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10 best art biographical films of all time


Famous people are known for their difficult fate, which I would like to hear. As well as his undeniable talent, instead of watching.

We have made the top 10 films on the legendary personalities. The people filmed, you definitely are familiar, but the films will reveal more of the nuances of their biographies.

10. Invictus (2009)

The name of the movie inspired by the eponymous poem by the poet William Henley.

The film tells about the period of the reign of Nelson Mandela as President. The main objective in your Board Mandela believed that reconciliation of the African people as one community, because at the time of entry in the power voltage between white and black segments of the population threatened to escalate into civil war.

Nelson Mandela believes that uniting the nation will win the Rugby team at the world Cup. The plan works, when the South African team wins the final of the national team of New Zealand.

9. Frida (2002)

The main role in the film played by Salma Hayek, although initially the role was claimed by Madonna. The story tells of the life of the famous artist, who in his youth gets in a serious accident. Also the picture will affect the relationship with Frida artist Diego Rivera and their complicated marriage.

A feature of the narrative is to switch frames with painted canvases of Frida on a real shot. The film was nominated for 6 Oscar categories, but in the end got two statues.

8. Gagarin. First in space (2013)

The only film of the Russian manufacture in our top. The role of Yuri Gagarin played actor Yaroslav Zhalnin, and the role of the designer Sergei Korolev was played by Mikhail Filippov. The film tells about the childhood and youth of Yuri Gagarin, about his studies and preparing for flight. By the way, this film is the only production and the script which was approved by the Gagarin family.

The film is soaked in the mood of fighting and competition not only among astronauts for the right to be first in space, but between the two superpowers – the USSR and the USA.

7. Race (2013)

The film, like everything else in this top, based on a true story. At that time the story of the participants "Formulas-1" Niki Lauda and James hunt. The picture differs from the others in that the film does not end with the culmination of events, that is, the finishing order of the racers in the season of 1976, and continues his narrative after the ceremony participants.

After the final race the main contenders for victory – laud – in the process falling out of the race begins to study aviation. And the winner, James hunt is immersed in the life associated with drugs and hot spots.

6. Princess of Monaco (2014)

Biography of grace Kelly, played by the famous Nicole Kidman. The film tells about the history of the famous American actress, who in 1956 married Prince of Monaco, later becoming Princess of Monaco. Grace Kelly was a favorite of Alfred Hitchcock and starred in three pictures. It was during the filming of the third film Hitchcock, Kelly met her future husband Rainier III. After the marriage of grace Kelly leave her career as an actress in the past.

Princess of Monaco died in a car accident when driving a car she suffered a stroke. Grace was buried on 18 September 1982 in the family vault.

5. Gandhi (1982)

Mahatma Gandhi – the head of the movement for India's independence from Britain. First show the stage performances of Gandhi in front of the assembled fans. Then unknown fired into the chest of Gandhi and he falls dead. Thus, the film begins with the death of the protagonist.

The period of adolescence and youth Gandhi in this picture the viewer will not show, but will pay attention to a turning point in the life of the leader of the resistance. The story is that one day the train conductor dropped Gandhi for the dark color of his skin.

It was then that Gandhi realized that the laws are not equally fair to all people, and he decides to link their lives to protest without arms for the rights of Indians.

4. Coco before Chanel (2009)

The childhood and youth of Gabriel and that is the real name of Coco was a difficult one. The mother died in childbirth and his father left Gabriel with her brothers and sisters. Because of this, a significant part of their life children had to live in a shelter.

The film focused on this period of life, not the life of the legendary designer, oblacinska a woman in men's costume. By the way, the nickname "Coco" the girl acquired, as was a cabaret singer in tune with the name of the song.

The film "Coco before Chanel" was filmed jointly by France and Belgium and was even nominated for an Oscar, but the statue, unfortunately, not received.

3. Seven days and nights with Marilyn (2011)

Actress, singer and model – the famous Marilyn Monroe was fascinated by how in the years of her life, and in our time. Marilyn wrote a book, and then made films. Picture from our stamp tells of a time when Monroe arrives in London for the filming of "the Prince and the showgirl".

The story will evolve around a third assistant Director Colin who is fascinated with the beauty of Marilyn Monroe. It helps Marilyn cope with difficulties and psychological pressure during the filming of the tape.

2. Life in pink (2007)

Edith Piaf – the world-famous actress and singer, childhood which was unfairly heavy. My father went to the front, his mother threw the young daughter to the care of her grandmother, granddaughter did not care. In three years it turned out that Edith is blind and she's developing keratitis. The paternal grandmother will take Edith to his upbringing and at the age of six years will take the granddaughter to St. Teresa. Shortly after this visit, the girl will see the light.

The viewer will show scenes of severe childhood Edith, the development of her personality and indisputable talent. The film won two Oscar nominations.

1. The pianist (2002)

Vladislav Spielmann – famous Polish composer and pianist. The plot of the film focuses on the period of the second world war, when the Nazis seized the territory of Poland. The story of how szpilman lived in the occupied city, where all the Jews are humiliated, forced to work and to wear distinguishing armbands.

The film shows several pivotal events in which it seems that the life of szpilman is left of it. But a talented musician survives the war and dies at the age of 88 years in his native city of Warsaw. In history will also be German soldiers, who help Him by bringing him food and at the last meeting gives Vladislav overcoat.

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