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10 best ways to cheer yourself up


Mood depends on many factors. Bad weather, quarrel with family, problems at work can ruin it for a long time. But sometimes any, even minor details can affect your psychological condition. If the reasons for your bad mood is serious, then do not despair, try to find a solution. Allow yourself to mourn, but not for long. Psychologists advise not to be in a depressed state for a long time. It can pull you, there is a risk of depression. And there is no skilled care is not enough. So look for their methods of dealing with sadness. Below is the list of the best ways that will help to lighten the mood.

10. Music, energizing

Fun dynamic music can change your mood for the better. If you are skeptical and think that you are certainly not up to the music overpower yourself. Turn on some nice tunes and it will help you to unwind and relax. You will not notice as you begin to sing along with your favorite performers. In addition, it inspires action. You will not want to sit on the couch and mourn their fate. If the global Affairs you have, you can combine business with pleasure. Place your order in the apartment, singing and dancing to the energetic tracks. Do not give in to the temptation to choose a sad heavy music and continue to burst into tears under the musical accompaniment.

9. Return to reality

You and then replaying unpleasant conversation with the head of the; blamed himself for the spilled coffee in the restaurant; remember the hurtful words of a loved one, it is said in anger. You don't even care that this event occurred a week ago. You still worry as if it happened a few hours ago. Moreover, in your head, you lose the other scenarios, without end think about this. Pull yourself together, enough to remember their mistakes. Live in the here and now. To lighten the mood, just feel the moment. You have a house, family, food, water. Man does not need a lot for happiness. Make yourself happy, a bad mood will be over.

8. Playing with Pets

Who does not like your pet will help you defeat depression. It will make you smile even in the hardest day. Pat an animal, to feel its warmth, to play with him. Sad thoughts will recede into the background. Especially cats feel the bad mood of their owners and are suitable for yourself, trying to be comforting, demanding affection. The dog can go outside. Fun to play with a ball or a stick will delight not only your pet but also to you. If you don't have a pet, go to the zoo. In many cities there are organizations that help homeless animals, dog shelters. There is always need volunteers for walks. Maybe after you decide to get yourself a shaggy friend. In any case, you will get positive emotions and to think will forget about troubles.

7. A reason to laugh

Psychologists believe that the best remedy against bad mood is still a smile. Smiling, you forced to work centres of the brain responsible for positive emotions. You will immediately feel that you return a good mood. Believe me, to laugh about, you can find plenty. Remember funny incidents from his life, watch a Comedy or cartoon. The Internet has a lot of funny pictures and videos. Even better if you find the time to meet with friends. Friendly conversation, jokes and shared memories can make you laugh.

6. Pool

Swimming is good for the nervous system and on General health. This physical exercise is able to counterbalance the processes of inhibition and excitation in the body. If you are feeling overwhelmed and lethargic, swimming up to you. If you are annoyed, excited, inside you are boiling, it'll calm you down better than most hyped sedatives. Stay in the water cures depression, and relaxes. Call in friends pool is the perfect place to fool around. Just do not forget about safety, instead of the good mood you are injured.

5. Walk down the street

People are often concerned about their financial situation, relationships with family and friends. After work, the best pastime is the TV at the weekend – shopping malls, cafes and all the same Internet. But the best way to relax is to walk. Go to the Park, take a trip outside the city, stroll along the quiet streets of the city. Drop everything and listen to the silence. You may hear yourself, understand what you want from life and which direction to move on. Such trips effectively relieve the nervous system, soothe and give energy for new achievements.

4. Shopping

How long have you indulged yourself shopping? No, don't count purchase made on the principle of "need". You buy clothes for office, not because you like her, but because it is customary to dress. Acquire jeans because the old were broken. Such purchases do not bring a lot of fun. Go shopping and buy a thing for the soul, let it be the fifteenth or the tenth dress lighter in the shape of a gun. The main thing that this thing you pleased. Do not spare the money, you will earn more. Unless your good mood isn't worth it?

3. Meditation

Meditation will not take you a lot of time, it will help you feel the peace, relax and forget all your troubles. You can meditate at home, but better to do it outdoors. Take a comfortable position for you, close your eyes and concentrate on breathing. After a while the brain goes into another mode. You will be able to see your anxiety and distress. After the session you feel disturbing thoughts receded, my head became clear and pure, your mind clear, you calmed down.

2. Hobby

Another way to lighten the mood is to find a hobby to you. Knitting, growing flowers, car tuning, airbrush – choose any hobby you like. The process itself will bring you pleasure, will help to distract from the painful doom. But your hobby should not interfere with your primary job. If you are a seamstress, it is unlikely that you will entice a similar activity at home, you better find a hobby – a sport or dance classes. But if you work on physically heavy work, you will be pleased to plunge into the work. In addition, when the result, whether it be the ability to do push-UPS 50 times with no breaks or embroidered pattern, your mood will rise even more.

1. Dancing

Dancing helps to banish melancholy. Classes will allow them to kill two birds with one stone, you'll pick yourself up, and at the same time spend calories. You will feel like you are filled with vigor and energy. Dance in your own way. Feel free to surprised looks of the home, do not be afraid to seem stupid. Soon positive emotions displace negative ones. If you have the talent and desire to learn to dance, enroll in any Studio. Then the classes will be held regularly. You will learn how to move well and at least twice a week, will get a dose of pleasant emotions.

Now that you know how you can cheer yourself up. Do not worry about nothing and remember that your mood depends only on you.

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