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Top 10 rules for healthy skin


The skin is almost always possible to determine whether a person is healthy, what is the status of his body. On the skin very strongly influenced by the lifestyle of the person, his habits, inclinations. At the present time there are very different ways that allow you to heal the skin and significantly improve its appearance. Consider the most affordable and effective ones.

10. Do not take antibiotics

Many people take antibiotics immediately after suffering from sore throat, there is a runny nose, fever. However, it should not be done. Due to the strong medications, the body becomes more weak because they contribute to the destruction of all microflora. After taking antibiotics often develop fungal diseases: for example, thrush. To avoid such problems, it is important to use antibiotics only after they are prescribed by a doctor.

9. Take care of your nerves

If the person is frequently nervous, he will sooner or later have problems with health. Numerous disturbances very bad effect on the skin: it often starts to peel off, swell. As a preventive measure should from time to time to use vitamin complexes with calcium, magnesium, vitamins C, E and A. They help to relieve nervous tension and significant improvement in the skin.

If the corners of the mouth appear the wound begins to peel off the skin, this means that you need to additionally use the vitamins of group B. Thanks to them, the problems will disappear after a few days. To avoid their re-occurrence, start to have black bread, greens, and liver.

8. Drink more

The skin condition could deteriorate quickly due to the lack of water in the body. Signs of dehydration – wrinkles, peeling (it can occur even on oily skin). To prevent premature aging of the body, drink more water. If there are no contraindications (e.g., cardiac diseases, edema), it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of fluid a day. Note that means plain water, not soup, juices and tea. It is recommended to drink boiled and clean drinking water: it affects the body much better.

7. Regularly clean the skin

The skin protects the body from harmful microorganisms. Due to the skin already available inside the harmful substances are actively carried out: for example, when a person is sick, it rises temperature, and then the toxins through sweat. For this reason, experts advise to regularly wash even during his illness. So, you can greatly improve your condition and speed up recovery.

6. Avoid injuries

Infection can enter the body through various injuries on the skin. Cuts, abrasions do not leave unattended, otherwise it may develop an abscess. The damaged area should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water and hydrogen peroxide. Then treat with iodine or green paint the skin around the wound (not her). Seal the cut with a bandage and don't wet it with water so it will heal faster.

5. Discard the antibacterial soap

Such tools really contribute to the destruction of bacteria, not just harmful, but also useful. Due to the use of antibacterial Soaps, the skin becomes less protected against various viruses and fungi. Such tools are particularly negative effect on children (though many of them very actively advertised). Antibacterial soap is better to apply where a person is faced with mud directly: in the garage, at the cottage, in the clinic, and so on. For use at home, you should choose a more gentle products.

4. Wear clothes made of natural fabrics

Synthetic materials almost never leak air, they are not well absorb water. Synthetic helps to create greenhouse conditions: it envelops the body and gives the skin to breathe properly. However, it needs to release carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen, as lungs. Natural fabric ensure the normal breath of the skin, so it is recommended to give preference to them.

3. Take care of your skin from the cold

Hypothermia can lead not only to respiratory disease. Due to the low temperature the skin becomes dry, it occur inflammation. The skin and in the winter time was a healthy, esthetic, mask off her shawls or scarves, hide from strong wind, regularly use creams that provide power. However, it should be remembered that for skin care it is recommended to use only high quality tools created by reliable producers.

2. Give up Smoking

Smoking causes toxins, clear signs of which are early wrinkles, loss of tone, dry skin, large pores, unhealthy complexion. The smoke from tobacco prevents the skin to breathe, settles on it and badly clog pores. The skin and the lungs get a variety of harmful substances: benzopyrene, nicotine and so on. The longer a person smokes, the more polluted his body. Harmful substances have a very bad effect on blood vessels, human cells. Smokers almost always look older than their years.

1. Eat good for skin products

It is recommended to give preference to products that contain a lot of vitamins, different nutrients. Calcium, for example, promotes the strengthening and growth of nails, hair. It is found in dairy products, hazelnuts, almonds. Thanks to iron skin begins to breathe better. To replenish it you should frequently eat fruits, vegetables, liver, meat.

Vitamins of the group B very good effect on the blood, they are involved in the assimilation of useful elements. A lot of them in dairy products, fish, liver. Vitamin a makes the skin more elastic, normalizes the activity of sebaceous glands, accelerates regeneration of tissues.

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