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10 best ways to evaluate and validate his feelings


There are many girls who are only acquainted with a man already choose a wedding dress. Not always meeting under the moon, trips to the cinema and theatre lead to something serious. Sometimes it turns out that the man just wanted to have fun, have a nice time. Women are focused on the long-term relationship most of them want to get married, have children. Not to spend time with gentlemen who spend time with you out of boredom, take a look at it. There are several ways that will help you to validate his feelings.

10. To assess the opinion

Pay attention to his opinion. He constantly is admiring you, stares at you. I think he's in love. Take your time. A man in love looks you in the eyes. His eyes filled with tenderness. Looking at a priceless treasure. When a man looks primarily at the figure, Breasts or lips, it is not configured for a serious relationship. It's just flirting. Lover distinguish the dilated pupils and the duration of contact. Philanderer will look you in the eyes only during his own monologues, he estimates, caught you on his tricks. When you start talking, he looks out the window, his gaze begins to "run".

9. Does surprises?

Loving man wants to please you, to surprise. He is ready to make surprises. It's not necessarily expensive gifts, traveling to Paris for the weekend. He sends you flowers at work, in the evening to your home bring your favorite cakes, he falls asleep you romantic messages, organizes your vacation. Well, of course he is in love. A man that is not configured for a serious relationship, is unlikely to bother. You can certainly count on a beautiful bouquet, and gifts. But surprises in this situation you can not wait. On the contrary, he will strongly emphasize that spent money on you.

8. Appeal to you

Remember how a new acquaintance calls you. If drawn by the name, it's possible the guy was in love with. You may not like it, you do not take his name as something intimate, and I think it might be nicer to you. You will be surprised, but he wants to repeat your name. It is to him sweeter than honey. The diminutive form is also good. But if he calls you, kitty, Bunny, think, if he remembers your name. Such affectionate nicknames of their name is numerous girls Lovelace. They do it so as not to be trapped, made a mistake with the name. Because a lot of groupies, the name of each not to remember and if you remember, it is easy to make a mistake. Love also will use affectionate nicknames, but they are very personal.

7. Who first tries to reconcile after a quarrel?

You had a fight, but nobody wants to go to the world. And once again you berating yourself, go to the bow. Ask forgiveness for the fact that the man you offended. Yes, but you are always to blame. No matter big fight, or an argument because of trivia, your man takes a proud, offended, and not the first time accepts your apology. This means that you matter to him, he flatters his vanity. Maybe you should not stoop, and it is better to look for another candidate? In a normal relationship partners are equal, the initiative for reconciliation should come from both. If your partner wronged you and asks forgiveness, do not play the snow Queen, forgive him. This, of course, not concerned with serious issues such as cheating or insulting.

6. How willing to give?

Loving man always ready to make concessions. It will take into account your opinion, for him it means a lot. But be prepared for the fact that your man is not going to agree with you on all issues. Adequate partner to consult, to take note, but to act as it sees fit. You still think that if he loves, then let him fulfill your every whim and do as you want. Then imagine a husband who looks you in the mouth, can not solve any issue on their own, to rely on you. Most likely, such a man is not satisfied with any one woman, it is not suitable for creation of family and belongs to the category of "sissy".

5. Jealousy

Is your partner jealous of you to all you gleefully rubbing their hands: "Love". Not a fact. Of course, there is a certain relationship between love and jealousy. Your man wants you belonged only to him. But there are cases of pathological jealousy that to love is irrelevant. A man can be married, besides the wives he had a lot of mistresses and girlfriends, and all he would require loyalty. Or it can be a loser who decides to assert themselves at your expense. So if your man is too jealous, it is not talking about his love for you, about his problems in relationships with women.

4. Treat you and other people

Observe your chosen one, how he treats other people. If you are always polite and friendly, and communicating with other people allows for freedom, it is a good sign. You think he thinks you are so so good. But if he allows himself to yell at the waiter, talking trash about friends when they're not around, refuses to help loved ones, make no mistake. The same fate awaits you. Maybe he's in love with you, but once you become closer, his attitude changed. It is this type of men, and it is better to stay away from them. A normal man in love will be kind to you, but he's friendly with other people.

3. Parting

If your relationship is not going smoothly, and you decide to leave, look at the behavior of men. It will tell a lot. True feelings during a breakup only worsen. If you dear to your chosen one, then it will make attempts to get you back. You'll be able to see what people near you that you really need. If, however, he will soon find you a replacement, then another, and then another, and then decide to come back to you, don't take it. Surely, you will not be able to forgive him for cheating, and if you can, you won't forget about it. The relationship will never be the same. If you specifically want to trigger the breakup, to check the feelings of your partner, give it up. It might end not so well as you expect.

2. Help in a difficult situation

Your partner, if he really loves you, will always come to the rescue. It will support in a difficult situation, with words, deeds and money. If in difficult moments of your life, it will disappear, stop calling and communicate with you, it's not your man. When people love each other they are always ready to sacrifice for each other all for them the highest expression of love to support my favorite time of trouble. If a man is focused only on their problems, and your not interested, then he doesn't like you. Either he's selfish. But you know that a normal relationship will not work neither in that, nor in other case.

1. Do you yourself?

In love, people are open, show the qualities that are closed to others. Your choice of serious and responsible people, but when you're alone he plays the fool, laughs and capable of foolishness. He loves you, he is ready to show you who you really are. It is configured to close communion, none of itself does not build. Appreciate it. If your partner is insincere, you will feel it. A man playing the role of a lover sooner or later make a mistake.

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