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The 10 best witches, fairies and witches from the TV series


The theme of magic in the culture of one of the world's favorite. Books about witches, TV show about psychics, movies and TV shows about witches like almost everything. Most often in the role of the witches in this act the female characters. Mesmerizing eyes, the ability to do magic, alluring gentle whisper and get them viewers or readers to the mysterious witch-heroine from the first moment of its appearance. The theme of the witches and now very popular in the soap world. Increasingly, we can find new series where the main heroine becomes the sorceress. Here for two decades now, people are fascinated watching my dear the witches in the best television series.

10. Alex Russo of "Wizards of Waverly place"

Ditzy and clumsy little fairy, played by Selena Gomez, became a favorite character of American teenagers. Alex initially draws the viewer capricious and harmful, but behind the exterior lies the soul of a spoiled very kind young witch who seeks to help her family. Constantly trying its magic to solve the problem of Alex is often as a result of the use of magic merges into any more trouble. Thanks to his courage and cunning, and also with the help of friends Alex each series it is possible to avoid major failures. Charming witch is besides a devoted sister and a very loyal friend.

9. Willow Rosenberg, "Buffy the vampire Slayer"

Willow before the appearance of his future friend, Buffy lived a modest life of an American schoolgirl from a small Sunny town. She suffered constant bullying classmates, studied hard and turned a blind eye to a difficult relationship with his parents. Buffy opened her friend's eyes that there is a whole world of supernatural creatures, and willow start to seriously interested in magic. Most of the audience attracted to the smiling and naive witch that she learned to conjure, and she awakened in his ability to magic.

8. Rowena, Supernatural

Charismatic red-haired Rowena first appeared in season 10 of the series. This is the mother of Crowley, the crossroads demon and king of Hell. She hated his son, who, however, answered mother back. Complex fate witches a few centuries tells the viewer gradually. This is one of the strongest witches in the world, which behaves quite extravagant. Rowena really a villain, but the viewer is so vivid and complex nature instead of negative emotions is just a delight.

7. Morticia Addams, "The Addams Family"

Gothic and comical at the same time, the image of Morticia is still terribly popular thanks to the TV series about the Addams family. At first glance at this woman, she seems a vampire. This hint pale skin, long black hair, red lips, languid smile and a black floor-length dress, which has become a favorite clothing of the heroine. Morticia is the wife of Gomez head of the family Adams. The heroine is notable for its crazy love for her husband and famous quotes, which are very popular in the Internet.

6. Sabrina Spellman, "Sabrina, the teenage witch"

Series about the life of Sabrina became so popular that this fall started a very successful remake, filmed in a more dark Gothic colours. The original also talks about the amusing adventures of a young witch-schoolgirl who lives with her two aunts and talking cat Salem in a small house. Sabrina really wants to be normal girl she's worried about bad grades, falls in love with a guy and go to parties. However, the nature of the witch makes the girl to solve their problems with magic, and in the end, this kind of magical intervention leads to unusual and comical situations.

5. Morgana Pendragon, Merlin

Morgana bewitching beauty and magical abilities the witch who has received the gift of immortality. First witch shows us a very young, inexperienced and very kind. But eventually Morgana changes, it wakes up feral aggression after the betrayal of a loved one, she feels its power and uses it. Despite the fact that Morgana in the series is clearly negative character, the audience was very fond of her complicated character, variability, great looks and a deep interested in the fate of the character.

4. Melisandre, on "Game of thrones"

With hair of scarlet witch in another name is still a red priestess. Melisandre sees the future and has the gift to raise the dead. Charismatic witch makes the most significant actions because of devotion to God. She becomes the faithful companion of the Lord of Light, protect it, and hates all people who do not believe in his power. When his blind love witch is quite agile and cunning, she can deceive people for the sake of their master.

3. Regina, "Once upon a time"

Regina can be called the highlight of the show. Bright witch manifested itself as an ambiguous character. It is capable of true love, the sorceress, also known as the Evil Witch, can hurt people and manipulate them for the sake of their own benefit. Itself a manifestation of evil, it nevertheless protects against the dangers of his little pupil, Henry. Charismatic powerful witch shakes his bipolar and sometimes shocking actions.

2. Fiona Goode of "American horror story: Coven"

Fiona is a selfish lady who has the ability of telekinesis, extravagant behavior and charming appearance. Fiona kind of Supreme, the most powerful of their kind. Fiona dreams of immortality or at least life extension. She can suck people's life and is willing to teach young witches how to properly handle the power. All around I think its very cruel witch, but really, deep down, Fiona really capable of genuine love for his daughter.

1. Bonnie Bennett, "the vampire Diaries"

Bonnie is the best friend of the main heroine of the series is Elena Gilbert. In the beginning, she learns that her grandmother is a witch. And now Bonnie will have to learn the same magical force. Bonnie becomes a strong witch magic and sends all the power to fight supernatural evil inhabiting the town of Mystic falls. Bonnie is sacrifice for the beloved friends who sometimes behave towards her is extremely selfish. Sometimes dark, the beginning is manifested in the witch, but she selflessly fights with him. Bonnie remembered by the audience primarily because it is ready even to die if necessary to save the life of loved ones.

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