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Top 10 foreign TV shows about lawyers and attorneys


TV shows about lawyers and attorneys are very popular among people of all ages. This universal serial projects where the story lies all the humor, intrigue, romance, relationship. Complicated cases, the tension in the courtroom, dedication to work, drama in my personal life and beautiful suits and ties firmly win love of the audience, so almost every year one or another Studio releases a TV show about the priests of Themis. In this diversity it is easy to get lost, so prepared for you a selection of the best foreign TV series about lawyers.

10. Shark

Sebastian stark is a real shark in the legal business. He successfully and skillfully closes it. Due to its slightly brash behavior and self-confidence this guy over and over again to raise the price of their services, which are extremely popular with people involved in litigation as plaintiffs and defendants. Stark called a true legal genius. However, after another loud and ended in a triumphant success business career Sebastian begins to crumble before our eyes.

9. Jag

Harmon EW and Sarah McKenzie are lawyers in military Affairs for many years. Side-by-side investigating the case of the Navy, and they do not notice how between them ignite serious sympathy. However, for each career more than anything. Sarah and Harmon both love their work and are not going to sacrifice her for the sake of personal relationships. Therefore, they will have to restrain myself and not think about each other and about high-profile cases on their desktop. Harmon in addition to legal work is still famous as a virtuoso pilot, and Sarah demonstrates how tough it is for women in the Navy.

8. Force majeure

Mike Ross once abandoned their studies at the law faculty at Harvard to help his family. Now he is engaged in crimes like drug trafficking and exams at Harvard in other majors who are willing to fork out a large sum to Mike for successfully passed tests. After another criminal businessman Mike running away from his pursuers, accidentally gets interview to the best attorney the Big Apple Harvey Spectrum. Harvey in the two accounts the crack that Mike is not easy. The guy has a photographic memory, and the lack of a diploma does not prevent him to know by heart the multi-volume the laws. Risking everything, the Range invites Mike to be his assistant.

7. Harry's Law

Harriet has always been a lawyer who perfectly performs its work. But colleagues endure it he could not for a terrible temper. As a result, now she was fired from her beloved job. It is after the dismissal meets with Malcolm, he recently got into judicial trouble and asks Harriet to help him. Through Malcolm's lawyer meets and Matthew he, too, was recently asked to resign as teacher. Now the three of them decide that you need to organize your law firm. However, the place they choose is very colorful too homely little Shoe store.

6. Canterbury law

Elizabeth not only devastating, but also very successful attorney who does not shun any business and is not afraid to risk her career. However, in the end, the work absorbs her so that the woman forgets about her husband and child. She spends less time with his family and is increasingly embroiled in high-profile controversial investigation. In the end, the son of Elizabeth and her husband disappears. A tragedy forces a woman to rethink a lot in my life and move with her husband to the tiny town road island.

5. Fight

Ellen is truly the Golden girl. She was always pleased family good behavior and excellent grades. Now it is produced in law school and gets a job to the most successful and high-profile city lawyer Patty Hewes. At first, Ellen doesn't even believe his luck and thinks she was hired for her excellent diploma and good personal qualities. But it soon becomes clear that Patty was on Ellen some plans which will endanger the girl's life and her family.

4. How to get away with murder

The annaliza know in the city. It is a well-known lawyer, who earns millions on successfully closed cases. Now the woman decides to go into education and begins to lecture to the best students of Middleton. However, the course of these lectures are specific and has a strange name "How to get away with murder." Every appearance Analisa among law students is causing a sensation, and they seem to love her unusual and original presentation of the material. Soon, however, all said a well known lawyer started to be used by students as a guide to action.

3. Eli Stone

Eli stone life called everyday envy of others. Still, after all this guy had all of the prestigious law work is incredibly beautiful bride, lots of money and big plans for the future. Now, however, everything went bust after he started to hear music in my head. It is the vision of George Michael singing his successful hits in the living room of Eli. The guy finds out that his father suffered an aneurysm, which was inherited by the son. Eli attempts to be treated, but the doctor thinks that the stone is the Moses of our time.

2. Billions

Bobby Axelrod everything in life he has achieved. He worked hard and eventually became very rich. Now he constantly demonstrates to others his casual luxury expensive cars, private jets, incredible luxury property around the world. Bobby is not conceited and is always ready to help, a lot of money he gives to charity. However, this guy sometimes is breaking the law. That is why between him and attorney Chuck Rhodes begins the whole confrontation.

1. The good wife

In Alicia's life was all rosy. A husband who earned good money, did not burden the wife with anything, and the woman did not work after marriage any day. But suddenly the husband goes to prison, and now Alicia's shoulders rests the responsibility for the material welfare of the family. Remembering that she has a law degree, she decides to go to work in the legal field. Her old acquaintance with whom they studied together, he offers her to become a Junior lawyer. Alicia, which last 13 years have never worked, have to go through many trials.

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