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Top 10 winter resorts in Russia


Tourism worldwide is growing year by year with more incredible speed. Someone went abroad, someone prefers to relax at Home. Of course, many love to travel to different countries, but unfortunately, not everyone have the strength and money for such trips. Therefore, such people prefer to stay in their country. Russia is the largest and the vast country in the world that boasts of ancient architecture and stunning nature. In this country there is definitely something to watch. And, in anticipation of winter, you should pay attention to 10 the most popular winter resorts of Russia.

10. Bolshoy Vudyavr

In this way, is very modern and popular ski resort — Big woodyavr. The Khibiny mountains are a mountain range located on the Kola Peninsula. On the mountain of aikuaivenchorr, or rather on its southern slope, slopes are in the resort. Very unusual climatic conditions allow to skate here from November to may. Also in winter you can see the Northern lights. In the summer it is possible to use longer daylight hours. Lake, to supply the local population with water, is located at the foot of the mountains. Translated from the local dialect, aikuaivenchorr means "mountain lake".

9. Sable mountain

This fabulous location is only 1.5 km from lake Baikal. It attracts tourists from all over Russia for its beautiful trails, spectacular views of the great lake Baikal, Siberian unmatched cuisine and many others. This ski resort in 2010 was awarded the "Best resort for beginners". Unfortunately, Sable mountain has two minor drawbacks: remoteness from Central Russia and the insufficient number of ski runs for experienced skiers. Otherwise this is a great place for winter holidays.

8. Rosa Khutor

This resort is the newest and most modern resort of Krasnaya Polyana. Many tourists think the best Rosa Khutor, the Russian ski resort. The name of this object gave the name of the Estonian family of APE, the farm which stood on the site of the current resort. Moreover, Rosa Khutor is not positioning itself as part of the Krasnaya Polyana and offers the tourists a huge area for skating, hotels on 2 mining levels and their own infrastructure. At the bottom of this object, shops, bars, hotels and restaurants. On the Rosa Plateau is the Olympic village.

7. Elbrus

Once in this place, people still will not be. Elbrus is a world whose beauty drives you crazy. There are huge mountain peaks, frosty fresh air and breathtaking mountain trails. And let the Elbrus region is not the most modern resort, but the lag in the modernization of more than compensates for in natural beauty and ski trails that attract adrenaline surge. At the foot of mount Elbrus is situated Azau. It offers the tourists hotels, cafes and various entertainment venues.

6. Sheregesh

The largest Siberian resort and one of the most visited in Russia is Sheregesh. The snow in this place is exceptional — it is soft and fluffy, never hardens. The holiday season lasts from November to may. Sheregesh offers many trails of varying difficulty, a total length of over 35 kilometers. This resort is constantly evolving. Sheregesh is one of the largest cities of Siberia, where there are a huge number of hotels, cafes and many other entertainment options.

5. Dombay

In Karachay-Cherkessia is the most popular Caucasian ski resort Dombay. This is a very beautiful place, which will allow you to admire the beauty of the mountains, cheap prices and friendly locals. Dombay boasts a huge area for freeriding instead of challenging ski runs. Hotels here are cheap. The season lasts from December to April. Every year Dombay is developing very strongly, due to the fact that this place has a huge popularity. The resort is also visited in summer.

4. Mountain air

Mountain air is located in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. Truly breathtaking landscapes, seasoned with fresh mountain air give an unforgettable fairy-tale emotions. Mountain air has its own professional rescue service, equipment rental and a lot of trails with a total length of 25 kilometers. Routes suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers. The elevation is about 500 meters.

3. Igor

All-season Igora resort is located in Central Russia. It was opened in early 2006. To offer Igora many lifts, slopes of varying difficulty, a Spa and much more. In 2010 was opened the Ice Palace. This modern resort is very popular not only because of its beauty, but also a very convenient location. Igor was often the venue for various competitions in slalom and snowboard. The winter season lasts from December to April. In the summer the resort is no less popular, thus attracting to itself more and more tourists every year.

2. Abzakovo

Abzakovo is located in the mountains of Bashkiria. The resort is popular not only among Russians but also among residents of neighboring countries. The resort offers a variety of trails of different difficulty levels. Are services of a personal trainer. Abzakovo is located in close proximity to many hotels, some of which are mounted on the track for the descent. Prices for food and accommodation are very loyal.

1. Free

This resort is only 46 km from Moscow. Is very popular not only among the residents of Moscow and nearby towns. A large number of trails attracts beginners and professionals skiing. Very good infrastructure and beautiful scenery attract a large number of tourists. The maximum length of the route is about 450 meters. There are several lifts. A cheap rental of equipment. In addition, there are individual classes with experienced instructors.

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