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10 best ways to realize a dream


Lucid dreaming is the ability of man to see the dream, while realizing that everything happening around is unreal. The possession of such a technique allows each of us egenocide to experience the incredible sensations that may not be available in a physical existence. The ability to control your dreams and even ask for him, the script gives the opportunity not only to feel incredible emotions, but also, for example, to defeat any internal complexes or fears. Tempting, isn't it? But how to reach that state without resorting to difficult and dangerous manipulations of the psyche? It turns out that there are 10 relatively simple techniques that enable anyone inside to take a look at your subconscious mind and control their dreams. Learn more about these techniques will be discussed further.

10. Mindfulness meditation

Meditation practice is the conscious presence of man in a given time at a specific point in space. To do this you need maximum focus to what is happening around, not being distracted by the memories, dreams or associative thinking. In this state, you will be able with minute precision to enjoy all the surrounding smells, colors and any tactile impact. The systematic meditation of mindfulness can significantly increase the risk of self-awareness in dreams as in the dream, you will begin to instinctively understand unreality.

9. Subliminal suggestion

Sometimes it is worth just before going to bed to set yourself up for what will be for you to deliberate, and soon the way it happens. Due to that there is such a thing? The answer is simple: self-hypnosis, by which you give a certain command to your subconscious. And often it runs the first time.

8. The dream journal

This technique is that every time after waking up you will need to record the content of their dreams with maximum accuracy, without omitting any details. If you do this regularly, then your ability to remember your dreams will improve, and with it will be the ability of awareness.

To most accurately reproduce their memories about the night dreams, it is recommended immediately after waking up, opening his eyes carefully to remember all the feelings and events experienced in dreams. Thus, your presentation will be more complete.

7. Early awakening

If we take into account the fact that during a night's sleep, one sees a few dreams, and the duration of each subsequent dreams more than the previous, each of us can try to understand themselves in sleep with early awakening. To apply this principle in practice, you only need to set the alarm half an hour earlier than usual, and after waking up, go back to sleep. As the last dream is the longest and often the most vivid, thus you will increase the possibility to realize myself in this dream.

6. The test of reality

This technique is the production of persistent skill to assess the validity of reality. That is, in the dream, you may notice something amazing and extraordinary that it is impossible for the real world. For example, you will see some fantastic creatures, and find yourself in a different historical era or discover the ability to levitate. Thus, you will convince yourself that in this moment you are asleep and all that happens to you it's just a result of your sleeping brain.


The essence of this method consists in creating a conditional signal that may force you to focus on the surrounding events. For example, make in equal intervals of time, on your phone worked for a certain tone. At this point, you have all their attention fixed on the environment. The signal should not be too sharp, but loud enough to be heard.

After some time you will have a conditioned reflex and, every time hearing this signal, you will unconsciously assess the environmental situation. Thus, very soon you will begin to distinguish dreams from reality.

4. The call of thirst

All you have to do in this case is not to drink water for a couple of hours before bedtime. You also need to put a mug of cool water nearby so that you don't have to get up to reach it.

A similar technique can cause so-called false awakenings and out-of-body experience. You will experience thirst, so your brain without waking will model images as you get up and get to the coveted Cup of water. As well as, the actual thirst will not occur, then you will be able several times to experience a false awakening.

3. The active substance

There are also medications for self-awareness in a dream. They are of two types: indirect and direct effect. The first category include galantamine and choline. The second attribute of the plant Entada Radii.

You should bear in mind that these funds are supplements not intended to generate persistent skill of lucid dreaming, so they are used only for a single stimulation of the CNS. In addition, prior to use, it is strongly recommended to consult a specialist.

2. The WTO practice

Out-of-body experience is a technique that allows as to leave the body and go to the astral level. Now, many experts believe that the WTO principles have many similarities with the stimulation of lucid dreams. If you master this technique, thus you will increase your ability to see lucid dreams and every time yourself ask for them scenario.

1. Intentional awakening

It is a simple method that can increase the likelihood of your conscious behavior while sleeping. It is that you will Wake up at night several times with intervals between revivals, equal to about 1.5 h.

Of course, this technique requires configuration, because you need to sound the alarm were heard only during the occurrence of dreams, even better close to its end. Therefore, following this method, you need to be patient.

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