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10 best exercises for slimming the abdomen and back


Today, many women have to solve such a problem as a large number of excess fat in the abdomen and waist. The main causes of these fatty deposits – a surplus of calories, bad eating habits, sedentary lifestyle. To lose weight, you need to start to watch what you eat and how often to do sports. Consider physical exercises that are most effective in the fight against excess fat on the waist and in the abdomen.

10. Press on the abdominal rectus muscles

Will need to put the floor on something soft (e.g. a towel), sit on it and put your hands behind your head. Then inhale and lift the torso, then exhale and descend. At the peak point will need some time to linger. In this exercise, you must like to curl in the field of the press, rounding your back. Raising the torso, you need to exhale loudly. To perform the exercise too quickly, do not: you should feel the tension of the abdominal muscles, their active work. You should do several sets of 10 twists.

9. Mill

Straighten up, arms out to the sides and spread your legs (not very well). Then you will need to tilt the torso forward and alternately waving his arms down trying to touch toes of the opposite foot. During these strokes should be possible to straighten the limb. Remember that when you perform such exercises should be to breathe correctly. Do several sets of 20 spins. While performing this exercise work different muscles. If you stretch the body completely, will also work the muscles of the buttocks and legs.

8. Rolls on an exercise ball

Turn to sports equipment back. Position the legs, then place hands on floor (not very well). Legs and back should straighten. You then slightly bend your legs and start to gently roll the ball right and left. Rifts will need to be repeated several times. To avoid injury, do not commit too strong and sharp movements.

7. Press on the side abdominal muscles

Lay down a towel or Mat. Then you will need to lie on his side. Must be pulled with one hand, she was in front of you: this limb will serve as a support. Behind your neck the other hand, send her elbow to the ceiling. Raise both legs and body, wait a little and lower them down. Straining to inhale, relax to exhale. Make a few approaches on 10 times.

6. Strap

This exercise is very popular, it allows to achieve very good results. Performing the bar on a daily basis, you can strengthen not only the press, but arms, legs, buttocks, back. Put your elbow on the floor, straighten your legs and back. Hang on so the maximum amount of time. To start with as little as 30 seconds, then time can be increased to several minutes.

During the run of the bar body may start to shake, that is absolutely fine. This is a sign that the muscles are well worked out. Don't forget to strain the muscles of the legs and as it straightened, otherwise, the main burden will fall not on the press, and the lumbar spine.

5. Twisting on the floor

Will need to be on the back. Then dissolve in hand and put them on the floor. Legs should be bent at the knees. Lift them and begin to move the knees in both directions. If you need to increase the load, place between the knees of a book or a ball. Will need to do several sets of 15 times. To make this exercise more effective, it should be done before the occurrence of a burning sensation in the abdominal muscles.

4. Side plank

This strip is more complicated than usual. Fulcrum on which to balance while performing this exercise, only two. An inexperienced person to get up in the side bar easy: usually before that you have to master a simple exercise. It allows you to work the press and get rid of excess fat with much greater intensity.

To stand in a bar, you need to lay on my side and create the prop with one hand. Then inhale, lift hips off the floor, lift them up and hold this position for a while. Then exhale and lower the pelvis. This exercise should be done at least 20 times (for both sides).

3. Bodyflex

You will need to sit down and bend his legs under him, to straighten his back. Then inhale, raise your left arm over your head and tilt it to the right. Wait a while, and then you can take the initial position. Catching body Flex, you should feel worked out, stretched the muscles that are on the sides. When finished, switch hands and do it all over again. This exercise should be repeated several times. The main advantage of Flex is that it allows not only to strengthen the muscles located on the sides, but also develop the flexibility of legs and spine.

2. Torso twists on the disk

Using the CD is very good to train the abdominal muscles. To spin on it all, regardless of age and weight. Settle into a disk (you will need to stand next to any furniture or the wall to make it easier to keep balance). Then you will need to rotate the torso in different directions: the rate should be the average. The trunk when it should be sent in one direction and the feet in another. During the implementation of turns on the drive usually feels like a worked out muscle the waist.

1. Twist wrap

Regular twist wrap will allow you to easily and quickly burn calories with maximum efficiency to eliminate body fat in the flanks and abdomen, cellulite on the thighs. The heavier the Hoop, the faster you will achieve results. If you didn't know about the twisted, give this no more than 10 minutes. Accustomed to the load can be placed on the torsion wrap more time. If you are going to begin this exercise, need to wear fairly tight clothes, because many from the Hoop on the sides see the bruises.

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