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10 best Japanese cartoons for anime lovers


Do you like cartoons? But what's not to love? We all enjoyed watching cartoons as a child, and many of us continue to deal with this in a more Mature age.

We grew up on animated films, made in the USSR. They were great: the Hare and the Wolf, Cheburashka and crocodile Gena – these characters are loved by us since childhood. The current children watch American cartoons, but there is a country that produces thousands of beautiful cartoons. It's Japan.

Animated films from this country are usually called anime. These cartoons are distinguished by their peculiar manner of depiction of the characters. In Japan annually produced thousands of cartoons in various genres. They are becoming more popular in different parts of the globe.

We bring you the best Japanese cartoons, the list that we have compiled will help you better understand this genre and get acquainted with the most interesting anime.

10. Spring and Chaos

The cartoon was released in 1996. This is a colorful and interesting story tells about the life of the great Japanese poet and storyteller Kenji Miyazawa, occupies the tenth place in our ranking of Japanese animation. All valid characters, including the main depicted in this cartoon in the form of cats. This story is about the enlightened man.

Kenji Miyazawa has made an invaluable contribution to Japanese literature, but was never appreciated by his contemporaries and died in poverty.

9. A great sadness

Was released in 1997. This cartoon can be called a Thriller, it tells about a young singer who can not understand who she is. The cartoon is pretty terrible and hardly suitable for children. At times it seems that he's starting to go crazy along with the main character who got lost in the labyrinths of his psyche.

8. My neighbor Totoro

Old and good cartoon, which was released in 1988, ranks eighth among the top Japanese anime. This is a story about two sisters who started a friendship with a big and slightly scary forest Troll. But the cartoon is not terrible: there is no evil. Rather, it can be called bright and kind, he takes us into the vivid country of childhood, where there is no danger and cruelty.

7. Fairyland

This is another cartoon that should be shown to children. It tells about a little girl Ocean, which lives on the sea shore and has one amazing ability: she can understand the language of sea creatures.

The girl does not remember her past, where she came from and who her father and mother. Later it turns out that her mother is a powerful sea witch who got into trouble. Of the ocean, without hesitation, goes to her aid.

6. A letter to Momo

Little schoolgirl who recently experienced the death of his father, forced to move to a small town. Before this event she receives a letter that was sent to her dead father, but she can only read the first two words. And Momo is an ancient magic book, whenever a girl starts to read it, there are different amazing and unexpected events. What will happen this time?

5. Brave heart

The boy's father Wataru leaves his family and goes to another woman. His mother can not stand this, and goes to the hospital with a serious illness. But the boy Wataru is not going to tolerate this state of things, and going to go to the magical country. The existence of this country he told his friend. Having overcome the dangers and trials, he will be able to find in this Dreamland the Goddess of Destiny and change everything that happened to him and his family.

4. Five centimeters per second

This is a poignant story about love, meetings and separations, and on the transience of our lives in which we fall like cherry blossoms in the wind. There is no happy ending, however, and in life it happens rarely.

3. Tales From Earthsea

This cartoon appeared in 2006, it is made based on the works of Ursula Le GUIN and opens the top three winners among the best Japanese animation. The main character is a young wizard Ged, who must solve the problem with the dragons, who settled on the lands of the people. During his travels, he meets Prince Arren, who becomes his friend. Arryn suspect in the murder of his father, and he needs to hide from people. Ged tells him his story.

This is a great cartoon, with a full set of fantasy tropes: wizards, mysterious caves, princes and dragons.

2. The girl who conquered time

This cartoon tells about a teenage girl that got the ability to go back and clean up your own small flaws. So she fixes your grades in school and solves problems in his personal life.

At first she thought that he could solve all the questions, but then I realized that even changing your past, it is impossible to establish his own life. This story is about the knowledge of the world through which we all pass.

1. From up on poppy hill

This cartoon was created by Director Goro Miyazaki, he is the best Japanese cartoon today. This is a touching and dramatic story about a little girl who experienced the death of his father and was left alone in this world. Now she needs to find her place in the world, to establish relationships with other people. She lives in Kokuriko manor, and every morning raises flags.

Brave girl is fighting for the salvation of a historic building of the club, which wanted to demolish. Can the children prevent this?

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