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10 best ways to fight depression


Depression is often called the epidemic of the XXI century. Of course, this illness overcomes not only our contemporaries have been preserved numerous historical artifacts, proving that the Blues have suffered, people who lived several thousand years ago. However, it is nowadays a lot of people who have at first sight no reason not to enjoy life, complain about the lack of good mood for a long time.

A similar condition can be very debilitating, and can even result in the development of any accompanying somatic pathology. Unfortunately, to overcome this condition alone is not easy, so when the first signs of depression is always best to seek help from a specialist. However, there are some simple ways to reduce the severity of the main symptoms of this disease or even prevent its development.

Presenting the top 10 most effective methods of struggle with depressive disorder.

10. Enrichment of diet with omega-3 fatty acids

Scientists have discovered a direct correlation between the predisposition to depression and deficiency of polyunsaturated fatty acids. The lack of this valuable for the human body substances can be compensated with the help of regular intake of fish oil. In addition to fighting depressive disorder, omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood and in General to have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

9. A good night's sleep

Chronic lack of sleep may have a cause of depression. For example, there are cases of postpartum depression in young mothers, which for natural reasons during the first months of baby's life are having trouble sleeping.

Insomnia can be one of the signs of depression, in this case it may be associated with the presence of severe stress, permanent stress or even systematic occurrence of nightmares. However, whatever caused such problems, one of the priority measures in helping a person suffering from depression, should be the normalization of a night's rest.

8. Antidepressants

Among the wide layers of society (this is especially true of our population), the stereotype about antidepressants as drugs acting oppressively on the psyche, and has a number of side effects. So many people even when diagnosed with depression are hesitant to take these drugs, trying to overcome her illness through alternative methods. In fact, all this is nothing more than prejudice. Antidepressants can have a tremendous therapeutic effect in the treatment of depression. And to avoid adverse reactions, you need to follow the regimen of the drug in strict accordance with the recommendations of the attending physician and follow the dosage.

7. Physical activity

Systematic physical activity not only improve health, but also help to overcome depression. Sports contribute to the development of so-called "happy hormones" endorphins. They improve mood and promote a more positive perception of reality. In this case we are not talking about the exhausting training in the gym: just 30 minutes a day to devote Jogging or swimming.

6. Force stop negative thoughts

Unfortunately, depression is dangerous because falling into the Blues, man begins to draw to themselves negative thoughts. To objectively joyful events in his life, he refers to either indifferently, or finds in them something bad. In other words, depression is the cultivation of negative emotions, so to overcome this condition you need to rebuild your way of thinking in a positive way. To prevent the emergence of negative thoughts and attitudes is not easy, but it should be done. Otherwise, the quagmire of negativity will suck the man once and for all.

5. Cognitive therapy

Cognitive therapy is very effective in combating depression. The essence of this method is to exclude a certain type of thinking that was largely the reason for the development of mental disorder. The psychoanalyst analyses in detail the current thinking patterns of the patient, focusing on the most harmful installations that prevent to see the world in bright colors. After that, it starts to gradually change a patient's way of thinking to a more positive.

4. Chat with friends

Not everyone can, being in a depressed state, you come up and admit that you need their help. However, for the final victory over depression it's extremely important the involvement and support of loved ones. Therefore, a person suffering from this disease, you need to swallow your pride or embarrassment, and still open for communication.

3. Music

About this healing power of art, say many authoritative experts in the field of psychiatry. Listening to good music soothes, relieves stress and makes people in a positive way.

2. The practice of mindfulness

Man held in captivity by depressive thoughts, constantly scrolls in memory the negative moments of your life or fantasizes about the future solely in somber colors. This style of thinking only exacerbates the patient's condition. The practice of mindfulness allows you to focus your attention on the current moment of life. This technique needs some time to learn but once you have mastered it people will gradually change their view of the world and get rid of the burden of negative experience.

1. A change of scenery

When one person is in the doldrums, Willy nilly, in his mind, a familiar environment turns into a negative Association, that is sort of sad scenery for the play.

A change of scenery will add fresh impetus to the usual range of emotions, and thereby spur the brain to search for new work programme.

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