect. Some supplements, on the contrary, elevate mood, tone.

1. Massage

Massage eliminate your pain, help you relax after a hard day's work. If you know a therapist who agrees to do you a massage before bed, you are very lucky. Most likely, such people are few. In this case, can help the massage. Techniques very much, choose the suitable for you and start. Remember that massage should not take longer than 8 minutes. Still, if you live alone, ask family members to help you. You will be able to calm down, to relax and quickly fall asleep.

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